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Tuesday, September 21st 2010, 9:08pm

German News and Events, Fourth Quarter 1939

Berlin – Tuesday, 10 October 1939

The results of the hard-fought election campaign that have held the interest of the German nation for weeks have been announced, with a stunning and surprising victory for the Free Conservative Party. Organised as an outgrowth of the DZP and EP voting block following the 1937 Elections, the Free Conservatives represent a union of centrist and right-of center interests, and there is no question that the financial scandals that have rocked the DVP and SPD coalition in the last months heavily influenced the outcome of the election. Running on a platform of reform and economic development the Free Conservatives have achieved what no party has accomplished in the history of the Republic – an absolute majority of seats in the Reichstag.

The Free Conservative Party – 55%
The German Peoples’ Party – 15%
The Social Democratic Party – 25%
The German Communist Party – 3%
Other parties – 2%

President Eckner has called upon the leader of the Free Conservatives, Konrad Adenauer, to form a government. Herr Adenauer accepted the mandate and promised to name his cabinet shortly.

Berlin – Thursday, 12 October 1939

Police were called to the Hotel Bristol in the early morning to investigate the suicide of Generaloberst Ernst Udet, commander in chief of the Luftwaffe. Papers found in the possession of the deceased were sequestered by the public prosecutor as material evidence in the so-called Aerobank Affair, investigation of which is ongoing. Udet’s name had been linked to reports of financial irregularities in Luftwaffe procurements, and it has been suggested that his suicide is in some way linked with the scandal.

Berlin – Friday, 20 October 1939

The Cabinet Office of the Chancellor has provided the following list of appointments to the Cabinet.

Chancellor: Konrad Adenauer
Vice-Chancellor: Theodor Heuss
Minister of Defence: Otto Gessler
Minister of Finance: Johann Ludwig Graf Schwerin von Krosigk
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Heinrich Bruning
Minister of Justice: Gustav Heinemann
Minister of the Interior: Magnus Alexander Maximilian Freiherr von Braun
Minister of Transport: Gottfried Treviranus
Minister of Agriculture: Andreas Hermes
Minister of Economics: Ludwig Erhard
Minister of Labor: Heinrich Lubke
Minister of Posts: Franz Blucher

The Cabinet Office also announced that the current Air Ministry would be abolished – its functions with regard to the Luftwaffe would be incorporated into the Ministry of Defence, while its function with regard to civil aviation will be transferred to the Ministry of Transport.


Tuesday, September 21st 2010, 9:47pm

Ireland: Taoiseach DeValera extends his congratulations to Herr Adenaur and his new cabinet.

Bulgaria: Tsar Boris extends his congratulations and will free his schedule to attend any sort of swearing-in ceremony.

Chile: Presidente Vizcarra extends his congratulations to Herr Adenaur and a presentation machete with the inscription "Aquila non capit muscas". [1]


[SIZE=1][Note 1]: It is Chile's custom to present incoming heads of state with a ceremonial weapon.[/SIZE]


Wednesday, September 22nd 2010, 1:28am

The Latvian Ambassador to Germany presents Herr Adenaur with a bottle of the finest Latvian Kvass.


Saturday, September 25th 2010, 12:40am

Organisation and Disposition of the Deutsche Kriegsmarine, 31 December 1939

Battle Force (Schlachtsstreitkräfte): At Wilhelmshaven

First Battle Squadron: Bismarck (force flag), Hindenburg, Mackensen, Tirpitz (flag)
Second Cruiser Squadron: Blucher, Von der Tann (flag)
Third Cruiser Squadron: Köln (flag), Bremen, Breslau, Kiel
Second Destroyer Flotilla: Emden (flag), Zerstörer 216, Zerstörer 217, Zerstörer 218, Zerstörer 219, Zerstörer 220, Zerstörer 221, Zerstörer 222, Zerstörer 223, Zerstörer 224, Zerstörer 225, Zerstörer 226, Zerstörer 227
Third Destroyer Flotilla: München (flag), Zerstörer 228, Zerstörer 229, Zerstörer 230, Zerstörer 231, Zerstörer 232, Zerstörer 233, Zerstörer 234, Zerstörer 235, Zerstörer 236, Zerstörer 237, Zerstörer 238, Zerstörer 239

Fourth Destroyer Flotilla: Karlsruhe, Zerstörer 250, Zerstörer 251, Zerstörer 252, Zerstörer 253, Zerstörer 254, Zerstörer 255, Zerstörer 256 *, Zerstörer 257 *,

