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Saturday, March 25th 2006, 11:40pm

Any chance on an update for Janes WW? I don't see any of the Atlantean airship/blimp tenders and some data on Atlantean subs has been added.


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Saturday, March 25th 2006, 11:56pm

An update probably really needs to be done. I also noticed there are several vessels missing (e.g. CDS section).


Monday, March 27th 2006, 6:05am

My interest here (and Navalism too) runs in cycles and it's "down" at the moment, when it retuns to "up" I'll see what I can do...


Friday, July 21st 2006, 4:20pm

I've started the process of tearing my hair out - I mean updating the lists. If y'all could take a look through 'em and tell me what's missing - and, more importantly, what needs to be removed - I'd be mighty appreciative.


Friday, July 21st 2006, 4:51pm

Germany's 1916-type DDs have been transferred to Turkey.

Other German deletions are: all pre-1918 CLs have been deleted.

Peru's old DDs should be deleted, and two of the SAE's Insect-class transferred there.

Peru has also acquired a pair of the SAE's 1908 Namphula-class CLs, and has deleted the 1890-vintage Callao.


Friday, July 21st 2006, 5:12pm

You poor bast...I mean, thanks, Swampy!

Capital Ships

Shah Jahan is officially 26,666 t. Ask the Japanese inspection team.


There are two Gaudhi Sagar class CVS.

Add CVT Lathi (1931): 508 x 75 x 18'; 10,233 t std; no armament or A/C; 17.8 kts, 9000 nm @ 12 kts



Add six Pudukkottai class (rebuilt DDs, 1927-28). 315x30x9'; 1050 t std officially; 3x1 10.5 cm, 2x2 3.5 cm, 1x4 1.5 cm, 1x3 55 cm TT; unarmored; 23.68 kts, 12,000 nm @ 12 kts

There are four Nanda Devi class; official std displacement is 1,000 t

Add four Kudligi class (1931); 303x32x11; 1,100 t std officially; 2x2 12.5 cm, 3x2 3.5 cm, 1x4 1.5 cm, 1x4 55 cm TT; unarmored; 24 kts officially, 12,000 nm @ 12 kts

Add one Bindusara class (1931); 180x48x7'; 1020 t std officially; 1x1 21 cm, 1x2 10.5 cm, 3x2 3.5 cm; 3 cm belt, 4 cm deck; 12.5 kts, 3000 nm @12 kts

Sorry, it's the torpedoes that make all those little boats CDS...


Vadodaras are officially 11,200 t std


The two Goa class CL (~1913) should be noted as training ships


Delete the G-113 class (they're now the Pudukkottai CDS)

Bhubaneshwar class is 1930, there are four.


Ugh #2

Add six I-15 class (1929); 194x20x13', 450 t std officially; 1x10.5 cm, 1x3.5 cm, 6x55 cm TT; Op. diving depth = 174'; 18.3 kts, 8000 nm @ 12 kts

Add two I-21 class (1930); 194x20x13'; 450 t std officially; 1 x10.5 cm, 1x3.5 cm, 2x55 cm TT, 1 squad Special Forces; Op diving depth = 194'; 16.5 kts, 8000 nm @ 12 kts

Add two I-22 class (1930); 194x20x13'; 450 t std officially; 1x2 3.5 cm, 2x55 cm TT, 16 mines; Op diving depth = 201'; 16.5 kts, 8000 nm @ 12 kts

Add three I-24 class (1931): 216x25x18', 1050 t std officially; 1x10.5 cm, 1x3.5 cm, 2x1.5 cm, 8x55 cm TT; Op diving depth 289'; 16.4 kts, 13,000 nm @ 12 kts


Friday, July 21st 2006, 6:53pm

Chilean Updates

Chile has since added an Aircraft Carrier (converted from a light cruiser hull) which brings the (heavy) cruiser Atacama (3) down to (2)

Aircraft Carrier:

551 x 64 x 24.6
12,447 tons (std)
10 x 110 mm (2 x 2)(6 x 1)
20 x 37 mm (10 x 2)
45 planes
B 130 mm, D 40 mm
31 knots
12,500nm at 12 knots

Coastal Defense Ships:

Coastal Defense Ship Capitan Prat has been scrapped.


