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Monday, April 13th 2015, 4:35pm

Beijing Newspaper, 1944 and onward...

will be filled only with summary according to the commonly agreed and valid timeline…4318#post134318


Monday, April 13th 2015, 5:31pm


January 1944
* Submarine campaign in the North China Sea begins to heat up; many Chinese vessels lost while Chosen submarine losses mount
* Chinese winter offensive stalls due to increased air attacks and bad weather
* Jong Un replaces senior field commanders; promotes 'realistic' officers due to lack of options
* League of Nations offers mediation - initially rejected
* Japanese strategic bombing campaign intensifies with significant losses

Reaction and impact on the chinese empire
- Loss of many merchant ships cause temporarily a reduced industrial output
- Chinese winter offensive runs tightly after initial successes. Chinese forces dig in and form a strong defensive line on korean soil.
- japanese strategic bombing campaign causes forming of night fighter units and enhancements of chinese early warning systems


Monday, April 13th 2015, 5:34pm


February 1944
* Chinese attack on Jeju-do - Airborne force gains initial lodgment, reinforcing amphibious forces are beaten off by counterattack by Chosen fleet units with IJN support
* Japan issues ultimatum to China; China refuses; Japan "officially" intervenes, sending lead elements of 150,000 expeditionary force
* Jong Un orders renewed offensive by Chosen and Japanese forces. Newly appointed field commanders baulk; coup d'etat in Pyongyang, Jong Un overthrown.

Reaction and impact on the chinese empire
- successful air landing on Jeju-do shows skills of chinese airborne troops and leads to the formation of other units and expansion of the transport capacity
- Because of the pulling back of the reinforcing units, the Chinese airborne troops must be evacuated. Large losses in men and material.


Monday, April 13th 2015, 5:36pm


March 1944
* Chinese spring offensive launched; met by determined resistance by reinvigorated Chosen Army and Japanese Expeditionary Force.
* Japanese bombing campaign expanding to targets in North China.
* League of Nations renews offer for mediation
* Chosen accepts LoN offer

Reaction and impact on the chinese empire
- Unexpectedly huge resistance in chinese spring offensive and first skirmishes between chinese and japanese ground troops
- Expansion of the japanese bombing campaign and the caused damages, force the chinese leadership to initiate first defensive steps (strengthening and formation of anti-aircraft units, formation of further fighter divisions etc.)


Tuesday, April 14th 2015, 12:16pm


April 1944
* Japanese bombing campaign causes significant damage in cities of North China
* Japanese extend bombing campaign to targets in Formosa
* Failure of Chinese spring offensive convinces China to accept LoN offer of mediation

May 1944
* Armistice talks begin - fighting continues

Reaction and impact on the chinese empire
- Damage to infrastructure and industry force the chinese leadership to move part of the industry out of reach of the enemy aircraft or building them partially underground. This provides a temporary shortage of industrial output.
- bombing targets on Formosa by japanese aircraft shows the chinese leadership how important is the expansion of the chinese early warning system
- Chinese troops are still on korean soil and fight a bravura battle against the combined forces of Chosen and Japan
- Starting talks with the LoN about having a ceasefire


Tuesday, April 14th 2015, 12:21pm


June 1944
* Armistice reached. Chinese forces withdraw to prewar borders pending negotiation of settlement.
* Japan maintains JEF on Chosen territory pending negotiation of settlement

Reaction and impact on the chinese empire

23. June 1944 00:00
Beginning armistice

25. June 1944
Beginning of the peace converence


Monday, April 20th 2015, 12:25pm

24. June 1944 - Shanghai Navy Base
The destroyer had escorted the damaged carrier Formosa to Shanghai. From the bridge he looked to the well known harbor. He asked himself: What was the meaning of all this ? Ships lost, friends are dead, corpses that he had seen ...

»Rudder amidships «, Cao Kun ordered. A gust of wind from the south helped the Dalain to the wharf. Astern a sailor threw a rope to the men ashore.

The meaning of it all ?

It's over, Kun decided.


Monday, April 20th 2015, 3:40pm

July - Dezember 1944

What happened in China ....
- Reconstruction of destroyed early warning radar stations of the Chinese
- Reconstruction of damaged military facilities
- Elimination of damages at bridges, stations and depots or other infrastructure
- Chinese industry reached at the end of the year normal out-put level
- Chinese civil shipyards start construction program to compensate losses in the Sino-Chosen war