* Working up

Scouting Force (Aufklärungsstreitkräfte): At Wilhelmshaven

First Aircraft Carrier Squadron: Graf Zeppelin (force flag), Peter Strasser (flag)
Fourth Cruiser Squadron: Derfflinger (flag), Seydlitz
First Cruiser Squadron: Admiral Hipper (flag), Admiral Scheer, Graf Spee, Prinz Eugen
First Scouting Group: Leipzig (flag), Georg Thiele, Leberecht Maas, Max Schultz, Paul Jacobi, Richard Beitzen, Theodor Riedel, Bruno Heinemann, Hermann Schoemann, Wolfgang Zenker
Second Scouting Group: Nürnberg (flag), Bernd von Arnim, Erich Geise, Hans Lody, Erick Koellner, Erick Steinbrinck, Friedrich Ihn, Diether von Roeder*, Friedrich Eckoldt, Hans Lüdemann*

* Working up

Submarine Force (Unterseebootestreitkräfte): At Kiel

First U-boat Flotilla: Flottenbeglieter 1 (flag), Wilhelm Bauer (tender), Unterseeboot 1, Unterseeboot 2, Unterseeboot 3, Unterseeboot 4, Unterseeboot 5, Unterseeboot 6, Unterseeboot 7, Unterseeboot 8, Unterseeboot 9, Unterseeboot 10, Unterseeboot 11, Unterseeboot 12, Unterseeboot 13, Unterseeboot 14, Unterseeboot 15, Unterseeboot 16
Second U-boat Flotilla: Flottenbeglieter 2 (flag), Adolf Luderitz (tender), Unterseeboot 17, Unterseeboot 18, Unterseeboot 19, Unterseeboot 20, Unterseeboot 21, Unterseeboot 22, Unterseeboot 23, Unterseeboot 24, Unterseeboot 25, Unterseeboot 26, Unterseeboot 27, Unterseeboot 28, Unterseeboot 29, Unterseeboot 30, Unterseeboot 31, Unterseeboot 32
Third U-boat Flotilla: Flottenbeglieter 3 (flag), Waldemar Kophamel (tender), Unterseeboot 33, Unterseeboot 34, Unterseeboot 35, Unterseeboot 36, Unterseeboot 37, Unterseeboot 38, Unterseeboot 39, Unterseeboot 40, Unterseeboot 41, Unterseeboot 42, Unterseeboot 43, Unterseeboot 44, Unterseeboot 45, Unterseeboot 46, Unterseeboot 47, Unterseeboot 48
Fourth U-boat Flotilla: Flottenbegleiter 4 (flag), Unterseeboot 100, Unterseeboot 101, Unterseeboot 102, Unterseeboot 103, Unterseeboot 104, Unterseeboot 105, Unterseeboot 106 *, Unterseeboot 107 *

* Working up

Service Force (Troßschiffverband): At Bremerhaven

Fifth Escort Group: Flottenbegleiter 7 (flag), Flottenbegleiter 8, Flottenbegleiter 9, Flottenbegleiter 10, Flottenbegleiter 11 *, Flottenbegleiter 12 *, Flottenbegleiter 13 *, Flottenbegleiter 14 *
Supply Ships: Altmark, Dithmarschen, Ermland, Nordmark, Uckermark, Westerwald

* Working up

Baltic Naval Station (Marinestation der Ostsee): At Kiel

Seventh Torpedo-boat Flotilla: Torpedoboot 1 (flag), Torpedoboot 2, Torpedoboot 3, Torpedoboot 4, Torpedoboot 5, Torpedoboot 6, Torpedoboot 7, Torpedoboot 8, Torpedoboot 9, Torpedoboot 10, Torpedoboot 11, Torpedoboot 12
Third Minesweeping Flotilla: Raumboot 1, Raumboot 2, Raumboot 3, Raumboot 4, Raumboot 5, Raumboot 6, Raumboot 7, Raumboot 8, Raumboot 9, Raumboot 10

Station Ship Königsberg: Flottenbegleiter 5

Third Motor Minesweeper Flotilla: Minesucheboot 25, Minesucheboot 26, Minesucheboot 27, Minesucheboot 28, Minesucheboot 29, Minesucheboot 30, Minesucheboot 31, Minesucheboot 32, Minesucheboot 33, Minesucheboot 34, Minesucheboot 35, Minesucheboot 36

Station Ship Stettin: Flottenbegleiter 6

Fourth Motor Minesweeper Flotilla: Minesucheboot 37, Minesucheboot 38, Minesucheboot 39, Minesucheboot 40, Minesucheboot 41 *, Minesucheboot 42 *, Minesucheboot 43 *, Minesucheboot 44 *

