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Thursday, May 16th 2013, 7:46pm

Territorial Security Forces (1941-1943)


Forces de sécurité territoriaux / Territorial Security Forces: This branch will be subsidiary to the French Army, and if Indochina votes for independence, it would form the basis for a new Indochinese army. The FST will be equipped to the same standard as comparable French troops deployed in Indochina. Although the locally-raised French Colonial divisions will remain for the present time, these units will slowly be merged into the FST over the next few years. The initial force will be composed of:
- 1 Brigade de réaction rapide: a combined arms unit of mechanized light infantry and armoured vehicles; to be raised during 1942 to 1944.
- 1 each of Détachement Motorisé d'Annam, Détachement Motorisé de Cochinchine, and Détachement Motorisé du Tonkin: a battalion-sized motorized unit with armoured cars and motorized infantry, primarily deployed for police and security work.
- 4 Régiments de Tirailleurs.
- 2 Groupes d'Artillerie: a battalion-sized artillery unit.
- 1 Bataillon de parachutistes Indochinoise.