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Sunday, March 16th 2008, 7:30am

Armenian Army

[SIZE=3]Manpower [/SIZE]
40,000 men under arms

Two Infantry/Mountain divisions of 11,000 men each, 1 cavalry brigade of 7,000 men. Regiments are composed of approximately 3,000 men divided into six battalions.

- 1st Mountain Division "The Armenian Legion" - 11,000 men total
--- 1st Infantry Regiment
--- 2nd Infantry Regiment
--- 3rd Infantry Regiment
--- 1st Artillery Battalion
--- 1st Supply Battalion
--- 2nd Supply Battalion
--- 1st Headquarters Company
--- 1st Mounted Reconnaissance Company
--- 2nd Mounted Reconnaissance Company

- 2nd Infantry Division "Azadoutioun gam Mah" - 11,000 men total
--- 4th Infantry Regiment
--- 5th Infantry Regiment
--- 6th Infantry Regiment
--- 2nd Artillery Battalion
--- 3rd Supply Battalion
--- 4th Supply Battalion
--- 2nd Headquarters Company
--- 3rd Mounted Reconnaissance Company
--- 4th Mounted Reconnaissance Company

- 1st Cavalry Brigade - 7,000 men total
--- 1st Cavalry Regiment
--- 2nd Cavalry Regiment
--- 3rd Artillery Battalion
--- 5th Supply Battalion
--- 3rd Headquarters Company

- 1st Greater Artillery Group
--- 4th Artillery Battalion
--- 5th Artillery Battalion
--- 6th Supply Battalion

The remainder of the Armenian Army is placed in staff, supply, headquarters, MP, etc.

The Armenian Army uses Russian-built Mosin-Nagant M1895 three-band rifles (7.62x54R) and Nagant pistols. Many Turkish and German-made Mauser rifles (8x57mm) have found a way into the Armenian arsenals, as have a thousand-odd Atlantean-made PO Rifles (Export Model of 1916, 7.62x54R) via Russia. Machine guns are Russian-manufactured Degtyarev DP type machine guns, in 7.62x54R.

Artillery is all Russian-manufactured or pre-1918 German (via Turkish) surplus.

No tanks.

Cavalry is equipped with Mosin-Nagant carbines, Nagant pistols, sabers, and lances.

The Fedayee (Freedom Fighters) or Kamavor (Volunteers) are Armenia's militia reserve. They are best known for their guerrilla tactics during the Great War, using any weapons that came to hand. The Armenian government makes an effort to organize the Fedayee but has had varying amounts of success.

Notes: Armenia has a treaty with Russia. In case of war, Armenia presumes that Russia will be helping them.