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Friday, June 22nd 2007, 3:56am

Yugoslavian News and Events Q4/34

October 10th 1934- King Alexander(1) looked at the map of his beloved country and sighted. The name of the country even mentioned him as King of the Slovenes but they were really under the yoke of a foreign power.

The 1917 Corfu resolution(2) was still recognized by his government and he knew that getting a closer relationship with their Slavs cousins to the East was necessary to achieve his desire and the one of his nation by peaceful means. He smiled while looking down the map to the Dalmatian coast and thought to himself while smiling"it would be nice if we can get the borders offered by the British in 1915."(3)

(1) no mention of him being killed in 1929 so I go with him having a longer life.

(2) The one that created the basis for an union of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. With a name like Yugoslavia it seems the nation still hold to that dream.

(3) IIRC the WW map is very similar to the one offered as post Great war borders to both Italy and Serbia except half the Dalmatian coast was going to Serbia and less of Albania was going to Serbia also.

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Friday, June 22nd 2007, 4:06pm

October 19th 1934 - Josip Broz rose from his bed and prepare himself for the new day. A veteran of the Great War, he was on Russia during the February Revolution(1) and during his stay in that country he made long term connections; the wife still sleeping on his bed the most important one on his lfe.

Broz finished his morning routinee and left his apartment in downtown Zagreb for his office, the headquarters of the Croatian Socialist Party. During his stay in Russia he was briefly a bolshevik, finally being sway away from that radical group but his leanings stayed socialist to this day.

Now he was one of the most powerful men in Croatia and many are saying he could be named to the new cabinet being formed by the just named Prime Minister Macek (2) and his national coalition state.

Broz entered his office, began sorting his mail and finally reached the one he was waiting for, the one from his friend in far away Russia and smiled. (3)

(1) IIRC no October Revolution in WW

(2) with a greater Italian threat in WW, King Alexander relented to the wishes of Croatian and other groups and created a system of semi-autonomous provinces to get the support of those groups.

(3) OOC: Russia, let me know what could be agreeable for his future actions.

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Friday, June 22nd 2007, 8:07pm

October 22nd 1934- The commander of the General Staff, Milan Nedic, was on a bind. The record of the colonel in front of him spoke of valor during the Great War and of above average performance of duties since then. The problem were his political views.

He was one of the many asking for the division of the army along ethnic lines, something that was politely ignored before but now with the growing federalization of the Kingdom it was being frown by the leadership of the branches of the military. But dismissing a man with his talents seem like a waste for the General. "Maybe send him out of the way until the situation changes a little bit," he thought while raising his head from the record and looking at the man with glasses.

"Colonel Mihailovic," he finally said, "I think I got a position for you as our military attache to the Netherlands. It's a non negotiable offer. If not you will have to resign your commission."

The colonel pondered his answer for a second before finally nodding in agreement, stood, saluted his superior officer, gave an about face and exited the office.

Outside his emotion finally betrayed him, punching the wall and making the aide of the general to stare at him. He controlled himself and began walking out of the building but his last thoughts were that they had not seem the last of him.

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Friday, June 22nd 2007, 8:20pm

Russia-Yugoslav relations

The Russian Socialist parties (SRs, Mensheviks, Bolsheviks, etc) remain members in good standing of the "Second International", and certainly will have contact with a prominent Yugoslav Socialist.

OOC - The February revolution occured as per history. The Provisional Government negotiated peace with the central powers in March. There was no "March Revolution", and, more importantly, no "October Revolution".

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Saturday, June 23rd 2007, 3:39am


Originally posted by perdedor99
"Colonel Mihailovic," he finally said, "I think I got a position for you as our military attache to the Netherlands. It's a non negotiable offer. If not you will have to resign your commission."

The Netherlands will certainly accept his accreditations :)


Sunday, June 24th 2007, 11:54pm

October 23rd 1934- The reports of political instability in our neighbor to the West have some members of our government worried.

As such sources in the Ministry of War explained the current purchases of aircrafts and ships as a reaction to that same instability. "The violence currently happening in Italy could spill over their borders or an unstable regime could rise into power on that nation, as such the Ministry of War has recieved permission by his Royal Highness to purchase new aircrafts to help protect our borders while more ships will also enter service on our fleet in the near future for the same purpose."


Wednesday, June 27th 2007, 10:29pm

October 31st 1934- On today's speech Prime Minister Macek stated the goals of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in the near future are " to fully integrate all nationalities of the Kingdom into the framework of the administration of the Kingdom." He also stated the main goal of the country's foreign policy is "to create a greater rapport with Russia while increasing our ties with our current allies in Central Europe and the Balkans."

When asked by a foreign reporter if the call for all the nationalities included the ones living abroad the Prime Minister's response was "we will embrace all the Serbs, Croats and others that wish to join our Kingdom. The will of the people is paramount for us at this time."

