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Sunday, April 25th 2021, 6:11pm

British Empire News 1950

This is the BBC Home Service...

3 January
The prototype Bristol Type 173 tandem rotor helicopter designed to meet Specification E.4.46 first flew today after six months of ground tests. It is powered by two 575hp Leonides radial engines and uses two Type 171 rotor systems. Both rotors are linked and can be driven by one engine in case of engine failure.

10 January
The Prime Minister today announced to the House of Commons that a General Election will take place on 23 February. This is the first Labour government that has made it to the end of a full Parliamentary term, which has surprised many political commentators, especially given some of the radical policies enacted and the very small majority which has often been down to single digit numbers and reliant on the goodwill of the Independent Labour Party.
Significant changes have taken place since the 1945 general election. These include the abolition of plural voting by the Representation of the People Act 1948 and a major reorganisation of constituencies by the House of Commons (Redistribution of Seats) Act 1949. Eleven new English seats have been created with six abolished and over 170 major alterations to other constituencies across the country.


Sunday, April 25th 2021, 6:59pm

Berlin will be watching the run-up to the elections with great interest. It will be interesting if Labour can manage to hang on, or whether the Tories will regain their ascendency. There are some who might argue that Labour has been too soft on Germany. ;)


Sunday, April 25th 2021, 7:01pm

Eyup, living up to the terms and conditions of "Ugly Aircraft, Inc."! :D


Wednesday, April 28th 2021, 6:43am

So that is why the nickname


Sunday, May 2nd 2021, 11:12am

Yep, the nickame goes back years when I designed some very ugly (to some people) aircraft for Wes.