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Wednesday, October 15th 2008, 9:39pm

Naval Air Service

THE NAS is a fully integrated part of the Imperial Navy and tasked for co-operation with the navy to aid in its task to ensure the security of territorial waters.

1st NAS Sqn(SAR),Bandar Abbas
9 x AeroDynamics RBW-9D "Dragonfly"

2nd NAS Sqn (SAR), Bandar-e Anzali
9 x Supermarine Stranraer

3rd NAS Sqn (Rec)
12 x DFB SA-100

4th NAS Sqn (Rec)
12 x DFB SA-100

5th NAS NAS Sqn (Rec)
12 x DFB SA-100

6th NAS Sqn (Rec)
12 x DFB SA-100

7th NAS Sqn (Rec)
12 x DFB SA-100

8th NAS Sqn (Rec)
12 x DFB SA-100

9th NAS Sqn (VSB)
12 x DeBroek TB-9A "Petrel"

10th NAS Sqn (VF)
12 x Mitsubishi A6M1

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Saturday, February 26th 2011, 11:24pm

OOC: Thanks Vuck for his help.

Aircraft Availble Persian Naval Aviation December 1941

45 JFM F-12C
45 DeBroek "Petrel"
45 Martin A-21T
60 Awali Brothers Persian Naval Scout
15 Kawanishi H6K2
30 Yokosuka H5Y
6 Constellacion PT1C "Paiño"
9 Cukers C.6bis
10 Curtiss C-46
5 Douglas C-54


3 Fighter Squadrons (12+3 Aircraft)

3 Divebomber Squadrons (12+3 Aircraft)
DeBroek TB-9B

3 Torpedobomber Squadrons (12+3 Aircraft)
Martin A-21T

4 Patrol Squadrons (12+3 aircraft)
Awali Brothers Persian Naval Scout

1 Reconnaissance Squadron (12+3 Aircraft)
Kawanshi H6K2

2 Search and rescue Squadrons (12+3 Aircraft)
Yokosuka H5Y

1 Transport Squadron (using ecxess Air Force aircraft)
10 Curtiss C-36
5 Douglas C-54

2 Trainer/Liason Flights**(3 aircraft)
Constellacion PT1C "Paiño"

1 Divebomber Training/Conversion Squadron (6+3 aircraft)
Cukers C.6bis

* Also functions as trainers for flyingboats

CAG Karkas **
1 Fighter/OCU Squadron (9+3 Aircraft)
Mitsubishi A6M1

1 Divebomber/OCU Squadron (9+3 Aircraft)
DeBroek TB-9B

CAG Oqab
2 Fighter Squadrons (9+3 Aircraft)
Mitsubishi A6M1

1 Divebomber/Recon Squadron (9+3 Aircraft)
DeBroek TB-9B

**Karkas serves as training carrier. CAG will be based in ship only in case of emergency.

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