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Saturday, April 24th 2021, 1:01am

Yugoslav News and Events, 1950

Novosti News Service, Monday, 2 January 1950

His Majesty King Petar visited the Cepotina Military Cantonment today to inspect the prototype of a new self-propelled howitzer under development for the Royal Yugoslav Army. Based upon the Romanian Obuzier autopropulsat Oa48 the vehicle has been modified to bear the standard 87mm gun howitzer. If trials are successful the vehicle will enter production sometime later this year.

Cepotina Military Cantonment, Monday, 2 January 1950

The four operatives of the Service for Research and Documentation had been brought to the Cepotina military base very quietly, and had found themselves immured in a separate ward of the base’s military hospital. For Knežević and Šaranović this was no charade – both had suffered minor wounds in the raid on Vollaro’s headquarters in Vlore, while Đureković and Perović merely found their enforced rest mildly relaxing. After weeks of working undercover in a foreign country, it felt good to not fear knocks at every door.

This made it all more surprising when the door to their ward suddenly opened to admit a young man in the uniform of a senior officer. Looking up, all four agents recognized King Petar and scrambled to their feet.

“Rest easy gentlemen” the king began. “Officially I cannot recognize your actions against the Italian criminals in Vlore; it must remain a hidden victory in our war against them. But you have risked your lives for our life and our honour, and we, and Her Majesty, owe you a debt that cannot be repaid. Know that you have our thanks, and that of the nation, and your deeds will be acknowledged when the times permit.”


Saturday, April 24th 2021, 1:03am

Delivery Status Report, 31 March 1950

Domestic Ground Ordnance Production

M43 Service Rifle -:- 30,000
M47 GP Machinegun -:- 1,800
M50 Submachinegun -:- 1,600
M47 Recoilless Gun -:- 600
M32 Hand Grenade -:- 120,000
Small Arms Ammunition -:- 15,000,000
Artillery Ammunition -:- 195,000

Domestic Vehicle Production for Royal Yugoslav Army

Zastava M41 1.5-ton Truck -:- 150
Novi Sad M44 3-ton Truck -:- 150
Novi Sad M46 Artillery Tractor -:- 200
M47 Half Track Infantry Carrier -:- 150
M48 Medium Tank -:- 100
M50 Tank Destroyer -:- 17

Aircraft Deliveries

Soko Strsljen -:- 45


Tuesday, June 1st 2021, 12:06am

Novosti News Service, Mostar, Friday, 6 January 1950

The Jasenica Equipment and Machinery Company today delivered its first production M50 tank destroyer. Derived from the successful M48 medium tank, which is in full production at the factory, the M50 is expected to replace the elderly AT.47 self-propelled antitank gun, of which more than two hundred examples were built by the Jasenica factory.

Privredni vjesnik, Wednesday, 11 January 1950

It is reported that the Zagreb Railway Rolling Stock Factory has tendered to supply various types of goods wagons to the Peruvian national railway, Empresa Nacional de Ferrocarriles del Perú. If accepted, this would represent the firm’s first significant export order for railway equipment.


Thursday, June 3rd 2021, 7:54pm

Novosti News Service, Belgrade, Monday, 16 January 1950

No.54 (Fighter Interceptor) Squadron at Zadrima Air Base, Lezhë, has been declared operational, having completed working up with the French-built Dassault Ouragan II. A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence indicated that several other units, presently training on new equipment, are expected to become operational in the forthcoming months.


Monday, June 14th 2021, 8:24pm

Novosti News Service, Belgrade, Friday, 20 January 1950

“The Sword of the Valiant”, the latest in the series of movies featuring Karlo Bulić in the role of Maćevolac, “The Swordsman” opened to packed crowds in cinemas across the country. The latest incarnation sees The Swordsman join forces with Ahmed as-Senussi, a Libyan freedom fighter played by newcomer Omar Sharif. Together Maćevolac and Ahmad strike a series of blows against the oppressive Italian regime that conquered Cyrenaica and Tripolitania in the years before the Great War. Much of the filming for exterior scenes was done in Andalucía in Iberia.


