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Thursday, July 1st 2021, 6:11pm

Belgian News 1950

Belgian Motorway Network

An update of progress this year on the programme to build a network of Autoroutes (motorways) across Belgium linking into the networks of France, Germany and the Netherlands.

The A4 was formally opened this year, following three years of construction. The A4 runs along the route Brussels – Namur – Arlon – Luxembourg (Luxembourg City) and is 188km (17 miles) long.
The A7 was also opened this year, following fives years of construction. It runs from Halle via Nivelles and Mons to meet the French autoroute network at Valenciennes.
The A9 which run Anderlecht – Geraardsbergen – Kortrijk was also opened, after four years of construction.

Work continues on the A5 from Brussels to Couvin, construction started in 1947 and is scheduled to open in 1952. The A8 from Halle to the French border at Rijsel is still in the early stages of construction with another three years of construction work remaining. Also due for completion in 1953 is the A16 running from the Dutch border, linking the Dutch A2 to Liège, two years work having already been completed at the western end.

Construction has begun on the new Autoroute A6 linking the A15 to the A7 running between Charleroi and Mons, a 55km (34 miles) long carriage which should be completed during 1954.


Thursday, September 2nd 2021, 3:31pm

20 February
Cockerill have announced two export orders for the private-venture Marine Tank. This tank has a large flotation hull allowing amphibious use, being propelled by its tracks in the water. Following extensive trials since 1948 a finalised design is ready for production. The two orders are for the Netherlands for 50 tanks and from Argentina for 36. Both nations will use the tanks with their Marines to provide organic fire support and anti-tank capability.

27 February
The Anglo Belgian Corporation today showed its prototype DUX turbocharged 4-stoke single acting engine. It is an improved version of the current DU (Diesel Universal) engine which has been in production since 1941 in 5, 6 and 8-cylinder versions for marine, locomotive and electricity generation purposes.


Friday, September 3rd 2021, 6:25pm

28 February

Belgium's armaments sector had two more headline announcements to make concerning new business.

SABCA (Sociétés Anonyme Belge de Constructions Aéronautiques) announced today a deal with Peru to refurbish 40 ex-Aéronautique Militaire Caproni Ariete Serie III fighters. All the aircraft will be refurbished and supplied with spare parts and spare engines. Deliveries will begin in the middle of this year. This implies that the air force is imminently considering retiring at least two squadrons of Ariete fighter-bombers but the Ministry of Defence did not respond to requests for further information.

Fabrique National has also secured a deal with Peru, this time for 10,000 SLR40 rifles plus a small batch of the new FAL rifle for field testing.


Tuesday, September 28th 2021, 5:38pm

10 March
The silica sand producer Sablières et Carrières Réunies has opened a new factory in Dessel for drying and milling silica sand in order to fulfil increasing demand for its products.

14 March
The political parties have begun their election campaigns for the election in June.

The Belgian Labour Party (Belgische Werkliedenpartij/ Parti Ouvrier Belge) led by Max Buset is defending its time in government and is campaigning on social policy issues with further worker’s rights and welfare reforms promised.

The Christian Social Party (Parti Social Chrétien-Christelijke Volkspartij) under the leadership of August de Schryver is remaining true to its traditionalist policy agenda and not much new can be found within its manifesto.

The Flemish National Union (Vlaams Nationaal Verbond), led by Staf de Clercq is campaigning on its traditional nationalist Flemish policy.

The Christian Flemish People's Union (Christelijke Vlaamse Volksunie) is the main rival to the VNV and its policies are broadly similar, if not identical.

The Liberal Party (Liberale Partij/ Parti libéral) led by Roger Motz is still pushing for the creation of a similar Welfare System to that currently under underway in Great Britain but with more freedoms for big business and lower taxation for high earners.

The Communist Party of Belgium (Kommunistische Partij van België/ Parti Communiste de Belgique PCB) led by Julien Lahaut remains true to its usual manifesto.


Friday, November 26th 2021, 6:32pm

19 March
SABENA has taken delivery of the first of four Boeing 377 Stratocruiser long-range airliners it ordered last year. These four large airliners will be used on an expanded Transatlantic network as well as services to Atlantis and Africa.

24 March
Today Belgium joined the elite club of aircraft-carrying navies of the world as the AV-1 Wandelaar commissioned today with the 1st Cruiser Squadron at Antwerp. A small carrier by international standards, her airgroup will uniquely consist of 24 armed autogyro aircraft for anti-submarine and anti-ship roles. Critics though who have complained about the expense of the ship have pointed out that no autogyros are yet ready for the ship and that they won’t appear until next summer. The Navy maintains the Wandelaar was the logical conclusion of the hybrid seaplane-carrying cruisers built in the 1930s.

25 March
The 1950 International Cross Country Championships was held at the Hippodrome de Boitsfort in Brussels today. 88 runners from all over Europe attended the event.
The Gold Medal was won by Belgian Lucien Theys, Silver was awarded to Frenchman Alain Mimoun and fellow countryman Mohamed Hamza claimed the Bronze.
The French team was the best performer securing 43 points, followed by the Belgians with 77 points and the English with 82 points.

30 March
Two new defence ships of a new category for the Navy have been commissioned today. The Verviers and the Veurne are net layers which can handle various types of heavy anti-submarine nets and also carry anti-submarine weapons and can also be used for target towing duties. They have entered service with the two support flotillas at Antwerp and Zeebrugge.


Friday, November 26th 2021, 7:15pm

The French team was the best performer securing 43 points, followed by the Belgians with 77 points and the English with 82 points.

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