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Kaiser Kirk

Lightbringer and former European Imperialist

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Sunday, February 11th 2007, 6:40am

Netherlands News, Q2-3, 1933

Actually I wandered into April- May on the Q1 post, but that's now quite long.

The Amsterdam Advocate, May 10th
The task force dispatched to Aseb reports that operations have proceeded well. As the Admiralty projected, few vessels take advantage of the convoy offer, but there has been no less than three vessels, of an assemblage of nations, waiting at Aseb or Port Said at each transit. The force has lent aid to a damaged freighter and a sinking dhow. Motor boats have approached on several occasions, only to veer away once the guns are trained or the Orange ensign sighted.

The Hauge Herald, May 15th
At the behest of Prime Minister Eduwart Land, the legislature today held an open vote to adopt a bill enacting the recommendations of the TIDE report as written. The results indicated a severe split in the governing coalition as twenty members of the De Mannen met Zeer Boze Blikken Partij voted against. Ten other members of the ruling coalition voted against, but this still led to only a narrow defeat as eighteen members of Vrijheidsbond and five of the Arbeiders-Democratische Bond voted in favor.

The De Mannen met Zeer Boze Blikken Partij was most stalwart in opposition, which is unsurprising given their belief in a strong centralized government and vibrant aggressive military. The coalition with the DMZBBP has always been seen as odd, but necessary due to the party split of Lands De Progressieve Eland-Stier Partij and the previously ruling Vrijheidsbond . As the vote indicates, many of the Vrijheidsbond members are sympathetic, but not all are willing to cross party lines. For the DMZBBP the current coalition is the only means by which they are likely to see power, and so they may be reluctant to break the government.

The Arbeiders-Democratische Bond and Partij van de Arbeid voiced concern about labor competition and the diversion of tax monies to the NEI, arguing that the funds should be invested in social welfare programs and tax reduction for lower wage workers.

Following the vote, the cabinet retired to discuss potential changes to the recommendations.

The Batavia Bugle, May 20th
Following the arrival of the battleship Oceaan earlier this week, the Zeven Provincien departed for Holland. The Zeven Provincien is expected to call in Cape Town and Matadi, and will be taken in hand for a refit once she has arrived in Holland. The Oceaan will be taking her place in Soerabaja.

Kaiser Kirk

Lightbringer and former European Imperialist

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Sunday, February 11th 2007, 6:43am

The response letter comes several weeks later, through the Bharat embassy to the League of Nations.

Your Highness,

Thank you for your concern regarding my people in the East Indies. The report prepared by the commission has, as I am sure you know, has occasioned considerable serious and long overdue discussion within the halls of government. The commission appears to have crafted the recommendations to be politically palatable, but the sums are large and many of the concepts are new to the Netherlands.

I am pleased with the report, as the commissioners moved beyond finishing the foundation laid in earlier years, to laying the beginnings of a path forward. While they do not propose to replicate my efforts in the Kongo, the problems are different. The tiered legislative model, which each being formed from the prior, should allow the engagement of people of local eminence from the beginning, and give them a vested interest in the success of the new path.

Your bewilderment regarding the recommended languages is understandable, as Thai, Chinese and Japanese would appear attractive options. Dear old Dr. Hurgronje explained to me that the intent of having the additional languages at that level, instead of in University, is to facilitate international trade and enhance the ability of locals to interact with foreign companies. As those languages are spoken in Indochina, the Philippines, an Australia in addition to their world wide presence, they are well suited for the promotion of trade both near and far.

I appreciate the words of concern regarding the experiences in Ceylon with monsoons. While the commission included agricultural experts, I am aware that experience with agricultural tractors in the Indies is limited, and will ensure that the issue is addressed.

Maintenance and proper operations was, I believe, the driving concern behind the proposal to draw on Pioneer troop members for the seeds of the tractor companies, but this planned approach also presents opportunities for operator training, to address such issues as you raise.

There have been past problems between our countries. History nothing more than shared communal experience which can serve to educate or even warn. Do not fret that the actions of your predecessors will overshadow your own words and deeds in years to come, but it takes time for recent experience to counterbalance past history in the minds of the people. For myself, I look forward with hope for the future peace and prosperity of my people in the Netherlands East Indies.



