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Saturday, March 12th 2011, 5:42am

Foreign Relations

- FAR: Atlantis, Russia, Chile, and Colombia.
- SAER: Great Britain, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, and Russia
- PETA: Denmark, Germany, Iberia, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Romania, Belgium

- No contact: France does not maintain regular contact with this power.
- Strained: France has a tense or conflicted relationship with this power.
- Correct: France has a functioning diplomatic relationship with this power which is non-hostile in nature. (Default)
- Cordial: France has longstanding friendly ties. This incorporates non-allied friends.
- Warm: France has a very close political or cultural association with this power.

- Andorra: Warm. The French President serves as the Co-Prince of Andorra.
- Belgium: Warm. Our old friends in the War.
- Bulgaria: Correct.
- Byzantium: Cordial. A protectorate of our Atlantean ally.
- Czechoslovakia: Correct.
- Denmark: Correct.
- Germany: Correct. A complicated relationship; there is much traditional animosity as a result of past wars, but this is starting to change.
- Greece: Correct.
- Hungary: Correct.
- Iberia: Correct. We have had our differences with Iberia in the past, but we share many common concerns at present.
- Ireland: Correct.
- Italy: Correct.
- Latvia: Correct.
- Lithuania: Correct. We seek to help them rebuild from their terrible civil war.
- Luxembourg: Cordial. We seek to improve relations with this small neighbor.
- Monaco: Warm. France is responsible for Monaco's defense.
- Nordmark: Correct.
- Poland: Correct.
- Romania: Cordial. They are open to friendship with us.
- Russia: Warm. One of our strongest and firmest allies, united in alliance by the bond of blood spilled together in battle.
- Switzerland: Cordial. We respect Swiss neutrality and independence. We feel sorry for any sucker fool enough to dare it.
- The Netherlands: Cordial.
- Turkey: Correct.
- United Kingdom: Cordial. They call us Frogs, we call them Rosbifs.

Africa, Asia, Atlantis:
- Atlantis: Warm. One of our strongest and firmest allies, united in alliance by the bond of blood spilled together in battle.
- Armenia: Correct.
- Australia: Cordial.
- Azerbaijan: Correct.
- China: Strained. We are alarmed at some of their rhetoric, and their size makes them quite formidable.
- India: Strained. Their aggression against smaller neighbors has raised the alarm around the world. We are waiting for them to toe the final line...
- Japan: Correct... but somewhat leaning towards the strained side.
- Nepal: Correct.
- The Philippines: Strained. Like China, they contest Vietnam's claim to the Spratley and Paracel Islands. Unlike China, this is the sole issue we differ on. There is perhaps some hope of detente...
- South African Empire: Correct.
- Thailand: Correct. We love their cats.

The Americas:
- Argentina: Correct.
- Bolivia: Correct.
- Brazil: Correct.
- Canada: Cordial.
- Chile: Warm. A FAR member.
- Colombia: Warm. A FAR member.
- Mexico: Correct.
- Paraguay: Correct.
- Peru: Correct.
- United States: Cordial.