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Friday, September 18th 2009, 12:26pm

Romanian Aircraft Developments For 1937

The main development in 1937 will be continued improvements to the IAR. 80 monoplane fighter. Included will be an increase in armament from 4 to 6 FN 7.92mm MG's, the addition of armoured glass to the windshield, armor for the seat-back, and a new gunsight. Finally a more powerful engine, the 1,025hp K14-1000A engine is to replace the former 960hp K14-IV C32 engine. Despite the slight horsepower jump, the IAR 80A is actually 1mph slower than the IAR. 80, top speed being only 316mph. IAR is also looking at increasing the firepower of its fighter, and will likely be contacting FN about licence production of its 13.2mm MG for use in the upcoming IAR 80B. There is no planned operational fighter squadron expansion in 1937, the production of IAR 80s is to go towards replacing the IAR 32 and PZL P.11bs currently in FAAR service. However, IAR is planning on reengining and rearming the PZL P.11bs and the IAR-11s (1) for reserve use (2).

On the bomber front, the IAR 79 will continue licence production for the forseeable future, production will begin to slow down as production of the IAR 80 begins to pick up. In 1938, IAR is likely to be looking at purchasing a licence for a transport aircraft for Romanian use. 2 additional squadrons of IAR 23s (3) are to be formed in 1937 to be deployed in the Oltenia-Muntenia (Russian) Zone.

(1) Licence-built PZL P.11
(2) This will be similar to the OTL PZL P.24
(3) Licence-built PZL P.23 Karas.


Friday, September 18th 2009, 12:30pm

For In the ''Future'' I'm very Intersted


Friday, September 18th 2009, 9:54pm

Well, im mostly following the historical development of the IAR. 80, but around 3 years ahead of OTL schedule. What im going to do when I run out of IAR. 80 variants is something Im not sure of yet, seeing as I really dont know what engine will fit in the engine bay.


Friday, September 18th 2009, 10:09pm

You should think beyond the nose. :)


Friday, September 18th 2009, 10:12pm

OTL the romanians wanted the BMW 801 for the next generation IAR 80 and you should perhaps look into the IAR-471


Friday, September 18th 2009, 10:16pm


Originally posted by Vukovlad
OTL the romanians wanted the BMW 801 for the next generation IAR 80 and you should perhaps look into the IAR-471

Did you ever find any pics for that? I went to look up the plane, and all I found was several forum threads where you were looking for photos. :P


Friday, September 18th 2009, 10:25pm

No photos or drawings but quite a lot of data in Mark Axworthy´s book


Saturday, September 19th 2009, 7:19am

Ive read a bit about putting the BMW 801 D into the IAR. 80/81. Does anyone know if its possible, and if so what sort of performance the fighter would give?


Saturday, September 19th 2009, 10:04am

It was planned to use the BMW 801 with predicted performance of 383mph but I'm not sure how practical it would be. The BMW is about twice the weight of the K-14 and would badly affect the balance of the aircraft. The IAR 80 is a fairly lightweight design, I'm not sure that you can add that much weight to it.

I can't really find any radials with significantly more power than the K-14 that aren't a lot heavier or bigger. Might have to go with a bigger plane or an inline engine.

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Saturday, September 19th 2009, 11:21am

They tried to put the Jumo in the IAR-80 and failed miserably


Saturday, September 26th 2009, 10:03am

Providing that France develops the 14K further, would the 14R work? If not, what inline engines would work for the IAR 80/81?


Saturday, September 26th 2009, 11:34am


Originally posted by TheCanadian
Providing that France develops the 14K further, would the 14R work? If not, what inline engines would work for the IAR 80/81?

The 14R is probably the best choice. Piaggio also modified their derivatives of the 14K to produce more power so it shouldn't be too hard to get up to 1400hp or so.


Saturday, September 26th 2009, 2:42pm

The Piaggio P.XI RC 40 was very unrelaible in Swedish service, perhaps P&W Twin Wasp, Ash-82 or thinking outside the box the Mitsubishi Kinsei?


Saturday, September 26th 2009, 2:48pm

[SIZE=4]Special action from Mitsubishi!
Today only!

3 Kinsei engines for the price of 2![/SIZE]

*closes shop*

Too late. :D


Saturday, September 26th 2009, 6:13pm

If you read the fine print it says you have to sell your soul to SATSUMA so its lucky he missed the sale!


Saturday, September 26th 2009, 6:43pm

"soul and lands" :D


Saturday, January 23rd 2010, 11:58am

Would anyone like to hazard a guess on the performance of a 14R equipped IAR 80? Also, what sort of modifications to the aircraft would IAR have to undertake to make it work?


Saturday, January 23rd 2010, 12:14pm

I'd guess somewhere around 600 km/.h, given the historical estimation of the IAR engineers for an IAR-80 that was re-engined with the BMW-801. I'm sure you'd have to strengthen the airframe again, though, and it might make more sense to start from scratch.


Saturday, January 23rd 2010, 12:28pm

The IAR-80 was largely based on the PZL P.24 so that route could be taken with a new aircraft ie taking bits and pieces of aircraft in production. You already have the IAR.80, PZL P.50 and GW-107 that can donate parts


Saturday, January 23rd 2010, 12:56pm

600 km/h would move it 20th place in my speed list for Talons this year up from 32nd but of course next year the list might move higher with newer fighters coming on line across the world.

The IAR80 is not bad, wing loading is 27.1lb/sq ft and power-to-weight 0.21lb per hp. So its pretty nimble and nippy, you start adding weight of a heavier radial and a stronger fuselage (perhaps even wider) and you'll start gaining weight with perhaps less advantages in other areas.