Wilhelmina of Orange-Nassau
Queen of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands

Kaiser Kirk

Lightbringer and former European Imperialist

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Sunday, February 11th 2007, 6:49am


The Vlissengen Verisimilitude, June 5th
A crowd gathered today as the prototype Fokker G.1 aircruiser was put through a series of acrobatic maneuvers. The sleek twin boomed plane is projected to carry a variety of crew and armaments in the central nacelle. This first prototype is powered by the Hispano-suiza engines used in the current fighters, but two further prototypes are reported to be nearly complete. These latter ships are to house the Jumo 211 and an Avia-licensed Pegasus engine. With the successful development of the T.V aircruiser, there has been discussion that the G.1 should be designed for the fighter or fast attack bomber roles, but it is not known if either of the additional prototypes will fill those roles.

The Matadi Messenger, June 10th
The presence of Dutch War Minister Snellenson is expected to be a great boon in the establishment of the Defense Ministry of the Kongo. The War Minister spent his first several days meeting luminaries of the Kongo, and is scheduled to review Dutch and Kongo troops. The War Minister is also expected to attend some of the on-going trials of small arms from around the world. While the standard Dutch combat rifle is widely assumed to become standard, the Defense minister has insisted that the Kongo examine alternatives prior to investing.

The War Minister is expected to spend much of his month answering Defense ministry questions and then finish his trip with a two week safari.

Kaiser Kirk

Lightbringer and former European Imperialist

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Thursday, February 15th 2007, 6:16am


The Hague Herald, July 17th
The Staten-Generaal voted approval on several of the least controversial aspects of the TIDE commission report today. Old laws establishing racial classes have been stricken from the books, though the DMZBBP voted against. The proposals to revise merchant licensing and scrap inter-island tariffs were also approved in this session. The DMZBBP is reportedly seeking a more centralized territorial government, retention of and increases to sedition and censorship laws, and an expanded military, claiming that the government will appear
"weak and ineffective if all it does is support provincial welfare". The intransigence DMZBBP leads some to wonder if new partners in government will be found in their stead.

The Amsterdam Advocate , July 29th
War torn Arabia at Peace!
The Treaty of Ankara was signed on July 27th, ending the war in Arabia.
The treaty called for the removal of western Arabia from the Kingdom of Saud, with the restoration of Hedjaz. The Kingdom of Saud is bound to recognize the boundaries of Asir and Hedjaz, while Imperial India from what remains of the Kingdom. The Foreign Ministry issued a statement "The Netherlands has not formally recognized Hedjaz yet, but we expect that formality will come in short order once we review the content of the treaty and ascertain Hedjaz is properly constituted as an independent nation and not as a territory or protectorate."

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Kaiser Kirk

Lightbringer and former European Imperialist

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Friday, February 16th 2007, 8:30am


The Brussels Sprout August 2nd
Fractures in the body politic are becoming more evident as days go on. The Flemish north is demanding that the 30% and greater protective tarrifs that are throttling the import business and merchant marine be dropped. Unemployment is not as bad as projected, in large part due to the road & rail projects being developed to link Benelux nations, at the urging and financing of the Netherlands. However the loss of stability and the attendant uncertain future has led to significant unrest.

The majority of industries being helped by the tarrifs are in the south, and many well connected companies have also been beneficiaries of government support. However, despite the greater economic prosperity, the Walloon south is protesting against the ballot stuffing, bribing, nepotism and other evidence of corruption that has come to light in the past year.

Many are calling on the King to disband the Parliament again and call for new elections, but most see the election system as hopelessly corrupt. This led to the King to call for changes to the constitution, an idea which appears to be popular and has resulted in hundreds of thousands of signatures on petition drives. The current Government is threatening not to recognize the signatures or any changes originating outside the Parliament. The mayor of Liege grabbed headlines in the preceding week by proposing that his city recognize the King, under his title of Prince of Liege, as sovereign of the city, and not the Belgian government.

The Amsterdam Advocate, August 5th
Overnight cables relayed the news that War Minister Snellensoon has died on Safari. The War Minister was big game hunting when he requested his driver to stop the armored car. Minister Snellensoon secured his machine gun and disembarked to examine a bush. Unfortunately a rhino was sheltering from the days heat on the far side of the bush and was awakened by the Minister. The Minister bravely attempted a impromptu retrograde motion while sounding the alert. Unfortunately the maneuver failed when the Ministers feet became tangled and he was cowardly gored, knocking him face down on the ground in front of the Rhino which then trampled him. The Ministers Aide, equipped with a demonstration model Garand, fired several shots at the Rhino, aggravating it terribly and causing to spin in place seeking the gadfly prior to the rifle jamming. The driver then sped off in a panic and the Rhino was gone by time they returned to the scene. Minister Snellensoon passed away shortly after they were able reach him.