Station Memel

Second Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla: Schnellboot 21, Schnellboot 22, Schnellboot 23, Schnellboot 24, Schnellboot 25, Schnellboot 26, Schnellboot 27, Schnellboot 28, Schnellboot 29, Schnellboot 30, Schnellboot 31, Schnellboot 32

Station Stralsund

First Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla: Carl Peters (tender), Schnellboot 9, Schnellboot 10, Schnellboot 11, Schnellboot 12, Schnellboot 13, Schnellboot 14, Schnellboot 15, Schnellboot 16, Schnellboot 17, Schnellboot 18, Schnellboot 19, Schnellboot 20

Station Pillau

Vorpostenboot 11, Vorpostenboot 12, Vorpostenboot 13, Vorpostenboot 14, Vorpostenboot 15

Station Swinemünde

Vorpostenboot 21, Vorpostenboot 22, Vorpostenboot 23, Vorpostenboot 24, Vorpostenboot 25

Station Travemünde

Vorpostenboot 16, Vorpostenboot 17, Vorpostenboot 18, Vorpostenboot 19, Vorpostenboot 20

* Working up

North Sea Naval Station (Marinestation der Nordsee): At Wilhelmshaven

Lehr-Division: Otto Lillienthal, Zahringen

Eighth Torpedo-boat Flotilla: Torpedoboot 13 (flag), Torpedoboot 14, Torpedoboot 15, Torpedoboot 16, Torpedoboot 17, Torpedoboot 18, Torpedoboot 19 *, Torpedoboot 20 *
First Minesweeping Flotilla: Raumboot 11, Raumboot 12, Raumboot 13, Raumboot 14, Raumboot 15, Raumboot 16, Raumboot 17, Raumboot 18, Raumboot 19
Second Minesweeping Flotilla: Raumboot 20, Raumboot 21, Raumboot 22, Raumboot 23, Raumboot 24, Raumboot 25, Raumboot 26, Raumboot 27, Raumboot 28

Unassigned: Zerstörer 258 *, Zerstörer 259 *

Station Ship Cuxhaven: Zerstörer 215

Second Motor Minesweeper Flotilla: Minesucheboot 13, Minesucheboot 14, Minesucheboot 15, Minesucheboot 16, Minesucheboot 17, Minesucheboot 18, Minesucheboot 19, Minesucheboot 20, Minesucheboot 21, Minesucheboot 22, Minesucheboot 23, Minesucheboot 24

Station Ship Emden: Zerstörer 214

First Motor Minesweeper Flotilla: Minesucheboot 1, Minesucheboot 2, Minesucheboot 3, Minesucheboot 4, Minesucheboot 5, Minesucheboot 6, Minesucheboot 7, Minesucheboot 8, Minesucheboot 9, Minesucheboot 10, Minesucheboot 11, Minesucheboot 12

Station Brunsbüttel

Third Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla: Schnellboot 33, Schnellboot 34, Schnellboot 35, Schnellboot 36, Schnellboot 37, Schnellboot 38, Schnellboot 39, Schnellboot 40, Schnellboot 41, Schnellboot 42, Schnellboot 43, Schnellboot 44

Station Wesermünde

Fourth Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla: Otto Wunsch (tender), Schnellboot 45, Schnellboot 46, Schnellboot 47, Schnellboot 48, Schnellboot 49, Schnellboot 50, Schnellboot 51, Schnellboot 52, Schnellboot 53 *, Schnellboot 54 *, Schnellboot 55 *, Schnellboot 56 *

Station Helgoland

Vorpostenboot 26, Vorpostenboot 27, Vorpostenboot 28, Vorpostenboot 29 *

* Working up

Station Vienna

Maximilian (F), Francis I, Habordansky, Paul Bohacs, Graf Salm, Roggendorf, Jan III Sobieski, Prinz Georg Fredrich

Vessels Paying Off to the Reserve

Schnellboot 1, Schnellboot 2, Schnellboot 3, Schnellboot 4, Schnellboot 5, Schnellboot 6

Schnellboot 7, Schnellboot 8

Vorpostenboot 1, Vorpostenboot 2, Vorpostenboot 3, Vorpostenboot 4, Vorpostenboot 5, Vorpostenboot 6

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Saturday, September 25th 2010, 12:20pm

Prime Minister Neville Chmaberlain sends a congratulations telegram to Herr Adenauer and his government on their electoral victory.

The Royal Aero Club sends a condolence telegram to Generaloberst Udet's family. A great and highly skilled pilot has been lost to us this day.

Argentina's President and Prime Minister also send congrats to Adenauer and a delivery of highly tasty prime Argentine corned beef too!


Saturday, September 25th 2010, 7:53pm

King Carl XVI Philip of the Nordmarchian Empire extends his congratulations to Herr Adenaur.

