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Sunday, June 8th 2014, 11:44am

Light & Heavy Machine Guns

7.65mm Hotchkiss Model 1914
An elderly weapon, its extensive use in the Great War means many are still in storage or with reserve units and fixed fortifications.
Calibre: 7.65x53 Mauser
Action: automatic
Length: 1.39m
Weight: 24.4 - 29kg.
Magazine: 24 round strip, 250 round metal belts
MV: 723m/s
ROF: 450rpm max

7.65mm FN Fusil-mitrailleur 1930
Often called the Belgian BAR, this light machine gun is the standard in front line units. Developed by John Browning while working for Fabrique Nationale, it is capable of being fired from a standing position, there is a tripod available for it. The tripod features telescoping legs which allows a gunner to switch to AA mode if needed, but this feature is not generally used. Changes from the American BAR include a pistol grip instead of a traditional stock, a shorter quick-change barrel, improved barrel cooling, improved rate-reducing mechanism, and simplified disassembly procedure.
Calibre: 7.65x53 Mauser
Action: automatic
Length: 1.06m
Weight: 9.65
Magazine: 20 round clip
MV: 850m/s
ROF: 350 rpm long term, 600rpm max

7.65mm FM Mod30 FN-Browning LMG
This is the Browning M1919 built under licence. Also made for Belgian Air Force aircraft in fixed and pintle mounts in 7.7mm calibre and for the Netherlands in 7.92x51mm calibre in land and aircraft mountings.
Calibre: 7.65x53 Mauser
Action: automatic, selective fire, recoil-operated
Length: 964 mm; (barrel) 610mm
Weight: 14 kg
Magazine: 30 round magazine or belt feed
MV: 850m/s
ROF: 400-600rpm, 30 round magazine or 250 round belt
Effective range : 1,400m

13.2mm L75 FN-Browning HMG
This heavy machine gun was developed in the late 1920s in response to a request from the Dutch army to update their 13.2mm HMGs from the post war period. FN and Browning instead provided an entirely new weapon, which was subsequently adopted by the Belgian army for limited roles. Primary use if for Anti-aircraft (see above) or a fortress mount, but some tripod mounted HMGs exist.
Calibre: 13.2x96mm
Action: automatic, selective fire
Weight: 37.5kg
Magazine: 30 round magazine or belt feed
MV: 800m/s
ROF: 450rpm, 30 round magazine or belt.
Effective range : 2,500m
In an anti-vehicle role it fires an API round penetrating 20mm at 400m