The DMZBBP is expected to appoint Minister Snellensoon's replacement shortly.

The Amsterdam Advocate, August 7th
The DMZBBP has nominated the Minster of the Army, Jan Krook, to take Minister Snellensoon's place.

The offices of the Crown Prince, August 8th
Prince William motions Gerrit Schuyt to enter. Gerrit, you said you needed to ask me something ?

Yes your highness, forgive me, but..was Snellensoon's death necessary?

Gerrit, if you are suggesting I managed to arrange that, I am a bit perplexed....and little flattered.

Well Sir, you once mentioned a need for Elephants. I went to Siam for vacation, I do not know why I did not think of it before, but ...

Gerrit, have you ever heard of anyone training a rhinoceros, then send it to stealthily ambush a man riding around in an armored car? Think about it man.
Granted, if I could get my hands on some mutant form of rhino that was trainable, teach it the legendary skills of the Japanese Ninja, how would I convince the man to stop by that particular bush and get out? There are a great many easier ways of killing a man than shipping him halfway around the world to be ambushed by a rhino. Never fear Gerrit, I know if I ever, for Crown or Country, need someone removed, to call you.

I am terribly sorry your Highness, the notion is indeed laughable. I trust you shall forgive me?

Of course Gerrit, now do you have any real business to discuss?

Yes your Highness, you see...

The Batavia Bugle, August 15th
With the conflict in Sulawesi long over, and the quarantines complete, the long delayed Tri-annual wargames are expected to commence in the next several days. Reports are that the Indic fleet will rebase to Balikpapan for the games. From there the traditional week of fleet problems will be followed by a mock attack on a base constructed for the purpose in New Guiana. Reports of Territorial battalions being alerted indicate that troop transport elements may be included in the war games, and warnings have been up for the past month that ferry service will be limited for the next three weeks.

The Amsterdam Advocate August 18th
The German election results are in and the DNVP, DZP, KP and EP all gained from their prior standings. At this time the DNVP is now the largest contingent in the German version of the Staten-Generaal.

The Vlissengen Verisimilitude , August 19th
Fokker rolled out the two companion prototypes to the G.1 for their first flight tests.

The G.1b is equipped with two Avia Pegasus engines, and has a two person nacelle, larger wings, and lengthened booms. The plane is expected to serve as an attack fighter, carrying up to a 500kg internal bomb load at over 270kph to attack targets up to two hours from it's base. With a top speed in excess of 470kph, and capable of climbing 10 kilometers into the sky, there is no bomber she cannot intercept and destroy.

The third prototype, the G.1c, has much the same appearance as G1.b but is designed as more of a pure fighter. The nacelles hide a pair of Junker's Jumo engines, and the conical rear gun turret is deleted as the nacelle is trimmed to suit a single seat fighter. A smaller internal bomb bay allows the pilot to toggle the doors to the 200kg internal bomb bay.

The G.1 rollouts were in contrast to the Fokker C.XII attack bomber prototype which failed its trials today. The military is unhappy with the planes large size of 4,000 kilos, and the navy believes the landing speed to high for safe carrier usage, demanding less than 70 knots and preferably closer to 60 knots. The rates of turn and climb are also stated to be inadequate for the Navy's desire to use the plane as a bomber destroyer.

Fokker has retorted that this is the natural result of the design specifications calling for a heavy attack plane and turretted fighter. The C.XII was built to a specification requiring heavy gun armament for strafing, with four MGs firing forward and two MGs in a dorsal turret. The pilot and gunner were to be protected from ground fire by armor plate fore and aft of the cockpit area. Fokker reports that these elements alone add 530 kilos to the plane. When added to the 700 kilo bomb load and 800km range desired, a large plane is unavoidable and underpowered by the Hispano-Suiza engine specified.

The Amsterdam Advocate, August 21st
Reports are that President Eckener has requested Dr. Karl Jarres of the DNVP being asked to form a government.

