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Monday, March 23rd 2020, 11:27pm

Kingdom of Greece News 1949

A Greek Freighter Traped in Djibouti

A freighter under Greece flag has been detained by demand of the italian goverment in the french port of Djibouti. Acording with the italian government the Lefkis, the ship in question, would be transporting weapons to the East African rebels. Insede the ship the french authorities found a large amount of wepons that aparently belongs to the Thai army. Now the greek ship is almost ungurded on the french port and the East African ship Ras Dejen theread to seize the ship in the moument that this one leave french waters.

Paul I King of the Hellenics has sent an embasador on board of the Helle to negociet the taking back to Greece of the Lefkis to have a fair trial.


Thursday, April 9th 2020, 10:04pm

Out of Service

Today the minister of defense, Panayotis Kanellopoulos, announced that the KEA K-5 Lerax is going to be retired form service.
The Lerax entered on service under the Hellenic Royal Air Force in 1938 with 72 of this planes and replace the Gladiators that were in service in that time, eleven years ago. Designed by greek engineers it was a good and effective fighter. But now says it is obsolete and should provide little help in case of a war. With this in mind the plane has been retired.
The planes owned by the first squadron, included the first of this planes, are reserved for different museums across Greece. The rest of the they will be stoked and are offered to any nation or private
museum that want to acquire any of this ones.

The Boulton Paul P.94 Resistant also is going to be finally lifted out of service following a similar treatment that the Lerax.

Kanellopoulos was asked about the reason for the renovation of the Hellenic Royal Air Force. He responded that, after so many years "those plane have become useless" and that the Kingdom of Greece should not let down the guard since "the actual peace could be broken due to enemies on the west and south-east".


Thursday, April 9th 2020, 10:54pm

RE: Out of Service

The planes owned by the first squadron, included the first of this planes, are reserved for different museums across Greece. The rest of the they will be stoked and are offered to any nation or private museum that want to acquire any of this ones.

The Musée de l'air et de l'espace in Le Bourget (France) requests three Ierax fighters (one for display, and the other two for parts and spares).


Sunday, June 14th 2020, 12:04am

Almopia's Test Grounds

A new proving ground is going to be built in the municipality of Almopia on the region of Macedonia. The "Almopia's Test Grounds" would work as a laboratory to experiment with new weapons and improvement of old equipment. The location has been chosen because of the different terrains in which realize proves. The proving ground will have a laboratory and a workshop to create any type prototype or equipment require for the tests. Alsp old and new equipment will be moved to the proving ground to serve as material for tests.
The Major Andronikos Daskalakis has been selected to direct the new test ground. The officer previously commanded the second battalion of the tank regiment. Despite of not being a public figure the major have a relative amount of fame within the army for realizing unauthorized experiment with explosives in company with his assistant. His promotion as director could well be to retire him to an administrative area.
The test field would begin operating on July 30 before all facilities are completed.


Tuesday, June 30th 2020, 1:12am

Crete Fortifications Ready

After four years in progress the first part of the fortifications project that started in 1945 has ended. The project intended to improve the defences on the Peloponnese, Crete and Cyprus by 1947. The project suffer several delays and was temporarily cancel on 1946 as consequence of the end of the 4th of August Regime.
Now the Crete fortifications have been finished. Although no details has been given to the press about it´s composition somethings hard to occult have been revealed to us. A series of fortifications has been built along the cost and in some locations on the island, concentrated on the west. Also more than ten AA strongpoints and towers have been disperse all along the island without counting the AA batteries of military airports and headquarters of the army and navy. Taking in count the possibility of a bombardment of the the army, navy and air force head quarters they have been fortified against bombers and bunkers have been built underneath them. Following this same line of thinking the high command desided to take some measures in case of an air assault via paratroopers, this measures include the put on service of old heavy machineguns from the great war and experimental anti-paratrooper balloons, of which a demostration will be made to the public on the next months.
The fortifications of Cyprus and Peloponnese are scheduled to be complete the next year.


Saturday, January 9th 2021, 8:45am


The Ministry of Transport and Communications in conjunction with Ministry of Foreign Affairs have announced that, after a few weeks of fine-tuning the details with their Russian counterparts, the Russian air is now open to Greek airlines. Although not all Russian airports are open. Only Petrograd, Kiev and Odessa are open to Greek airlines. In the same manner only Athens, Thessalonica and Nicosia's airports are open to Russian airlines. Other limitations have been imposed to both countries to secure the well being the local airlines.
This brings new opportunities to GAT and TAE.

Both companies had acquired new planes to be able to keep up with their regular flights more easily. GAT has expanded it's fleet with two Avro 711 Tudor III. In response TAE has got two new Bloch Transatlantique.

According to the Ministry of Transport other routes may appear in the future.


Yesterday night a Lerax fighter was destroyed in an accident, killing it's pilot. The plane was retired from service earlier this year but one was put back into service for one last flight as it’s last pilot, Vassilios Lemonis, was promptly going to retire. So he was allowed to do a last flight in Christmas on the plane that he flied all his life. During the diner Vassilios Lemonis boarded the plane and started acrobatics maneuvers. After a while balloons were released into the air so he could shoot them down. Vassilios Lemonis had took down six balloon when something went wrong and the plane started to lose speed and precipitated to the earth. Although he managed to eject, the balloons blockaded the decent and he felt to the ground.

Investigations on the reason of the malfunction are currently been conducted by the Air Force.


Saturday, January 9th 2021, 12:29pm

RIP Vassilios Lemonis, a tragic accident.