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Monday, July 24th 2006, 9:41pm

I think the Capital Ships are, Carriers.


Monday, July 24th 2006, 9:43pm

Ersatz "C" has been christened Blucher, late in Q4/31.


Monday, July 24th 2006, 10:01pm


I think the Capital Ships are, Carriers.

Not Quite

1) It's Oden not Odin (The Odins are Light Cruisers laid down in 1930)
2) Gota Lejon has 12-150mm guns in 4 turrets and 12-110mm DP in single mounts for her secondary/tertiary armament.


Monday, July 24th 2006, 10:28pm

German, Nordish and Italian capships fixed.

Data dump to aircraft carrier page.

(Hoo - Wim Krassh has been deleted, yes?)


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Tuesday, July 25th 2006, 10:40am

Should have been......


Tuesday, July 25th 2006, 8:35pm

Looking the lists here are Argentina’s changes.

Coast defence Ironclads
1889 Libertad no longer in service
Bahia Blanca not in service
Only one Garibaldi type left, General Puyerredon

Light cruisers
1879 Almitante Brown not in service
1891 Nueve de Julio still in service
1910 Comdore Py all four in service
1931 General San Martin 2634tons std 442x43.3x11.4 6x130mm 16x37mm 16x20mm 6x21in torpedoes 31kts 7000@15kts

All old DD still in service
New Mendoza Class 1877tons std 369x33.7x13.7 6x130mm 8x37mm 6x20mm 6x21in torpedoes 34kts 3200@15kts


Wednesday, August 16th 2006, 2:23am

1931; Tubarão (6)

1932; Margay (8)


Wednesday, August 16th 2006, 5:29am

I missed this thread somehow.

Here are the changes for Australia:
Tiger* rebuilt
PR renamed Panther
1 Thracius class cruiser bought from Atlantis (another one in 1932)
1 Auckland class CL built
Sydney (Chatman class) rebuilt to museum ship
Cairns (Cambrian class) sunk
Darwin (Cambrian class) rebuilt to training ship
1 Admirality Isl DL built
5 Aclarity class DDs built
4 Thornycraft "R" DDs sold to Phillipines
10 Admirality "S" DDs rebuilt
4 "A" class Submarines built

Under construction:
1 Enterprise class CVL
1 Auckland class CL
1 Freemantle class CLS

And for Mexico:
2 Thracius class cruisers bought from Atlantis
6 O'Brien class DDs bought from US (rebuilt)
9 1915 type DDs bought from Nordmark (being rebuilt)

Under construction:
1 Hermosillo class CL (improved Columbia)

*Specs for Tiger:
721x91x32, 30,000(official), 8x343mm (4x2), 24x120mm, 36x40mm, B230mm, D127mm, 31kts, 12,000@15kts.


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Saturday, December 16th 2006, 7:44pm

I´ve seen there were a few 1932er designs added. So are you working on an update, Swamphy?


Sunday, December 17th 2006, 12:02pm

I get the impression that he is doing that... at least in a few of the categories.


Monday, December 18th 2006, 12:27am

Been working on it when I have the time, which unfortunatly hasn't been too often I'm afraid.