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Sunday, April 6th 2014, 1:55am

US Obsolete Equipment

M2 Light Tank

12 ton tank initially armed with .50MG in a single turret, in its final iteration it was armed with the 1.5in L/53 M5 gun. First produced in 1933, it began to be replaced in US service in late 1936 with the introduction of the M3 Light Tank. None are now in service.


M2A1 (1933) - 0.50 MG in single turret, 10 produced, 2 remaining in storage.

M2A2 (1933-34) - Twin turrets, 0.50 and 0.30 MG, thicker armor, improved suspension. 311 produced, 104 remaining in storage.

M2A3 (1934-36) - Single turret with 37mm gun, thicker armor, 375 produced, 125 remaining in storage.

Specifications M2A3 Light Tank


- Length: 14.5 ft
- Width: 8ft 1in
- Height: 8ft 8in

Weight: 12.8 tons

- 1 1.45in M5/L56
- 5 .30-06 Browning M1919A4 MG

Speed:[/b} 36 mph

Continental W-670-9A, 7 Cylinder 220-245 hp

Suspension: Vertical Volute Spring Suspension (VVSS)

- Hull Front: 6mm-25mm
- Hull Sides: 25mm
- Hull Rear: 25mm
- Turret Front: 16mm
- Turret Sides: 16mm
- Turret Rear: 16mm

Crew: 4


Monday, May 12th 2014, 12:19am

M3 Light Tank

12 ton tank designed as an improved M2 Light tank with thicker armor, improved suspension, and an improved gun recoil system. First produced in late 1936, it was produced in three variants and began to be replaced by the improved M5 Light Tank in 1940. None are now in service.


M3 (1936) - single turret with 1.46in M5 gun, along with 5 .30-06 Browning M1919A4 MG. 20 produced, 2 remaining in storage.

M3A1 (1937) - Had gyrostabilizer installed and a turret basket with seats for the commander and gunner. Cupola was removed from new turret design. A periscope with 360° traverse was installed in the turret roof. Riveted hulls in early production and then replaced by welded hulls. The Marine Corps requested a diesel variant powered by 220hp Guiberson. 412 produced, 75 of which were for the US Marine Corps. 121 remain in storage with 21 being the diesel variant.

M3A3 (1939) - 1.46in M6 gun replaces 1.45in M5 gun. Had an improved turret with a bulge in the rear for the radio installed. The hull was redesigned with all welded one piece hull front. The front plate was extended which allowed for more room for storage and improved the safety for the driver and assistant driver. The driver's hatches are moved to the top of the hull. Periscopes are installed to provide vision for the driver and assistant driver. The sponsons were extended to the rear and this allowed for more gasoline and ammunition storage. A storage box is added at the rear of the hull. Additional improvements included easier steering, improved fire protection and ventilation, detachable head lamps, and a detachable windshield. A Combination Gun Mount, M44, with a telescope was installed. 441 produced, 156 remain in storage.

Specifications of the M3A3 Light Tank


-Length: 14ft 2.4in
-Width: 8ft 1.2in
-Height: 7ft 6in

Weight: 14.7 tons


- 1 1.45in M6 L/56
- 3 .30-06 Browning M1919A4 MG

Speed: 36 mph

Engine: Continental W-670-9A, 7 Cylinder air-cooled radial 250 hp

Suspension: Vertical Volute Spring

- Hull Front: 1.5in
- Hull Sides: 1in
- Hull Rear: 1in
- Turret Front: 1.5in
- Turret Sides: 1.25in
- Turret Rear: 1.25in

Crew: 4