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Sunday, August 14th 2011, 12:11am

Brazilian RfP: Four Engined Bomber

Well, time to get the ball rolling.

In addition to the previous tender (which is now closed), in 1941 Brazil is also looking for a four engined bomber that can also be used in the maritime recon role. While I have a specific plane in mind, I do want to see what other ones are out there. No details on what numbers would be ordered, to be worked out later.
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Sunday, August 14th 2011, 12:47am

The French companies can offer some equipment for one or the other, and one or two planes which can theoretically do both - but they really don't have anything which does both jobs well.


Sunday, August 14th 2011, 11:04am

Having supplied Whitley bombers to Brazil already the Air Ministry and the government give blessing for British firms to offer new equipment to Brazil.

Avro offers its new bomber, the 683 Lancaster; developed by Roy Chadwick this design is superior to the latest designs entering service worldwide and has a self-defence armament of powered nose, dorsal and tail turrets armed with .303in Browning MGs. The nose and dorsal turrets have two MGs each and the tail turret four; the bombload is 14,000lbs in a ventral bomb bay. A crew of seven is carried.
Dimensions; 102/ 69.6/ 20/ 1,297 sq ft; 4x 1,650hp Rolls-Royce Merlin VII; max speed 287mph at 11,500ft; cruising speed 210mph at 20,000ft; range 2,530 miles with 7,000lb bombload and service ceiling 24,500ft.

Boulton Paul offers the P.90 Birmingham; developed to Spec B.12/35 for a new four-engined heavy bomber to replace the AW. Whitley. This all-metal four-engined bomber has a crew of six and can carry 14,000lbs of bombs at 248mph at 15,000ft. The 28 500 or 250lb bombs are carried on Boulton Paul rotating magazine carriers and are interchangeable with other standard RAF carriers and carriers for seven 2,000lb bombs. Defensive armament is one nose turret with twin .303in Browning MGs, one retractable twin ventral turret and a Boulton Paul ‘dumbbell’ type tail turret armed with four .303in Browning MGs in stub winglets to cut drag. For the Brazilian order Boutlon Paul offers to fit RR Merlins if desired.
Dimensions; 100/ 77.3/ 20.5/ 1,450 sq ft; 4x 1,150hp Napier-Paxman Pilates II; max speed 290 mph; range 2,900 miles and service ceiling 35,000ft.


Tuesday, August 16th 2011, 9:17pm

Italy would like to enquire as to what level performance is desired and as to whether a four-engined type is necessary.

For example, the Caproni 1001 Astore used by the Italian armed forces is a twin engined aircraft, but with similar payload-range characteristics to "heavy" bombers in service with other nations. In addition to this, it's in a package that is significantly less expensive to operate and more survivable.

A maritime reconnaissance variant has been proposed previously by Caproni but has yet (and may not be) adopted by the Marina Militaire. This version features a new forward fuselage with greater accommodation and vision, along with greater internal fuel capacity and new engines.


Wednesday, September 14th 2011, 6:36am

The United States, wishing to expand its influence in the South American market releases two offerings:

Boeing offers its Boeing B-17E model, this design is a proven design with a powerful armament of 10 0.50 Browning machine guns, and a bomb load of 6,000lbs over a 2,000 mile range. Powered by 4 Wright 1820-65 enignes, the B-17 has a top speed of 290mph, and a ceiling of 35,800ft.

Consoldated offers its B-24D model, with 8 0.50 Browning machine guns, a bomb load of 8,000 lbs over a 2,100 mile range. Powered by four Wright 1830-43 engines, a top speed of 290mph and a ceiling of 28,000ft.


Tuesday, September 20th 2011, 9:41pm

DeHavilland Canada will submit their CP-15 "Ornithocheirus";

[SIZE=3]de Havilland Canada CPB-15 "Ornithocheirus" Patrol Bomber[/SIZE]

- Crew: 7
- Length: 50 ft
- Wingspan: 131 ft
- Height: 16 ft
- Wing area: 1,825 ft²
- Empty weight: 25,222 lbs
- Loaded weight: 55,000 lbs
- Powerplant: Orenda Oneida V (1500hp)
- Armament: 6x.50cal MG , 2,000 lbs of ordanance (Torpedoes, Depth Charges, Bombs)

- Maximum speed: 312 mph
- Max Range: 6,546 mi @ 230 mph
- Service ceiling: 33,000 ft
- Rate of Climb: 1,612 ft/min

Burnelli Aviation will also submit the CB-16 "Broad Skate";

[SIZE=3]Burnelli CB-16 "Broad Skate" Heavy Bomber[/SIZE]

- Crew: 8
- Length: 50 ft
- Wingspan: 173 ft
- Height: 16 ft
- Wing area: 4,256 ft²
- Empty weight: 47,506 lbs
- Loaded weight: 90,000 lbs
- Powerplant: Orenda Oneida VII (2000hp)
- Armament: 6x.50cal MG , 14,000 lbs of ordanance

- Maximum speed: 281 mph
- Max Range: 3,570 mi @ 230mph
- Service ceiling: 26,500 ft
- Rate of Climb: 943 ft/min