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Thursday, July 5th 2007, 3:40pm

November 7th 1934- The new Minister of the Interior, Josip Broz, look around his new office and smiled liking what he was looking at . His family was still in Zagreb, so he rented an apartment in Belgrade and was looking for a house in the city but being in his new office made him very happy indeed.

The only other Croat in Prime Minister Macek's (1) government, he was ready to help the Prime Minister in achieving his goal and the ones of the King of a true federation of Croats, Montenegrins, Bosnians and Serbs. As a socialists he have plans for an universal health and retirement plan for the workers of the Kingdom plus an education plan for the young ones. He also was planning the creation of better roads and other infrastructure works to create jobs but he knew that somehow the new Minister of the Army was supporting his plans in this regard.

(1) a Croat like him.

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Monday, July 9th 2007, 5:43pm

November 10th 1934- Major General Milenko Antic was like a child on a candy store. His branch of the Army, the Air Corps, was allocated funds in an quantity never seem in the history of the nation and he was making sure to spend them before the civilians change their minds and slash funds again like they did in the lean years of the 1920's.

As such he has gone into a shopping spree since the summer and he knew he wasn't over yet. The purchase of Polish fighters was very easy due to their alliance and the Mexicans almost gave their fighters away in what they called privately "pay back" to the sale of Italian war material to the Cristeros during the just ended Mexican rebellion. The German bombers have to be purchased at the regular market price but they were a marked improvement over the current Yugoslav bombers. (1)

He was more than happy after signing the order releasing the funds for the purchase of 32 Odin Mk 2 fighters and 24 Thor Mk3 bombers from Nordmark with an expected delivery date of April next year. He was also very satisfied of the further news of his attache in Nordmark, who informed him the Nordmark industries were more than happy to continue to supply our orders in the order they are received. The future seemed bright for his command.

(1) look at the Yugoslavian air force thread for December 1934 and you know why

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Wednesday, July 11th 2007, 5:06pm

November 26th 1934- King Alexander was silently fuming while listening to Prime Minister Macek, General Nedic standing beside the Prime Minister nodding in agreement. The General activated the armed forces on November 23rd after receiving orders from him but the news being delivered now by the Prime Minister were very bad indeed.

"...Romania privately has indicated they will not support any action by our nation to remedy any border dispute we have with Italy during this time of chaos on that nation."

"The hell with Romania," was the response of the King, "all they have being good so far is to send resources for our naval program but nothing else. They can keep their opinions to themselves and die for all I care."

The Prime Minister coughed and continued, "I agree with your Highness but the problem is Poland. They sympathize with our border problems (1) but they also agree with Romania that our alliance is one defensive in nature and should stay like that for the time being."

The General spoke, "Your Highness, the Polish are helping greatly in the further development and modernization of our armed forces. Their continued support is imperative for now and I plea you to please reconsider the plans for attacking Italy."

King Alexander raised his hand, stopping the General from saying anything further. "I'm not a fool, General, remember that. I know our forces are still being modernized but I was counting with the help of our so-called allies. But with them asking for restrain I think for now we will wait for a better time to address our border dispute with Italy by non-diplomatic means."

He turned to his Prime Minister and spoke again. "This doesn't mean we can't use the situation to our advantage. Sent a feeler to Italy asking them for talks to resolve our borders with them. They are indeed in a weakened state and we should take advantage of that."

Prime Minister Macek nodded and responded that indeed it would be done. King Alexander dismissed them and after a slight bow they departed his office. Alexander was still fuming but he at least thought something could be salvaged of the situation.

(1) Polish small arms and aircrafts are part of the Yugoslavian inventory and by next year tanks. And while Poland resolved their own border problems with Germany they still have unresolved issues with Czechoslovaquia and Lithuania.

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Thursday, July 19th 2007, 5:07pm

December 6th 1934- King Alexander crumbled the paper handed to him by Prime Minister Macek after reading it. "So the Italians weasel out of giving a response to our offer."

"Your Highness," Macek began to respond, "the response of King Umberto is a very reasonable one. he still lacks a working government but I have to agree with your Highness that indeed is trying to buy time to deal from a position of strength."

"And we have an idea of what we will be his next move?" asked King Alexander.

"No your Highness. The situation in Italy right now is too volatile and anything could happen." responded Macek.

"So I guess we wait for now."finally said King Alexander while dismissing his Prime Minister.


Wednesday, July 25th 2007, 10:24pm

December 29th 1934- General Milan Nedic was trying his best to keep his cool. He just finished reading the proposed budget for the next year and he wasn't pleased at all. The Air Corps was receiving the bulk of the military budget, followed by the fleet and the remaining funds going to his branch, the Army.

With the Army already mobilized due to the Italian Crisis funds were being spend at a rapid rate, funds he knew he needed to upgrade his forces, but with the crisis at hand they were being spend in the necessities of a military force.

He began preparing a budget to how to use the meager resources being allocated to his branch and he sighted. Finally after some hours trying to make the best he finally resigned to try to upgrade a small force as best as possible, an elite of sorts, while keeping the rest as they were.

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