Guardia Marina Contrerra -class now has two vessels in it

Destroyer Capitan Thompson is been deleted.


Friday, July 21st 2006, 7:44pm

Your going bald swampy!!

Like everyone else, I have a huge list!

The 2 improved Memnon class BB's, CV Siboney, now a training carrier, being joined by the purpuse built CVT Nautica. Two dardanus class CA's are also being built while the two Torto class CAE's are also missing from the list. The D-22 class subs could also be added along with the band spanking new E-class Escorts.

All the Hydra/Pioneer class can now be classed as CL's while the Callosus class have been removed from service. The Thrasius class will be taken out of service soon too, only to fall into Mexican and Australian service.

All in all a huge hairpu....err fun list!!


Friday, July 21st 2006, 10:58pm

I can't be bothered going through the light cruisers, destroyers and submarines until the Canadians and Australians have claimed what's theirs. Otherwise, I can't remember what they've got, and it's too much work otherwise.

However, in the other categories, I've caught the following:

There are 2 Iron Dukes (the third is Australia)
Renown and Repulse serve with the Canadians

Argus is with the Canadians
Hermes is with the Australians (I hope, it might be the other way around)

I know nothing of Maidstone and Pegasus classes; I can only assume Gravina had them planned, but the information I have doesn't suggest that they exist.

The Hawkins class has gone to the Dominions (4 to Canada, and 1 to Australia)
The Kents are, in fact, called Drake, Albermarle, Boscawen and Blake, with Drake being the lead ship
The 1927 heavy cruisers are the Howe class, and number four.


Friday, July 21st 2006, 11:09pm

Hermes went to Canada due to her 5.5" mountings being similar to other CL's now in Canadian service.


Saturday, July 22nd 2006, 1:35am

Canada has R&R, Hermes, 4 of the Effinghams, Chester & Birkenhead, and the 3 Dianas from 1924, plus a slew of S class Destroyers, and some Subs.

Furthermore, there's the new Manitoba class CLs being built. 2 Building, 2 more planned.

I also think the UK "Hector" class CLs turned into something else when RLBH took over, and are now plans in a drawer somewhere in Canada instead (It was considered building more of the smaller Hector types, but we went with the monsters instead).


Saturday, July 22nd 2006, 2:39am

*sigh* This could take a while...

Thanks. Currently working on the capital ship list...


Saturday, July 22nd 2006, 2:54am

Should we refer to you as "Mr. Clean" when this is done? You may pull ALL your hair out before you've posted everything!


Saturday, July 22nd 2006, 3:56am

For the Capital ships list, Germany has laid down two of the Blucher class in 1931:
689 x 83 x 25
19,986 tons standard (officially)
9 x 283mm (3 x 3)
18 x 105mm (9 x 2)
16 x 37mm (8 x 2)
Belt 210mm Deck 90 mm
31 knots
8,000 nm @ 15 knots


Saturday, July 22nd 2006, 4:26am

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.


Saturday, July 22nd 2006, 4:30am

In Star Trek replicators are good, in Stargate they are bad news!!

Sorry off track!


Saturday, July 22nd 2006, 2:15pm

You know... I drank it a couple of times...
Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.
Wasn't impressed by its taste...


Should we refer to you as "Mr. Clean" when this is done?

Don't think we should. He shall be forever known as "the Scourge of the Pacific".


Saturday, July 22nd 2006, 2:52pm

What, is "the Scouring Pad of the Pacific" already taken?


Keeper of the Sacred Block Coefficient

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Monday, July 24th 2006, 9:03pm


2x CV ANVIL-class missing
1x AV BÖLTHORN-class missing
2x AV THJAZI-class missing

1x CDS GUNGNIR-class missing

2x CA LADON-class missing

4x CL29-class missing
5x CL WULF-class DLs missing

6x DD(L) HALBERT-class missing
12x DD KYMATOLEGE-class missing
8x DD PONTOPOREIA-class missing

16x SS K-class missing

That´s all until 1930 - so no new 1931er units included.