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Tuesday, April 27th 2021, 12:38am

Peruvian News and Events, January 1950

Diario Oficial El Peruano (Lima), Sunday, 1 January 1950

The corvettes Piscobamba and Yanahuanca were laid down today in the Callao shipyards of Servicios Industriales de la Marina. They are the final pair of such vessels on order for the Armada.

The Peruvian Times (Lima), Wednesday, 4 January 1950

Representatives of the trade unions of the Servicios Industriales de la Marina have expressed concern at the likely fall off of works in the yards. While those vessels presently under construction at the Callao yard will continue for most of this year - indeed, two new corvettes have just been laid down – the order book for the Mollendo-Matarani yard in southern Peru will close next month with the completion of two tugs and two small civil support ships. Presentations have been made to the Government to continue expansion of the Armada in order to stave off redundancies and avoid industrial action.


Saturday, May 1st 2021, 3:10am

Iquitos, Loreto, Thursday, 12 January 1950

Consul Joaquim Nabuco made another entry in his day book, recording his impressions of the changes occurring in the Peruvian portion of the Tres Fronteras region. Though operational only since Christmas the floating dry dock had already seen two river steamers undergo repairs and quickly returned to service, much to the delight of commercial interests in Iquitos. He had heard reports that the airfield that served the city was to be expanded and an all-weather runway constructed – the amount of additional air traffic generated by the Peruvian military and commercial operators demanded it. The activities of the Peruvians’ social action platforms in bringing medical and educational services to remote jungle communities were drawing favorable comments from the local business communities, as improved communications often led to greater demands for good and services.

El Popular (Lima), Sunday, 15 January 1950

Ministro de Asuntos Interiores y Policia Alejandro Villalobos Carranza announced that two Henschel Hs132 multi-role support aircraft will be supplied via the Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst to support the National Police operating in the Upper Amazon.


Tuesday, June 1st 2021, 12:03am

The Peruvian Times (Lima), 22 January 1950

A delegation of members of Congress from Islay Province met yesterday with Minister of Employment and Social Security Zapata to impress upon him their concerns regarding the run-down in activity at the Mollendo-Matarani shipyard of the Servicios Industriales de la Marina. In a statement following the meeting Senor Zapata indicated that he would carry the members’ concerns to the Cabinet where he would support additional naval construction to maintain employment in the region.


Tuesday, June 8th 2021, 10:01pm

New Orleans Times-Picayune, 29 January 1950

The motor vessel Oriana, the first of three vessels on order for the Compania Nacional de Naviera Amazonica Peruana, was launched today at the Higgins Industries Industrial Canal shipyard. She is expected to be completed by Easter, and will be followed soon by her sisters.