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Saturday, June 7th 2014, 5:44pm

Anti-Aircraft Artillery

FN-Browning 13.2mm / L 75
This heavy machine gun was developed in the late 1920s in response to a request from the Dutch army to update their 13.2mm HMGs from the post war period. FN and Browning instead provided an entirely new weapon, which was subsequently adopted by the Belgian army for limited roles. Available in both fixed and a mobile variant on a FN Tricar. Fortress and naval twin and quad mounts also available.
Projectile: 0.51g
MV: 800m/s
Range: 2500m H, 1600m Vert.
Weight: 37.5kg (a complete AA mount weighs 370kg)
Elevation: +0 to +90
Traverse: 360deg.
ROF: 450rpm, 30 round magazine or belt.
In an anti-vehicle role it fires an API round penetrating 20mm at 400m

20mm Madsen
This Danish weapon can be used in AAG or ATG roles. The Danish Nimbus motorcycle can carry one in place of a motorcycle side car, and the Belgian Gillete and FN M12 motorcycles emulate that. A variant can be mounted on the T3 Tricar in place of the 13.2mm.
Projectile: 122g
MV: 840m/s
Range: 2100m Vert.
Weight: 260 / 317kg
Elevation: -10 to +85
Traverse: 360deg.
ROF: 350rpm, 15 round mag, 40 and 60 round drums.
In an anti-tank role it fires a API round at 815m/s penetrating 22mm at 300m.

37mm Schneider M1930
A French weapon, found in single mounts, though twin and quad mounts are available.
Projectile: 738g
MV: 850m/s
Range: 3000m Vert.
Weight: 1,340kg AA mount
Elevation: +0 to +80
Traverse: 360deg.
ROF: 175rpm, 8 round clip

37mm Schneider M1944
An improved version of the M1930 with a new carriage and an improved feed system.
Projectile: 738g
MV: 850m/s
Range: 3000m Vert.
Weight: 1,295kg AA mount
Elevation: -5 to +90
Traverse: 360deg.
ROF: 175rpm, 8 round clip

40mm FRC-Bofors
License rights from Bofors allow FRC to produce this weapon, filling the gap between the lighter AA weapons and the heavier artillery.
Projectile: 995g
MV: 850m/s
Range: 5000m H, 5000m Vert.
Weight: 1,920kg AA mount
Elevation: -5 to +90
Traverse: 360deg.
ROF: 140rpm, 4 or 8 round clip

75mm Bourges-FRC M1936
Based on a French Bourges arsenal design, improved by FRC. The design has a semi-automatic breech to allow rapid fire. The four wheel carriage is rubber tired and has outriggers to allow rapid deployment.
Calibre: 75mm L54
Projectile: 6.8kg
MV: 770m/s
Range: 8000m Vert.
Weight: 3.8/5.8 tonnes
Elevation: -5 to +90
Traverse: 360deg.
ROF: 25rpm short term, 12rpm long

90mm 90L50 Cockerill
Entered service in 1940, is fitted with a semi-automatic spring ramming breach. Built in both ground and sea variants.
Calibre: 90mm
Barrel length: 4.8m
Weight, traveling: 8,800kg
Weight, in action: 6,750kg
Elevation: -0° to +85°
Traverse: 360°
Muzzle Velocity: 835m/s
Shell weight: 10.0kg
Rate of fire: 20-25rpm
Maximum ceiling: 11,300m
Maximum horizontal: 16,000m

125mm Royal Armoury M1926
A heavy AA weapon, with a lineage to HIH Siderius aka Rheinmettal, developed for naval service but employed from fixed land emplacements and railway carriages.
Projectile: 27.9kg
MV: 880m/s
Range: 14,800m H 10,700m Vert.
Weight: Fixed
Elevation: -5 to +88
Traverse: 360deg.
ROF: 10rpm