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Wednesday, May 29th 2019, 6:26pm

Youtube Channel Recommendation

For those of you who may not have already discovered it, I'd like to recommend Drachinifel's Youtube channel. He's an amateur naval historian who makes short vignettes about historical (primarily WWI and WWII) warships and battles. Soothing listening voice, classically British sense of humor, and well-researched content. Some of my recommended videos:
- HMS Tiger (1913) - Not Exploding on the Job
- The Raid on the Medway - Grand Theft Warship
- The Battle of Samar - Odds? What are those?
- The Channel Dash / Operation Cerberus - How to win through refuge in audacity
- 'Armoured' and 'Unarmoured' Carriers - Survivability vs Strike Power
- IJN Taiho - Always Train Your Crew
- Last Ride of the High Seas Fleet - Battle of Texel 1918 (Alternate History)
- USS Constitution - That Good or Just Lucky?

While I'm on the topic of channel recommendations, if you've also not found Military History Visualized (and its companion channel Military History Not Visualized), then you should also check those channels out. MHV pays a lot of attention to evaluating some of the lesser-discussed aspects of military history, including economics, 'forgotten fronts', organization and administration, etc. He's also willing to grill some of the 'sacred cows' of military history ("everyone knows that such-and-such is true... or is it?") Some of my recommended videos:
- Why the Trinity of Tank Design is Flawed
- Why was Napoleon so Successful?
- German AA Missiles - An Efficient Alternative to Flak?
- The Sinking Sun - Time-Lapse Japanese Navy Losses - IJN - World War 2
- Why did Hitler declare War on the USA?
- What "killed" the most tanks in World War 2?


Thursday, May 30th 2019, 9:40am

I see the baby must be keeping you awake at nights. ;) :D

I might give some of these a go when I have some spare time.


Thursday, May 30th 2019, 3:52pm

I see the baby must be keeping you awake at nights. ;) :D

There's definitely been some of that, yes! :P Although when I'm up with him at night, I tend to avoid videos with a lot of talking, since I tend to miss 75% of the information when Squeaker starts squeaking. (We nicknamed him Squeaker since his cry is... very high-pitched.) In those circumstances, my go-to channel is actually HinduCowGirl - a Norwegian locomotive engineer who puts a 4K camera in the front of his/her train during the workday. It tends to be soothing Norwegian scenery... and no talking, which means I can watch even when I'm deaf in one ear. I can also pause it for minutes, hours, or days, then come back to it without needing to remember where I was. Also a recommended channel... for completely different reasons. (And if train dashcam videos appeal to you, Timsvideochannel1 is also good, and much more varied.)


Tuesday, July 16th 2019, 9:50pm

Not a channel or related to our sim but...

... Brock should be erecting statues of Captain Grommit, the greatest military leader in history, in every town and city in France. :D


Monday, November 18th 2019, 10:19pm

Not a Youtube video, but I watched Midway over the weekend. It is definitely better than the 1970's Midway but not at the level of Tora! Tora! Tora!

There were some nice touches like the Japanese commenting on the poor glide bombing technique of the Marine SBD squadrons and the Devastator pilot who saw the whole battle while hiding under his seat cushion. But there was also too much focus on the pilots on the Enterprise especially with personal "drama" fillers, and some errors like more than 4 B-26s attacking the Japanese fleet as level bombers. They also glossed over a lot of the non-Enterprise related battle stuff (due to spending time on "personal stories") but I think they did a good job of capturing most of the characters. All in all, I would say definitely worth watching, but could have been better.