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Tuesday, March 21st 2006, 2:29am

Philippines Q3/30

Marina de Filipinas
1930 Third Quarter Report
1 July-30 September

A. Factories

6/10 factories = 6,000t of material + 1150t stockpiled = 7,150t available
3807t are used, and 2844t transferred, leaving a stockpile of 499t.

5/10 factories (committed) = 0.5 infrastructure pts +
0/10 factories (flexible) = 0.0 pts = 0.5 pts available

B. Infrastructure Development

Construction of Type 1 port at Itu Aba cancelled
0.6 points invested, construction being dismantled for use elsewhere
Equivilant equipment, machinery and misc. items recovery of 0.3 points, added to
Construction of Type 1 port at Macquarie Island
(joint Filipino/Australian Antarctic Exploration Base)
0.3 additional points invested, 2.4 points needed
(Filipinos to contribute 1.5 total points - 0.9 of those remain)

C. Naval Development and Construction

at Manila:
S4: BRZ BC Rio de Janeiro receives 3000t, balance 14609t, completes 20 Sept 32
S3: idle
S1: idle
D2: AD Chorlito converting; receives 1000t, balance 575t, completes 23 Oct
D1: idle

at San Fernando:
S2: idle
D1: SS Tiburón refits to training submarine = 173 tons
D0: idle

at Butuan:
S2: idle
S1: idle
S0: idle
S0: idle
S0: idle
S0: idle
D4: idle
Dockside: BC Bohol receives 1000t, balance 4554t
Dockside: CE Jomalig launched 25 Aug; receives 1000t, balance 3976t, completes 29 Jun 31

at Puerto Princesa:
S1: idle

Commercial shipyards:
24 x V-1-class coastal motor boats constructed - 240 tons

Government Furnished Equipment for four Orca-class Whale Factory Ships:
394t this quarter - balance 1912t

D. Transactions

0.2 IP transferred to COSINE

3000t received from Brazil

BC Rio de Janeiro building for Brazil; 23,609t charge+5% slip fee = 24,790t = 15,790t remain

1344t to India for conversion of Maguindanao to repair ship; commissioned

AV Lagonoy laid down in India; 1500t transferred, 4363t remaining

E. Other Notes

Ships laid down this quarter: twenty-four coastal motor boats (plus one seaplane tender in India)

DD Carricero, AH Santa Maria, CMB V-73 to V-96 complete shakedown cruises

DD Paiño, SS Rémora, Manta, Anguila, Ballena continue shakedown cruises

AR Maguindanao, CMB V-97 to V-120 begin shakedown cruises

F. Scrappage Report


G. Updated Order of Battle, 30 September 1930

Note: X(Y)+Z = completed (under repair/refit) + under construction

Second class battleships 1(0)+0
Coast defense battleships 2(0)+0
Battlecruisers 1(0)+1
Aircraft carriers (light) 1(0)+0
Second class cruisers 5(0)+0
Escort cruisers 1(0)+1
Minelaying cruisers 1(0)+0
Destroyers 13(0)+0
Destroyer escorts 7(0)+0
Subchasers 10(0)+0
Submarines 5(0)+0
Fast torpedo craft 23(0)+0
Gunboats 11(0)+0
Patrol boats 2(0)+0
Fisheries patrol boats 9(0)+0
Coastal motor boats 120(0)+0
Minelayers 3(0)+0
Minesweepers (coastal) 15(0)+0
Assault transports 3(0)+0
Seaplane Tenders 0(0)+1
Polar exploration ships 1(0)+0
Destroyer Tenders 1(1)+0
Torpedo-boat tenders 2(0)+0
Oilers 1(0)+0
Repair ships 1(0)+0
Water tankers 1(0)+0
Harbour Tugs 8(0)+0
Training ships 1(0)+0
Target ships 1(0)+0
Hospital ships 1(0)+0



Tuesday, March 21st 2006, 10:44am


Construction of Type 1 port at Itu Aba cancelled
0.6 points invested, construction being dismantled for use elsewhere
Equivilant equipment, machinery and misc. items recovery of 0.3 points,

Able to get half the cost invested in a project to spend on other things? I think its fair enough.


Tuesday, March 21st 2006, 11:57am



Tuesday, March 21st 2006, 4:52pm

My rationale was that a lot of the stuff produced for the cancelled Spratlys port was "built but not delivered" and had been stuck in a warehouse...thus able to be used for the new project.