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Wednesday, February 14th 2007, 8:04pm

Danish News Summary 1932

14th - It has come to light, that after being disbanded over 100 years ago, the Army is to re-establish the Royal Danish Rocket Corps as an active unit within the army. Rumour has it that the main impetus behind the move has been none other than Prince Frederik, whilst studying at the Military Academy in Odense. Sources inside the college inform us that the Prince is quite the military historian, and is achieving excellent grades in his "Tactics and Strategy" classes.

7th - The Danish Technical Colleges new campus at Ostervoldgade was officially opened today by His Majesty, King Christian X .On the college's 100th anniversary in 1929, the President of the College, Dean P. Oswald ,lay the foundation stone for this new building complex at a site donated to the College by leading Danish industrialist, G.E. Hagemann. The site is officially named the H.C. Orsted campus, in honour of the discoverer of electromagnetism and founder of the College.
When asked about his generous donation of the expansive site for the college, Herr Hagemann replied, "This College made me what I am today. Without it, I would not have had the knowledge I needed to build my business." When it was suggested that the monies may have been put to better use developing his business, he burst into laughter. "What do you take me for? I am investing in the future of my business, because if my company is to grow, adapt, and evolve with the demands that the world places on it, then I must have the best brains in Scandinavia, mustn't I"

3rd - D.A.F. have unveiled their latest seaplane. The Ro.W.XIV Ronaut is a twin engined design, and not of the usual layout we have come to expect when compared to previous Rohrbach designs. The Navy is to take 60 of these aircraft, and it is believed that there has been some interest from foreign powers also.

4th - Project Octopus is given the go-ahead during a meeting in Admiralty House. Completion is expected by the end of 1934.

17th - D.A.F. and Cierva Autogiro have entered into a design agreement to develop a series of large autogyros for both civil and military use. The first will be a 4 seat design for "Co-operation" duties with the KDM and the Armada.

13th - The Engineering School at Aarhus has begun design work on the next class of battleship for the KDM. It is believed that the new class will be significantly larger than the "Tyr" class which it is designed to partner.

23rd - Disaster in the Baltic. During an unseasonably bad storm, the Bornholm ferry foundered during the night of July 21st while on it's overnight run to Copenhagen. Due to a stroke of pure good fortune, the Navy vessels "Gepard" and "Puma" were returning from exercises east of Bornholm and were able to render assistance to the stricken vessel. Of the 407 souls aboard, 327 were rescued. Her Majesty, Queen Alexandrine, has requested that a Royal Commission be set up to investigate the incident, with the aim of ensuring that there should be no repeat of this appalling accident.


9th - The Engineering Faculty at D.T.C. have announced that they have developed a new alloy with surprisingly good thermal qualities. "It's quite amazing really, if it wasn't for the new equipment on campus, we would never have had been able to generate enough heat in our old smelter to develop this alloy." The alloy, known simply as "Alloy X" had been speculated about for some time, but the faculty had not had the ability to produce it until now.

1st - Today sees the return of the Royal Danish Rocket Corps to the order of battle of the Army. Already the men of the Corps are referring to themselves as "Prince Frederik's Own" and are immensely proud of the honour given them.
A display of their equipment was assembled in Hornbaek, at the Army Artillery Testing Grounds."We have a long way to go to be as efficient as our brothers of old" said His Royal Highness, when asked about the practicality of rockets in modern warfare, "But we will be amply aided in this by the Corps of Engineers and several private concerns. I am happy to say that we have test fired a group of rockets recently that could challenge our best field artillery for range and accuracy"

11th - D.A.F. announced today that it is developing 3 new land based aircraft, a single engine monoplane fighter for the Air Force, with a possible adaption for naval use, a twin engined aircraft for the Air Force for the light bombing / coastal patrol role, and a heavy fighter/bomber. Dipl. Ing. Kurt Simon is the designer in charge of the project, and it is hoped to have prototypes ready in 12 to 15 months.

21th - Madrid - The first flight of the Cierva-D.A.F CD-1, a 4 seat autogyro, took place this morning. The craft differs in design from earlier autogyros, in that it has a system whereby it can shorten it's take off run by pre-spinning the rotar.

12th  The K.D.M. Tyr, accompanied by the heavy cruiser K.D.M. Freya, and the new a/a cruisers K.D.M. Reginleif and Geirahod, have set sail for Bangkok to take part in the celebrations marking the withdrawl of Danish military assets from Saim.

17th - Madsen, in conjunction with Iberian Arms, has developed a semi-automatic version of IA's 57mm a/a cannon. The weapon is basically a developement of our own 37mm automatic as mounted by the ships of the KDM. It is clip fed as is the 37, but the clip size is reduced to 3 rounds instead 5 for ease of handling. The cannon is still in the testing phase, but early results are looking very promisimg.

21th - Most of the KDM assets in Bangkok have now been transferred to the base on Phuket, which is undergoing a major expansion programme. The balance of assets will be out before the New Year.


Thursday, February 15th 2007, 5:25pm

Some interesting developments in there, not least the ferry sinking.


Saturday, February 17th 2007, 2:39am

Ro(w)XIV "Ronaut"


Saturday, February 17th 2007, 12:31pm

Radial engines with large NACA cowlings? No the radiators bays in the wings would seen to denote a liquid cooled engine. Unless its a liquid cooled radial the nacelles seem far too massive.


Saturday, February 17th 2007, 12:45pm

Inlines with Annular rads (a la JU88 ) with supplimentry rads in the wings

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