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Thursday, May 12th 2005, 10:30am

Atlantis Q2 1927 news

Long post made even longer by Greek and Philippino antics...AAAAA!

April 18th

Ambassador Richard Cerasus of Atlantis drove the first rivets into the frames of the two Atlantian airships under construction by Goodyear Zeppelin in Akron Ohio. The actual construction of components began at the end of January in workshops here in Akron. The ceremony today was held at the partially completed Airdock, a massive hanger being built at the Akron Airport.

April 19th

Atlantian Foreign Minister, Maren Xanthus made a breif stop today in Marseilles on his way to Istambul for his planned meeting with the Turkish foriegn minister, Oghuz Osman Suleiman. He breifly met with his French counterpart before departing aboard the Battleship Poseidon bound for Istambul, Turkey.

April 28th

Four Indian warships have arrived in Istanbul. Led by the battleship Akbar, the squadron had proceeded up the Red Sea and through the Suez Canal, stopping at both As Salif and Alexandria during the course of their voyage.

In the run up to the meeting between Atlantian Foreign Minister, Maren Xanthus and the Turkish foriegn minister, Oghuz Osman Suleiman, an invitaion to India's Foreign Affairs Minister Jal Kadharni was submitted. The three men are expected to discuss a wide range of issues over the next couple of days.

"This will be my second meeting with an Indian representative this year and my forth meeting with Mr. Suleiman." noted the Atlantian minister. " I'm looking forward to the discussions, both political and casual."

The Battleship Poseidon along with her escorts provided the transportation for Mr. Xanthus which has now led to the biggest presession of ships in Istambuls harbour since the end of the great war.

May 1st

The Atlantian Foreign Minister Maren Xanthus, busy as ever was present for the talks after the Turkish foriegn minister Oghuz Osman Suleiman organized a meeting between the two party's along with India's Foreign Affairs Minister Jal Kadharni .

The Turkish minister expressed concern for the Greeks preposed date for its Anatolia plebisite slated for Oct. 8th, perously close to the Turkish national holiday, Republic Day, on the 29th October. "I fear this date may give nationalist elements in our country cause to stir up trouble, and while I understand relation between our two country's are not at their best the Greeks must surely know they may be stiring up unnessassary trouble"

Also on the agenda was discussions about total Atlantian withdrawel from Turkey and a possible plebisite for the Atlantian Byzantine mandate to determine its future.

"We discussed the possibility of the Turks giving up Istambul as part of the Byzantine mandate with certain consessions as a reciprical gesture, consessions which may include economic aid, foriegn investment in fledgling Turkish companys and the cancelation of Atlantian naval base lease agreements."

May 2nd

The Indian Navy's visit to Turkey has concluded and along with it the opertunity for Atlantis, Turkey and India to discuss several key issues.
The Atlantian Foreign Minister Maren Xanthus stated, "The Atlantian territory's of Autochthon, Western Sahara and Mauritainia have sizeable Muslim populations, most notable in Autochthon.

With the Byzantine mandate under our protection we have addititional responcibility's." Mr. Xanthus continued, "because of this we feel we have some commonality between Turkey, India and Atlantis, and we can't pass up the opertunity to expand on our cultural ties.

Foreign Affairs Minister Jal Kadharni stated "Our ambassador to Turkey ended up in two days of discussions with his Atlantean colleague and my counterpart from Turkey."

Minister Kadharni noted, "We have a distinct tie with Turkey - that being Islam - that we really haven't explored to any degree. We have common concerns about the future of what one might call the "Muslim World", which of course includes both of our nations. That being the case, we're going to create a forum for discussing and resolving issues unique to our part of the world."

Tentatively named, "The Silver Crescent", the forum is expected to open with a meeting in Turkey some time in late 1927. "All nations with Muslim populations will be invited to attend, whether those populations are citizens of the homeland or a colony. We expect a formal invitation will be dispatched in July."

May 8th

There are preliminary reports that the MdF cruiser Palawan has exploded in Saigon harbour. Further reports as they become available...

May 10th

Atlantian Information Minister, Hector Dominia commented on the recent misshap in Saigon today. "we are stunned at the shocking explosion of Palawan after an aparent Magazine explosion, and we send our condolences to the victims family's."

When asked if the tragedy would effect Atlantis in anyway he stated, "a quick review on our own ships will be undertaken, but at this point its unlikely that any deficiency's will be found in our own magazine handling practices.

We have had our own share of unfortunate magazine explosions in the past, the old Predreadnought Klydon and the protected cruiser Ares both were unfortunate victims prior and durring the great war. Also our upcoming excersises with the United sates will still take place."

May 12th

Atlantian/American fleet excersizes in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Musaeus(Venezuela) have begun.
Info on the excersises will be released at a later date.

