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Saturday, June 7th 2014, 5:21pm

Anti-Tank Artillery

13.2mm FN-Browning AAGs and 20mm Madsen AAGs are both issued with AP-I ammunition for anti-vehicle use, see Anti-aircraft Artillery for details

FRC C 47 L/30 D 47 mm
Designed and produced by Fonderie Royale de Canons (FRC), the pneumatic tires and suspension allow the gun to be towed at high speed. The gun is fielded in both towed and fixed versions, as well as the main armament for several tank destroyers. The relatively low weight of the gun allows it to be manhandled.
Projectile: 1.56kg (AP)
MV: 675m/s
Range: 2000m AP eff
Weight: 525kg
Elevation: -5 to +20
Traverse: 20deg.
ROF: 18rpm
Pen: roughly 47mm at 300m
A 1.67kg HE shell fired at 450m/s to a 5400m range is also available.

FRC C 60 / L50 D 60mm
Designed and produced by Fonderie Royale de Canons (FRC), this gun was originally designed to be a fortress anti-tank cannon capable of destroying tanks at long ranges. Designed with a semi-automatic breech block, highly accurate and rapid fire can be sent downrange.
Projectile: 3.6kg (AP)
MV: 910+m/s
Range: 3000m AP eff
Weight: Fixed
Elevation: -20 to +5 (fortress)
Traverse: 20deg.
ROF: 20rpm
Pen: roughly 99mm at 300m
A 3.02kg HE shell fired at 500m/s to a 3000m (5deg elev) range is also available.

FRC C 60 / L50 D(M)
Initially, the Netherlands ordered a towed version during the early 1940s and the Belgian Army finally accepted the need to replace the 47mm C 47 gun and deliveries began in late 1944. Designated Weight: 1300 kg
Elevation: -10 to +25
Traverse: 60°
ROF: 15rpm
Projectile: 3.6kg (AP), 3.02kg (HE)
MV: 910+m/s
Range: 3000m AP effective, 3000m (HE)
Penetration: 99mm at 300m


Saturday, March 18th 2017, 6:17pm

Cockerill C 90 / L32 90mm

The need for a new light anti-tank gun was recognised in 1947 and development began of a new weapon. After trials during 1948 the first weapons entered service in 1949.
Weight: 716kg
Elevation: -10 to +25
Traverse: 80°
ROF: 15rpm
Barrel Length: 2.9m
Projectile: 3.54kg (HEAT), 5.21kg (FRAG)
MV: 633m/s
Range: 3500m maximum, 1000m effective (HEAT); 4200mm max (FRAG), 300mm effective (FRAG)
Penetration: 350mm (armour), 1200mm (concrete)