The Batavia Bugle, August 23rd
The magazine Hindia Putra or "Son of India", reports that Perserikatan Nasional Indonesia is now claiming dubious credit for the series of attacks, arson and vandalism on government buildings and businesses affiliated with the government. The most recent attack was on a new school opened in Serang, which followed the murder of a loan officer for the Bank of the Kongo. The PNI claims that passively accepting these facilities is an act of collaboration, and will foster support for Dutch rule and undermine the populance's willingness to free themselves from the Dutch yoke. Several arrests have been made of late and rumors have it that the Perintah Alus (secret police) are closing in on the responsible parties.

The Batavia Bugle , August 30th
Governor-General A.C.D. de Graeff has announced a contract with Skoda-Davao to provide agricultural and crawler tractors over the next several years. The contract has a penalty clause in case of default by NEI, should future budgets fail to incorporate the funds.

The Amsterdam Advocate August 31st
The annual Koninginnedag celebrations kicked off today with a quick parade followed by revelry. The Queen sponsored an open family picnic in Vondelpark, and the Queen and the Crown Princes family spent her birthday among the crowds there. King Albert of Belgium was present, although his dear wife the Duchess Elisabeth was unable to attend due to her long illness. Princess Juliana and Belgiums Crown Prince Karel were also in attendance. The Queens cousin, Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg is also expected to be present. The Grand Duchess and her family have been enjoying the Scheveningen beaches for the past week. As dusk came, the Queen departed by carriage for the Koninklijk Paleis te Amsterdam for a private birthday dinner. It is understood the Prince Consort has returned from Africa to be in attendance this evening. The Queen's cousin, Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg is also expected to be present. The Grand Duchess and her family have been enjoying the Scheveningen beaches for the past week.

Tomorrow the Queen is scheduled to return to the Hague, where she is to host a large party for the Staten Generaal in Lange Voorhourt Palace.

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Friday, February 16th 2007, 10:01am


Overnight cables relayed the news that War Minister Snellensoon has died on Safari. etc

Hhmmm. I'm currently reading "Green Hills of Africa" by E. Hemingway that is an account of his safari/hunting trip in Kenya. Excellent book btw. There would be native trackers in the party and if he had any prior experience it would be possible to tell. Using a Garand to shoot it seems a bit unsporting. The armoured car is definitely an interesting aside. And always carry a gun.


With a top speed in excess of 470kph, and capable of climbing 10 kilometers into the sky, there is no bomber she cannot intercept and destroy.


Kaiser Kirk

Lightbringer and former European Imperialist

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Friday, February 16th 2007, 10:19am

Actually, Snellensoon had been using the pintle mounted machine gun on the AC. Not the classic sportsman. The aide only had the Garand.

While native guides were nearby, Snellensoon had the AC pull over so he could examine the bush and so was seperated.

As for the G.1, it's just the press release. There could even be faster/higher bombers right now, and there will certainly be in the future.


Friday, February 16th 2007, 11:06am


Reports are that Chancellor Cuno has requested Dr. Karl Jarres of the DNVP being asked to form a government.

Should be President Eckener has requested Dr. Jarres.


Friday, February 16th 2007, 2:47pm

I'm pleased that training a squad of men to wear a rhinocerous suit has finally paid off.

Good post. Where'd you dig up the name "Hindia Putra"?

Kaiser Kirk

Lightbringer and former European Imperialist

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Friday, February 16th 2007, 4:50pm

Hrolf: I'll correct that.

Rocky: From a web site on indonesian Nationalists. it's the real name of a one time magazine.

Kaiser Kirk

Lightbringer and former European Imperialist

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Sunday, February 18th 2007, 5:56am


The Hague Herald September 7th,
The Tweede Kamer voted today to adopt the education recommendations of the TIDE commission and voted funds for expansion of scholastic facilities. Paired legislation provided for the enactment of much of the economic incentives, some altered to favor particular concerns both in the East Indies and some in the Netherlands. The timeline for most projects have been extended from those suggested in the appendixes to the TIDE report, in order to spread the fiscal burden.

Suggested use of military personel and schooling to provide impetus to civil projects has also been approved along with the founding of a school of mechanized agriculture.

Additional provisions have been added to secure passage and require the founding of additional military schools in the East Indies and an expansion of the Provincial forces by two regiments and three independent battalions per year for the next five years. Additional air support will also be added.

Lastly, once the Grebbeline reconstruction is complete, one division shall be transferred to the NEI instead of the scheduled demobilization.