May 17th

Atlantian/American fleet excersizes in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Musaeus(Venezuela) have ended. The two fleets are expected to depart for their respective home ports in the next few days after public tours of pre-selected warships take place.

May 18th

The Atlantian fleet that recently took part in joint excersises with the United States will remain in Venezuela as a precaution in the event that tentions following the incident in Saigon might boil over.

We are quite sure that the French will proceed in a calm and collected manor in its investigation efforts but at this time we cannot count on a measured responce from the Philippines as some of the rhetoric following the disaster has been dirrected at Atlantis", said Atlantian Information Minister, Hector Dominia.

"As a larger world power you have to take these statements with a grain of salt, but also take precautions.We think that calmer heads will prevail in the wake of the Paliwan explosion".

The Atlantian Naval minister was less optimistic, "We currently have zero ships stationed even remotely close to the Western Pacific, and haven't made any concrete plans to send any there, but that hasn't stoped the Philippines from throwing around accusations" noted Dominic Kritiaus.

June 2

Atlantian Transportation Minister Patmos Toranius has sent a proposal to Chilean Ambassidor Fox suggesting openning up a joint run air tranportation corperation. The transportation ministry is attempting to set up a network of airports to support its planned Zeppilin passenger service.

Atlantis is currently building two zeppilins for the navy while two more are being built in the United states. Once completed, the newly built Acrisius/Goodyear-Zeppilin shops will begin the construction of passenger zeppelins.

June 18

The Filipino Government has submitted a 'request for clarification' to the Cleito Treaty Powers, regarding the recent sale of seaplane carriers by Atlantis to Chile.

"It was clarified, just two years ago, that the provisions of Part H of the treaty pertain to all vessels of war, not just capital ships," said a spokesman for El Presidente. "A seaplane carrier clearly fits the definition of a vessel of war. So we are curious as to what sort of loophole Atlantis found to justify this sale..."

June 27

The Atlantian fleet in Venezuela has been given an extended stay in port due to an incedent between Chilean and Puruvian warships in addition to the Saigon incidednt fallout.The Protected Cruiser Maunga Terevaka was challenged by the Peruvian Cruiser Coronel Bolognesi.

The challenge was accepted and the Peruvian vessel backed down and no shots were fired. Chilean forces claimed the Peruvian captain issued the challenge in an effort to prevoke the Chileans into firing first, while the Puruvians stake a similar claim.


Thursday, May 12th 2005, 2:11pm

Good stuff...but what would an Atlantean squadron in Venezuela accomplish if El Presidente had a go at France? Or are we just talking about a forward deployment closer to the Panama Canal?


Thursday, May 12th 2005, 7:46pm

It is indeed a temperary forward deployment, gunboat diplomacy with a smile! There are French holdings in the Eastern Pacific and relations with Chile are likely well enough off to permit a breif stop there on the way to any conflict, which we all hope never happens (not likely).


Thursday, May 12th 2005, 8:11pm


It is indeed a temperary forward deployment, gunboat diplomacy with a smile!

Depends on what you have used during the exercise, and I doubt the biggest Atlantean ship was a gunboat.


Thursday, May 12th 2005, 11:02pm

gunship diplomacy maybe?


Thursday, May 12th 2005, 11:42pm

I think that would be a better word. That or BBBD (Big Bad Battleship Diplomacy).


Friday, May 13th 2005, 1:44am

TRD (Teddy Roosevelt Diplomacy), or "Speak softly and carry a big stick" Well a battleship's cannon barrel is a really big stick.


Friday, May 13th 2005, 2:16am

I can see we aren't quite in the era of "lets bomb people into thinking like us". Not yet anyway.


Friday, May 13th 2005, 2:37am

We don't quite have the technology for that yet in 1927. That sort of thinking won't happen until the effects of "carpet bombing" are realized, and of course the bombs and bombers to handle them are invisioned. Even then...the "bomb them into thinking like us" mentality doesn't happen until one has a vastly superior force, no one to stand up against in a one on one fight, yet still has peoples or nations, who would either abuse, defy, or even attack, said power.

Of course there are many similiar mentalities that don't require bombs. Many have been used...even by nations that are considered to have been correct in their thinking, or the result was considered good.


Friday, May 13th 2005, 2:52am

We are in the 'the bomber will always get through' era that wont end until there is a technology fix - radar coupled with a control system. It's interesting that the German application of radar was to say 'this is great, we can now reduce the number of observers we need as this thing can see for miles around'. The British one was to coordinate a defense - an information system, In typical airforce fashion it was to defend airfields first - population centres second. ; )



Friday, May 13th 2005, 4:46pm


The British one was to coordinate a defense - an information system, In typical airforce fashion it was to defend airfields first - population centres second. ; )

And to have thousands of people with binoculars to corroborate the radar reports with.