Saturday, July 3rd 2021, 1:19pm

Novosti News Service, Cepotina Cantonment, Tuesday, 24 January 1950

The Army is presently testing a prototype support vehicle for the mechanised infantry. It marries the chassis of the M47 Armoured Infantry Carrier with reworked M28 field guns to provide direct fire support during the advance to contact. The conversion was carried out by army workshops here, and if successful in testing, a programme to convert a number of vehicles is expected to be put in hand.


Wednesday, July 7th 2021, 3:37am

Novosti News Service, Durrës, Saturday, 28 January 1950

Their Royal Majesties Petar and Xenia formally open the Durrës Archaeological Museum yesterday, confirming the city of Durrës as the host of several of the nation’s most important cultural institutions. Located not far from the city’s oceanographic research institute the museum contains numerous artefacts found at the nearby ancient site of Dyrrhachium, including material from the ancient Greek, Hellenistic and Roman periods. Items of major note include Roman funeral steles and stone sarcophagi and a collection of miniature busts of Venus, testament to the time when Durrës was a centre of worship of the goddess.


Saturday, July 17th 2021, 1:10am

Yugoslav News and Events, February 1950

Belgrade, Report of the Hungarian Military Attaché, Friday, 3 February 1950

The Special Vehicles Works of First Yugoslav Heavy Engineering has begun delivery of its first examples of the M50 tank destroyer, of which several hundred are expected to be delivered to the Yugoslav Army. It joins the Jasenica Works in producing this vehicle, which is based upon the chassis of the M48 medium tank, more than three hundred examples of which have been delivered to date. Procurement of other ground ordnance appears to have been cut back to levels consistent with attrition. Production of the indigenous Strsljen jet fighter continues in production at the Soko works at Mostar; deliveries from other Yugoslav factories has ceased for the present.


Wednesday, July 28th 2021, 12:16am

Novosti News Service, Bar, Friday, 10 February 1950

The minesweepers Paučko and Humci have completed their operational training and have taken up their duties with the fleet.

Novosti News Service, Belgrade, Sunday, 12 February 1950

The submarine Hrabri, under construction in France, is expected to be completed today, after which she will undergo builders’ trials before being turned over to a nucleus crew for her delivery voyage.


Saturday, August 14th 2021, 9:06pm

Novosti News Service, Durrës, Monday, 20 February 1950

The recently commissioned frigates Belava and Devica departed here this morning for a training cruise that is expected to take the next several months. Suggestions have been made of calls in Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, and Syria.


Thursday, August 26th 2021, 12:49am

Novosti News Service, Belgrade, Thursday, 23 February 1950

Today a spokesman for the Ministry of Defence announced the award of a contract to the Novi Sad Vehicle Works for construction of at least one hundred examples of the recently adopted M51 self-propelled howitzer.


Friday, August 27th 2021, 12:15am

Aerosvet, Sunday, 25 February 1950

Engineers at the Ikarus Aircraft Factory have begun initial development of an indigenous three-seat helicopter for potential military and civil use. For the time being it is being pursued as a private venture funded by the company and a grant from the Privy Purse. A prototype is expected to be flown by the end of the year.


Monday, September 13th 2021, 9:55pm

Yugoslav News and Events, March 1950

Novosti News Service, Wednesday, 1 March 1950

The recently commissioned minesweepers Paučko and Humci departed today for Toulon, where they will rendezvous with the recently completed submarine Hrabri, which is undergoing her builders’ trials. The Hrabri will be escorted to her new home port of Durrës to begin her formal operational training.


Monday, September 20th 2021, 9:16pm

Le Méridional (Marseille), Monday, 6 March 1950

The minesweepers minesweepers Paučko and Humci of the Royal Yugoslav Navy arrived at the port of Toulon yesterday. The occasion of their visit is to escort the Yugoslav submarine Hrabri on its homeward voyage. The two vessels also brought additional crew for the Hrabri, which was recently completed at the Le Seyne shipyards.

Al-Alam (Damascus), Tuesday, 7 March 1950

The Yugoslav frigates Belava and Devica have called at the port of Latakia on a goodwill cruise.