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Monday, September 15th 2008, 1:39am

Gothia Works Encylopedia

A thread for all GW products that have entered service:


Type 105

Basic Data:

Type: Single Seat Fighter

Engine: 1 x GWM V-1300 1300Hp

Span: 9,92 m
Length: 9 m
Height: 2,59 m

Other non classified data

Max. speed: 620 km/h @ 6000 m
Max. Climb 14m/sec
Max. range 900 km
Empty: 2860 kg
Max Loaded 3750 kg

Armament: 4 x 12,7 mm MG, 1 x 20mm Cannon

Type 107

MODEL Gothia Works Type 107
ENGINE GWM V-1300 1300Hp
Take-off weight 2900 kg
Empty weight 2000 kg
Wingspan 9.70 m
Length 7.90 m
Height 2.70 m

Max. speed 630 km/h
Range 750 km
Rate of Climb 15 m/s
ARMAMENT: 2x ~13mm MG, 4x~8mm MG

Type 108

ENGINE 4 x GWM L-1500, 1482hp
Take-off weight 32000 kg
Empty weight 18000 kg
Wingspan 39.5 m
Length 23.6 m

Max. speed 450 km/h
Cruise speed 340 km/h
Ceiling 11000 m
Range w/max.fuel 6000 km
Range w/max.payload 3000 km
ARMAMENT 20mm AC in Nose and tail, 2x~13mm MG in dorsal turret, ~13mm MG on each side. 2x ~8mm MG forward firing in inner engine nacelle
5000kg of bombs

Type 109

ENGINE 1xGWM V-1300, 1300Hp
Take-off weight 4650 kg
Empty weight 3170 kg
Wingspan 15.64 m
Length 12.28 m
Height 4.46 m
Wing area 34.60 m2
Max. speed 480Km/h
Cruise speed 345 km/h
Ceiling 6600 m
Range 900 km
ARMAMENT 3x~8mm machine-guns (2 fixed forward firing, 1 flexible munt rearward firing), 900kg of bombs
or 1 Torpedo

Type 110

CREW 4-5
PASSENGERS 26-30 or 3500 Kg Cargo
ENGINE 2 x GWM L-1500, 1482hp
Take-off weight 17000 kg
Empty weight 9000 kg
Wingspan 31.7 m
Length 21.3 m
Height 8.1 m
Wing area 100.0 m2
Max. speed 380 km/h
Cruise speed 320 km/h
Range w/max.fuel 1900 km
Range w/max.payload 700 km

Type 111

ENGINE 1xGWM L-1000 (FIAT A.80RC41) 1100Hp
Take-off weight 2086 kg
Empty weight 1489 kg
Wingspan 11.89 m
Length 8.23 m
Height 3.15 m
Wing area 20.44 m2
Max. speed 500 km/h
Cruise speed 360 km/h
Ceiling 6600 m
Range 600 Km
ARMAMENT 6x~8mm MG or 4x~13mm MG wing mounted, 250kg bombs

Type 112

Crew: Three (two pilots, radio operator)
Capacity: 34 passengers or 4,500kg
Length: 24.06 m
Wingspan: 29.36 m
Height: 8.14 m

Empty weight: 11,300 kg
Loaded weight: 18,000 kg
Powerplant: 3x GWM L-1000, 1100hp

Maximum speed: 375 km/h
Cruise speed: 300 km/h
Range: 3,001 km
Service ceiling 7,500 m

Assault Glider

Crew: 2
Capacity: 24 troops or 3000 Kg
Length: 20M
Wingspan: 27M
Height: 6.4M

Empty weight: 3500kg
Loaded weight :7000kg


Veles A & B

Weight 14 tonnes
Length 4,90 m
Width 2.47 m
Height 2.16 m
Crew 4
Armor 15/35 mm
armament up to 2x20mm Automatic Cannons (A)
up to 45mm Cannon (B)
armament 1×~8mm MM
Engine GWM STD-300, 300Hp V-6 Diesel
Power/weight 21 hp/tonne
Suspension leaf-spring double-boogie mounted on two axles.
range 220 km
Speed 60 km/h


Weight 24tons
Length 6.21m
Width 2.34m
Height 2.58m
Crew 4
Engine 1x GWM STD-380, 380 Hp V-8 Diesel

Performance 42km/h
Armament 75mm L26 Cannon
3x~ 8mm MG
Suspension Horstmann suspension
range 200 km
Armor: 15-50mm

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Monday, September 15th 2008, 1:58am

I hope that the mods will move it to a appropriate place