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Sunday, February 24th 2008, 6:09am

Fuerzas Terrestres (Land Force)

Mexican Army

10 Infantry Divisions
5 Cavalry Divisions (each with 30 AT-17 tanks)
1 Armored Cavalry Brigade*
1 Naval Infantry Division

Divisions about 15,000 men.

*Armored Cavalry Brigade split into:
5 - 9 tank (AT-27) Companies
2 - 15 gun (AAT-27 75mm) Batteries
1 - 5 gun (AAT-27 105mm) Battery
3 - 15 gun (horse cavalry 75mm) Batteries
3 - 3,000 man (mounted) Battalions

Note: list does not include paramilitary or police units


Sunday, February 24th 2008, 6:21am


AT-27 1M1

45 in service

Designs specifications

Length 7 meters
Width 2.75 meters
Height 2.8 meters

Crew 5 men
Passengers 0 men

Weight 16.23 tons.

Engine: Napier-hall 8 cylinder air-cooled inline developing 150 horsepower
Fuel Capacity: 105 gallons
Top Speed: 16.6 MPH
Operating Range: 136 miles

Armament: one 47mm (100 rounds) and two 30cal machine guns (1500 rounds each).
Armor: 42-10mm, Hull - 21mm Front, 20 mm sides, 15 mm rear/12 mm roof/belly.
Turret - 43 mm front, 25 mm sides/rear, 10 mm top

Ground Pressure 14.99 PSI
Power/Weight Ratio 9.24 hp/metric ton


AT-31 1M1

150 on order

(specs TBD)

Mark I, one 25.4mm cannon, one 30cal machine gun
Mark II, two 50cal machine guns



150 in service

(to be replaced by AT-31, all 150 for sale)

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Sunday, February 24th 2008, 6:27am

Self-propelled Artillery

AAT-27 1M1 Mark I

5 in service

AT-27 tank chassis with 105mm gun


AAT-27 1M1 Mark II

30 in service

AT-27 tank chassis with 75mm gun


Sunday, February 24th 2008, 6:31am


Pierce-Arrow HT-2 "Bison"

100 in service


Pierce-Arrow C12

300 in service


Misc Trucks

500+ in service


Sunday, February 24th 2008, 6:35am

Armored Cars

NH-28 "Gazelle"

200 in service (all with police and paramilitary units)

Crew: 4
Dimensions: length 16ft 6in, width 5ft 10.5in, height 7ft 6in
Weight: 5,200 kg
Engine: Napier-hall 4 cylinder water-cooled petrol engine developing 50 hp
Performance: Speed-29 mph (47 km/h), Range 150 miles (250km)
Armament: one 50cal and one 30cal Machine gun.
Armor: 8mm


Sunday, February 24th 2008, 6:41am


Heavy Artillery
5"/51 - US, Naval Gun in use for coastal defence
5"/25 - US, Naval Gun in use for coastal defence

Field Artillery
102mm - US, Field gun in limited use
102mm - US, Howitzer in limited use
75mm - Atlantean, improved version of famous French 75, mainstay of Mexican Army

Heavy Anti-Aircraft Guns
75mm - Atlantean, fixed installation

Light Anti-Aircraft Guns
47mm - Mexican, twin mount fixed installations
47mm - Mexican, single mount mobile
1" - Atlantean, single mount mobile & fixed
50cal - US, water cooled mobile & fixed

Anti-Tank Guns
47mm - Mexican, in limited use
50cal - US, heavy machine gun
50cal - Mexican, lightweight single shot rifle version of MG

81mm - US, only heavy mortar in use

Light Machine Guns
30cal - US, widespread use
7/57 Mendoza model 1934 - Mexican, mainstay of Mexican Army

7/57 Model 36 Mauser - Mexican, mainstay of Mexican Army
7/57 Mondragon - Mexican, in limited use replacement under development

Sub-Machine Guns
0.45in Thompson - US, in service with Police and Paramilitary units (the dreaded Judiciales)

0.45in M1911A1 - US

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