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Monday, July 5th 2004, 9:42pm

Q4/23 Filipino minesweeper

Just so everyone knows where I'm starting from, the designs from the 'old' Filipino ships thread will remain as designed (i.e., as revised previously).

Here's my first 'indiginous' design. :) I intend to build a number of these starting in Q4/1923.

(I actually designed this ship for the 'Andean Empire', and thought it was too good to file away :) , so...)

MSC-1, Filipino coastal minesweeper, laid down 1923

Length, 135 ft x Beam, 27.0 ft x Depth, 3.5 ft
219 tons normal displacement (196 tons standard)

Main battery: 1 x 1.6-inch
Light battery: 1 x 0.3-inch

Weight of broadside: 2 lbs

Hull unarmored

Maximum speed for 400 shp = 12.42 knots
Approximate cruising radius, 8200 nm / 7 kts

Typical complement: 28-37

Estimated cost, $108,000 (£27,000)


Ship has slow, easy roll; a good, steady gun platform.

Excellent seaboat; comfortable and able to fight her guns
in the heaviest weather.

Magazines and engineering spaces are roomy, with superior
watertight subdivision.

Ship is roomy, with superior accommodation and working space.

Distribution of weights:

Machinery ........................ 13 tons = 6 pct
Hull and fittings; equipment ..... 128 tons = 59 pct
Fuel, ammunition, stores ......... 27 tons = 13 pct
Miscellaneous weights ............ 50 tons = 23 pct
219 tons = 100 pct

Estimated metacentric height, 0.9 ft

Displacement summary:

Light ship: 191 tons
Standard displacement: 196 tons
Normal service: 219 tons
Full load: 236 tons

Loading submergence 74 tons/foot


Estimated overall survivability and seakeeping ability:

Relative margin of stability: 1.16

Shellfire needed to sink: 1024 lbs = 529.1 x 1.6-inch shells
(Approximates weight of penetrating
shell hits needed to sink ship,
not counting critical hits)

Torpedoes needed to sink: 1.1
(Approximates number of 'typical'
torpedo hits needed to sink ship)

Relative steadiness as gun platform, 73 percent
(50 percent is 'average')

Relative rocking effect from firing to beam, 0.00

Relative quality as a seaboat: 1.52


Hull form characteristics:

Block coefficient: 0.60
Sharpness coefficient: 0.46
Hull speed coefficient 'M' = 6.84
'Natural speed' for length = 11.6 knots
Power going to wave formation
at top speed: 49 percent

Estimated hull characteristics and strength:

Relative underwater volume absorbed by
magazines and engineering spaces: 47 percent

Relative accommodation and working space: 156 percent

Displacement factor: 279 percent
(Displacement relative to loading factors)

Relative cross-sectional hull strength: 1.14
(Structure weight per square
foot of hull surface: 36 lbs)

Relative longitudinal hull strength: 4.26
(for 9.0 ft average freeboard;
freeboard adjustment +2.0 ft)

Relative composite hull strength: 1.30


[Machine-readable parameters: Spring Style v. 1.2.1]

135.00 x 27.00 x 3.50; 9.00 -- Dimensions
0.60 -- Block coefficient
1924 -- Year laid down
12.42 / 8200 / 7.00; Oil-fired turbine or equivalent -- Speed / radius / cruise
50 tons -- Miscellaneous weights
1 x 1.57; 0 -- Main battery; turrets
Central positioning of guns
0 -- No secondary battery
0 -- No tertiary (QF/AA) battery
1 x 0.30 -- Fourth (light) battery
0 -- No torpedo armament
0.00 -- No belt armor
0.00 / 0.00 -- Deck / CT
0.00 -- No battery armor



Keeper of the Sacred Block Coefficient

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Tuesday, July 6th 2004, 9:18am

Your minesweepers

Strong little ships indeed....

I just wonder that the Phillis start building minesweepers. Is minewarfare to be expected in such an environment? Surely, every navy needs some minesweepers and if you havn´t some yet you better start building but with all those tiny little islands I would have expected patrol boats to be build.....?!




Tuesday, July 6th 2004, 9:59am

Atlantis has but a fraction of the amount of Islands that the philipines has, and yet posesses over 140 patrol boats, but then my infrastructure is barely impacted by building them!


Tuesday, July 6th 2004, 2:47pm


Originally posted by HoOmAn
with all those tiny little islands I would have expected patrol boats to be build.....?!

Well, I would too, but the orbat compiled by the previous Phil doesn't include anything smaller than ten large TBs. Go figure...


Tuesday, July 6th 2004, 7:39pm

"Build it and they wil come", oops wrong quote.

Looks like you'll be busy rebuilding the Philly navy!