These measures will consume most, if not all of the tax surplus the nation has run in the past several years. Tax cuts have been rejected, but provisions woven in for further economic support, and targeted scholastic help, where job losses are officially tied to foreign competition.

Presuming that the usual cloakroom dealings established the basics some time ago, the results of the legislation should be apparent in the next budget, which is due in just a little over a week.

The Amsterdam Advocate September 15th
Navy Flight Lieutenant Jacob Huyrluyt and Fokker test pilot Ms. Rianne Rijker returned today from the Talons over Cordoba aerial exposition. Their presence marked the first time the Netherlands and Fokker participated in the contest. Both pilots performed well, but were plagued by finicky engines. Lt. Huyrluyt hung in during the duels, but Ms. Rijkers lack of a combat background was plain to see.

Lt. Huyrluyt is the grandson of the current Ambassador to China and an accomplished pilot. Lt. Huyrluyt is considered the best pilot on CV Hund and had this to say about his experience
"There were some extraordinarily good pilots there, it really gives me something to aspire to. We rarely mix it up in one on one dogfights but concentrate more on group and formation flying aimed at bomber interception. "

Ms. Rijker was Fokker's second D.XIX pilot, but primary D.XIX pilot Carel van der Putte had recently suffered injuries when he rammed a car with his motorcycle.

Ms. Rijker is certainly the object of more public interest. This svelte blond twenty-two year old is the daughter of a Fokker engineer. Ms. Rijker first soloed at 15, becoming the 10th licensed female pilot in the Netherlands. By time she was eighteen she had been getting as much air time as she could beg, borrow or wheedle around the factory and managed to be hired as a general aviation pilot. From there her native talents combined with her zest to master her craft led her to join the ranks of the test pilots.

Ms Rijker was quoted saying
"It was marvelous, I mean Manzo was there, and Bergamini and the rest. I was SO nervous, and it's not as easy to unwind down there. So when it came to the duels I had butterflies like mad. I've of course done all the maneuvers in testing, but trying to put them together against pilots like that, I just hope I get picked to go again next year."

Anthoney Fokker was asked to comment and had this to say "I think our planes acquitted themselves very well, and it was a priceless opportunity to contrast them with others. The issues with the Hispano engines appear to have been worse than usual, but overall I would say we are very pleased."

When asked if Fokker intends to return next year
"Certainly we will. I expect both planes will return, though the D.XIX should be the production version next time. The only other fighter currently in development is the variant of the G.1, and while that plane is progressing well, I can not say if it will be Talons ready."

The Amsterdam Advocate, September 17th
The German government has been presented and consists of a coalition of the DNVP, DDP, DVP, and EP. Dr. Jarres will assume the Chancellorship while Chancellor Cuno becomes Treasury Minister.

The Hague Herald, Sept 19th
The Queen gave her annual Prinsjesdag speech to the Staten-Generaal today. The speech touched briefly on the prosperous state currently enjoyed, but dwelled on the need for societies to recognize that unfortunate conditions are rarely chosen by those who enjoy them.

The speech then digressed with an apparent Chinese parable regarding a village, each of whom carried a single shoot of bamboo a little ways down the road, and a few who put to use these many, many pieces of bamboo to float a sunken statue of great sentimental value to the owner.

The speech continued with a short tale of helping a neighbor shore up his dike, in the hopes that when you are in need the favor will be returned and in the meantime no ones fields will flood.

The speech then concluded with the more traditional flowery statements and selection of individuals to praise.

In this reporter's opinion, a preachy speech which was to confusing to inspire. While more interesting than the fluff one usually is subjected to, not as thought provoking or inspiring as is usual when the Queen attempts to cajole the Staten-Generaal in some policy direction. The latter is likely the case, in which case the Belgian troubles are undoubtedly the target.

The Hague Herald , Sept 20th
Prince Karel and Princess Juliana departed today for a cruise. They intend to visit Cape Town, the Netherlands East Indies, and then take commercial liners to Hawaii and the American west coast.

The Batavia Bugle , September 23rd
Following the death of a second branch manager in as many weeks, the Bank of Kongo is temporarily suspending operations in Java. The Bank indicates that operations outside of Java will continue normally, but that PNI's current "anti-collaborationist" crusade has cost the bank's Batavia seven people since July, and the current staff is reluctant to come to work under such conditions.

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