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Saturday, May 7th 2005, 9:33pm

South American Naval News: June 1927

April 6, 1927

Oyama Works has begun construction of the second Atlantean designed "light" cruiser in the Talcahuano Yard near the Armored Cruiser Capitan Tylor. This second cruiser of the Atacama-class will be named Picunches after a tribe native to Chile. Mr. Oyama says that building this vessel will vastly improve his workers and engineers skill at shipbuilding so that they might produce the next generation of Armored Cruisers to rival the new Capitan Tylor and the Spanish El Cid, and perhaps even the modern heavy cruiser.

April 11, 1927

The old destroyers Capitan Merino Jarpa and Capitan O'Brien were decommissioned today after nearly 30 years of service to the nation. Both will be scrapped at different yards starting next week. In a related announcement, the Navy has also decommisioned the Capitan Thompson from active duty and placed it as a training vessel stationed out of Valparaiso. It is expected that this destroyer will last for an additional year or two before being removed from the navy list and disposed of in some manner.

April 27, 1927

An Atlantean convoy delivered their second floatplane carrier to Concepcion today. The vessel shall be renamed Lautaro. The ship's new crew and flyers will spend the next month figuring out the ship's systems and quirks. Plans to use the carrier in June with its sister ship have given the Navy a goal to get this ship funtional as fast as they can.

May 6, 1927

The Pacific Patrol has gone as far west as Port Moresby again. The Armored Cruiser O'Higgins, the Battleship Constitution, and destroyers Capitan Herlock and Capitan Simpson along with the new collier Araucano have been rotating out of Adamstown and searching the Central Pacific, to see if they can catch the "Deathshadow". Sources say that there has been an unusual increase in the number of Danish vessels seen in the Santa Cruz Islands area, but nothing concrete has been confirmed.

May 12, 1927

The freighter Queen Emeraldas returned today to Talcahuano, which is not its usual port of call. It seems that the ship has been contracted out to deliver parts and materials to and from Atlantis for Oyama Works. We are sure it must be a good deal for the ships owner.

May 19, 1927

It seems people cannot get enough of "Revenge of the South". It is unknown why people still want to see this movie one year after is was released. One of its stars, Luke "Arc in the Sky" Walker from Oklahoma says that he thinks the ideas of the movie pass to us from our shared mythology and that the story means many things to many people. Some think the large number of explosions and booming musical score is all that it takes to draw crowds in 1927.

June 2, 1927

Ambassidor Fox has been send a proposal from Atlantis suggesting openning up a joint run air tranportation corperation. Mr. Fox as yet has no details for the press, nor is he entirely sure what the Atlanteans are talking about, but said the governement will keep its options open for the time being.

June 17, 1927

Training destroyer Capitan Thompson lead the new subchasers flotilla out of Valparaiso today with the new floatplane carriers Michimalonco and Lautaro to begin training of search tactics and how to coordinate air and sea forces. This excercise will show the admirality some of the basics for this sort of work, and be a prototype for a larger training program that might evolve into a war games sometime either later this year or next year.

June 19, 1927

Planes from the Machimalonco and Lautaro criss-crossed the seas today hunting for the destroyer Capitan Thompson in the open ocean after allowing the destroyer more than 24 hours to "get lost". After seven hours of hunting the floatplanes found the destroyers and spent the next several hours tracking it until the subchaser force could move to intercept the destroyer as the old ship tried to evade the flyers. This excercise will be repeated over the next month as the winter weather makes searches more difficult, and therefore more informative on what tricks can be used to evade aircraft and surface vessels, and how to counter said tactics.

June 27, 1927

Protected Cruiser Maunga Terevaka was challenged today by the Peruvian Cruiser Coronel Bolognesi. The challenge was accepted yet the Peruvian vessel backed down after the Maunga Terevaka turned her guns towards the older light cruiser. No shots were fired, but it seems odd that a Peruvian captain would issue a challenge then back off. It seemed almost like they were trying to get the Chilean vessel to fire the first shot. This will be listed as an odd incident, but reporters will be looking at Peru and by default Bolivia in the near future to see if anything is going on up there.


Saturday, May 7th 2005, 9:38pm


Luke "Arc in the Sky" Walker

Does it also feature that well known British actor Mr. O.B. Wankennobie?


Saturday, May 7th 2005, 9:49pm

No, you are thinking of that other movie that came out before the Great War, "State Wars". This one stars that Irish Actor Benjamin K. O'Nobie

(Good choice on names though)


Saturday, May 7th 2005, 11:39pm

Nice to see the Chileans putting Michimalonco and Lautaro to good use. Chile is showing its potential to be a real leader in the region with its hard work and persistance in reguards to its training efforts.


Sunday, May 8th 2005, 11:10am


No, you are thinking of that other movie that came out before the Great War, "State Wars". This one stars that Irish Actor Benjamin K. O'Nobie

(Good choice on names though)

To be honest if I added that B, you would get "B.O.B." at the beginning and I thought that sounded a bit silly.


Chile is showing its potential to be a real leader in the region

Yes, we deifinitely need to keep our eyes on that little navy.