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Tuesday, June 20th 2006, 10:43am

Yugoslavia Q2.1931

"So whats new?"
"Nothing much.I heard that we were trying to buy a old dreadnought from India"
"I didnt know india had old dreadnoughts"
"Well actualy it was a former african dreadnought"
"Ow and what happend?"
"We got out bid"
"Figures.How was the competitors?"
"Why do we nead a dreadnought for anyway last one we had the italians blown up"
"Dont start with that"The old men give his friend a mencing glare"Anyway dreadnought are usefull.The are for blowing up enemy out of the water."
"I know what are there porpose but I asking what we nead it for.It not like we have any enemy that dose not out number us 5 to 1"
"10 to 1 actualy"
"So why bother?"
"Big bad ships look good in harbours, besides we are the only ones in the aliance the dont have a battleship.
It just looks bad you know."
We are also the only ones that have too use a flouthing dry dock to service our ship.The only ones that have to send our flagship to a forain shipyard for an overhoul, and the only ones that did not build any warships period."
"Well there always are the Montenegro privates"
"Egsacly Montenegro privates not ours"
"Come one, we are the same country now"
"Ok ok.How that bisnes with buing aditional destroyers going"
"... Ok what do you think about that stuff that happend in poland?There have a dictator that have just arested half of the legal goverment"
"Dictator pff polish can do what ever the hell they want, Its not like they meddle with other people bisnes."
two hours have pased with our oldtimers not saing a word
"You know Our allies are competing with world power to build a ship for the argentinians or was that albanians"
"Wow! You are clueless! You dont know with continent they are one do you"
"What I know with continent they are on"
"Ok with?"
"Abanians are in europe"
"And the argentinians?"
"With one?"
"There are more that one?!?"
"You are geting old man dementia.You old goat"
"Im a year younger that You"
"Ok I take that back you were always stupid"
"Remind me why I eaven talk to You"
"Becose You dont have any one else to talk to"


Tuesday, June 20th 2006, 11:05am

Hehe, Statler and Waldorf, at it again!


Tuesday, June 20th 2006, 1:03pm

It just keeps getting better!!

Nice one, Marek!


Monday, June 26th 2006, 11:21am

Old guys are reading a paper about the up comming 13000t 6x280mm 28kt cruiser for the Yugoslavian navy
"Nice ship"
"Pff...Nice ship. Italians have bigger"
"Its a cruiser not a battleship"
"Ok let me corect myself...Pff italians have bigger cruisers"
"But its has bigger guns"
"Italian ones have more guns are faster and what was that last part oh yes they are BIGGER"
"Theres no pleasing some people"
"Damn rigth we nead submarines"
"Like You know what you are talking about"
"I know more that You think"
"This ship isnt that bad, besides our boys in the navy will be happy. Bigger the ship more comfy the ride."
Now the old guy was looking at his friend with wide eyes.
"You are not serious!?! Comfy ride they are in the navy and navy isnt sopose to be luxurious."
"Well this ship will look nice in the harbour anyway"
"Ok I give you that"