Kaiser Kirk

Lightbringer and former European Imperialist

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Saturday, September 25th 2010, 8:23pm

The Dutch and Kongo governments will extend congratulations to Herr Adenaur


Sunday, September 26th 2010, 6:55pm

Academic Developments

Gottingen, Wednesday, 15 November 1939

The German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst - DAAD) announced that following an in-depth review of its finances by the Cabinet Office the Government will allocate an additional ten million marks to expand the activities of the DAAD and provide widening opportunities for scholars from around the world to study in Germany. The additional funding will allow the DAAD to extend its grant program to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru – countries whose scholars were hitherto unable to apply for research grants under the DAAD guidelines. Up to fifty scholars from each of these nations will be eligible for acceptance under the DAAD’s competitive, merit-based rules.

[SIZE=1](The DAAD was founded in 1925 and is a state-funded, self-governing national agency of the institutions of higher education in Germany. It itself does not offer programs of study or courses, but awards competitive, merit-based grants for use toward study and/or research in Germany at any of the accredited German institutions of higher education. It also awards grants to German students, doctoral students, and scholars for studies and research abroad.)[/SIZE]


Tuesday, September 28th 2010, 2:43am

Automotive News

Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Wednesday, 20 December 1939

Speaking to a packed crowd at the works' auditorium, Herr Heinz Nordholl, Commercial Technical Director of Auto-Union, unveiled today the firm's latest offering for the motoring public - a small, simple, reliable automobile intended for the common German citizen.

"The German people," Herr Nordhoff said, "deserve an automobile that common people can afford. A car for the people - A Volkswagen".

With those words he unveiled examples of both a sedan and a stylish cabriolet. The work of Auto-Union designer Erwin Komenda, the new vehicles will be available for delivery in the spring of 1940, with the projected price of Rm 1,300.


Tuesday, September 28th 2010, 3:05am

Meanwhile, in SuperScientist!™ occupied Canada...


Tuesday, September 28th 2010, 3:16am

Shiny, but

Survival of the fittest........


Tuesday, September 28th 2010, 4:10pm

RE: Automotive News


With those words he unveiled examples of both a sedan and a stylish cabriolet. The work of Auto-Union designer Erwin Komenda, the new vehicles will be available for delivery in the spring of 1940, with the projected price of Rm 1,300.

Russian market would be interested, if distances between cities were smaller. Even Russia hasn't enough oil to build adequate road network. Rails and waterways are only feasible/affordable solutions.

Russian automotive industry mainly builds trucks and busses.


Tuesday, September 28th 2010, 4:21pm

RE: Automotive News


Originally posted by AdmKuznetsov

Russian automotive industry mainly builds trucks and busses.

The German auto industry is quite willing to respond to Russian needs for commercial and cargo vehicles. Would a delegation to discuss such be received? Alternatively, a Russian delegation would be quite welcome to tour German vehicle-manufacturing facilities.


Tuesday, September 28th 2010, 5:05pm

Meanwhile in Japan...
Designer: "I give you the FUTURE of Toyota!"

"... but for now, we're stuck with building these..."


... and Toyota's a survivor just like the Volkswagen, having come into existence at about the same time. Delorean didn't even last a decade. Shiny but crappy and now extinct like the Dinosaurs. :)

... I should check on the local prices...


Wednesday, September 29th 2010, 1:43am

Acctually the DMC-12 wasn't that bad of a car, just not special enough for the day. Its neato stainless steel body panels made it difficult to paint and made fingerprints stand out like a soar thumb. It was also abit pricy for what you got, with other similarily priced cars being much better with performance and options.


Wednesday, September 29th 2010, 2:35am


Originally posted by ShinRa_Inc
Meanwhile, in SuperScientist!™ occupied Canada...

Since when has Belfast been Canadian?????


Wednesday, September 29th 2010, 2:55am

Probably around the time I took over White Star Line, and gave Olympic to Belfast as a memorial.


Keeper of the Sacred Block Coefficient

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Wednesday, September 29th 2010, 8:37am

Thread sucessfully hijacked...


Wednesday, September 29th 2010, 2:35pm

Not just hijacked, carjacked!


Wednesday, September 29th 2010, 3:01pm

Legal Notices

Berliner Tageblatt - Saturday, 30 December 1939

The Office of the State Prosecutor has announced the indictment of Erhard Milch, former State Secretary of the Air Ministry, on charges of peculation and official misconduct.

Sources suggest that the indictment is an outcome of the ongoing investigation of the Aerobank Affair and may be but the precursor of others to follow.

[SIZE=1](Lo-jack at work. Continuity hopefully restored)[/SIZE]