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Sunday, August 22nd 2021, 3:21pm

Yugoslav M51 Self Propelled Howitzer

The M51 self-propelled howitzer is in fact an adaptation of the Romanian Obuzier autopropulsat Oa48 to meet Yugoslav requirements, principally exchange the Romanian vehicle’s 105mm Skoda m40/43 howitzer for the Yugoslav-made M40 gun-howitzer.


Crew: 5
Combat weight: 16,000 kg
Length: 5.45 meters
Width: 2.81 meters
Height: 2.6 meters
Ground clearance: 0.47 meters

Armor – Hull front: 30 mm
Armor – Hull side: 20 mm
Armor – Hull rear: 20 mm
Armor – Hull top: none

Engine: V-12 air-cooled diesel of 14.5 liters displacement, rated at 220 bhp at 2,500 rpm

Transmission: Praga-Wilson TN-100 epicyclic pre-selector transmission with five forward and one reverse gear. Praga Wilson epicyclic clutch and brake steering.

Suspension: Four rubber-tyred wheels per side, each mounted on a cranked stub axle and each pair of wheels being controlled by a semi-epicyclic spring freely pivoted.

Road speed: 54 kph
Cross country speed: 25 kph
Road radius: 220 kilometers

Gradient: 35 degrees
Trench Crossing: 1.5 meters
Vertical Obstacle: 0.64 meters
Fording Depth: 1.1 meters

Armament: One 87mm M40 field gun-howitzer with elevation:-5° to 45°, traverse: 4° left & right