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Monday, October 21st 2013, 11:16pm

21st September 1943, Combat Report

21-9-1943, 14:56

From: CS-18, LOCSTAT: 38°50'N 119°55'E

To: Submarine Command

CS-18 made contact with an unescorted convoy of five ships along the Tanghai-Dairen route. A Chinese freighter (4600 GRT) was engaged with 2 torpedoes and sunk shortly after. On a second attack run a CHinese tanker was targeted but both torpedoes were duds. CS-18 is continuing the operation as planned.

While their burning ship is sinking, the surviving sailors try to reach the lifeboats.


Tuesday, October 22nd 2013, 12:31am

22nd September 1943, 12th Airfleet Combat Report

Recently Squadrons of the 12th Airlfleet flew mainly air reconaissance mission over the Bohai Sea to gather more informations about the enemy shipping routes in the area.

However, on the 20th of September a flight of two WAC-190 were able to intercept a Chinese GY-196 and brought it down.

This unfortunate GY-196 was engaged by friendly fighter planes and shredded by 20mm cannon rounds.

Yesterday a patrol flight consisting of 4 WAC-120 CAS-planes spotted a Chinese destroyer just a few kilometres south of Dairen. The flight leader ordered his planes to attack. In the following engagement the WAC-120 attacked the destroyer with 100 kg bombs and cannonfire. Despite our pilots failed to score any bomb-hits the destroyer suffered moderate reportedly damage and was obserevd steaming back to Dairen. One of our WAC-120 was damaeg by AA fire and had to ditch in the open sea, both crewmen are still missing.

Flight leader Ltn. Hwang Eui-Tae spotted a Chinese destroyer in the Dairen area and without hesitation he ordered his fellow pilots to attack the ship.

The first two 100 kg bombs miss the target clearly. The Chinese crew of the destroyer is alarmed now and begins to lay down heavy AA fire on the attackers.

Several close misses with 100 kg bombs. Furthermore the enemy destroyer is now strafed with cannons.


Tuesday, October 22nd 2013, 8:14am

23rd September 1943, Combat Report

23-9-1943, 09:46

From: CS-6, LOCSTAT: 37°58'N 122°39'E

To: Submarine Command

CS-6 successfully engaged a Chinese troop transport (4100 GRT) this morning. Enemy ship sank after two torpedo hits.



Tuesday, October 22nd 2013, 9:03am

18th September - 25th September 1943, Pyongyang, Headquarters of the Armed Forces of Chosen

Weekly combat report no. 9

While our troops managed to capture the impotant cities of Dashiqia, Haicheng and Fushun, the cities of Anshan and Liaoyang are still contested. The overall situation at the front deteriorated during the past week. In most sectors our offensive has been slowed down to a minimum while in some sectors the fierce Chinese resistance stopped our advance. The Chinese throw tremendous amounts of soliders against our advancing troops and are willing to sacrifice their soldiers for even the most minor success.
Despite their horrific casualties the Chinese strategy seems to work. Our attrition rates are high and our front units are fatigued and low on supply. Unfortunatley our logistic assets are not sufficient and furthermore Chinese irregular forces are disrupting our supply routes behind the front.

MC1/A2: Currently preparing defensive postions on the axis Haicheng-Dashiqiao-Ghaizou. For the next days the Corps will stay idle and waiting for supply.

IC5/A9: IC5 captured the Yangshufangzhen-Intersection is moving towards Dairen. IC5 will try to outflank the Chinese defenders in Pulandian and attack Dairen directly.

IC7/A9: IC7 advanced as planned and captured Wafangdian. Spearheads are a few kilomotres north of Pulandian. Pulandian has been fortified by Chinese troops.

IC22/A2: After capturing Haicheng on the 20th September IC22 pushed north and is taking part in the offensive operations on Anshan.

IC40/A2: IC40 is bogged down in the outskirts of Anshan. The initial frontal assault failed and IC40 is now trying to clear the city building by building.

IC1/A2: After encountering heavy resistance in Liaoyang the Corps was ordered to turn south in order to flank the Chinese defenders in Anshan from the north.

IC28/A2: IC28 is resting at Benxi. The Corps is currently unable to advance due to supply shortages.

MtnC1/A1: MtnC1 reached the outskirts of Fushun and is encountering very heavy expected.

IC4/A1: IC4 is in defensive positions along the northern flank of the 1st Army. Minimal enemy activity reported.

air activity: Our airforce focused on close air support for the advancing ground forces. The 12th airfleet is conducting naval strikes against Chinese shipping in the Bohai Sea.

casualty report week 9:

KIA: 6693
WIA: 8521
MIA: 457
POW: 145
tanks: 14
light tanks: 23
armored vehicles: 61
unarmored vehicles: 86
art. guns: 21
fighter planes: 11
bomber planes: 15
recce planes: 4

deployments: Rifle Division No. 78, Rifle Division No. 36

Chosen Infantry moving through the devastated suburbs of Anshan.

Chosens soldiers are not trained for urban combat and therefore casualties tend to be high.

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Tuesday, October 22nd 2013, 9:00pm

26th September 1943, Special Directive No. 29


From: Headquarters of the Armed Forces of Chosen

To: Army District North

From 28th September on, C-munitions have to be issued on Corps level and have to be kept ready for use. However, employment of C-munitions without further orders is strictly forbidden, infringement will be court martialed.


Tuesday, October 22nd 2013, 9:23pm

21th September 1943, Dalian, Headquarter of the Dalian Army Group - early morning

General Dingzhi was still worried about the replenishment. He was forced to take a large risk by given the now arrived divisions in Dalian absolute priority on the streets. Ammunition, spare parts and millions of other important supply items from the ships have to be brought later to the front. The Chinese army leadership had finally realized that more troops are needed, to throw the Koreans back again.
The supply situation was still tense. Many of his front-line units had barely reserves, and even if everything went perfectly, the filling would need some days.

In an exercise in peacetime, this margin might have been enough, but now that life and the whole northern part of China were at stake, that was different. But he had no choice.

Just as in its battle section, it looked also in the north around Shenyang. There are also divisions streaming to the battle line. While Dalian is almost reinforced with troops of the Territorial Army, the gain on the northern front almost are exclusively from divisions of the National Army.

General Dingzhi leaned back in his chair and looked to the map at the wall. Daily reinforcements landed at Dalian and his subordinates urged him to finally launch a counterattack. But still not all the troops arrived.
Primarily General Wei Li-huang with his division had not arrived and he put much of his hope on him. The plan for the counter-attack have to be approved by the Army leadership. The operation, which he planed was held under the code name "hammer". He fervently hoped that within the next 48 hours no bad news will arrive, because he will be on the way to the HQ of the chinese armed forces.


Thursday, October 24th 2013, 3:34pm

25th September - Forbidden City - Beijing - Meeting Room of the High Council - early morning

»Why do we not attack?« asked the minister of defense.

»General Dingzhi has informed me that he is preparing a major counter offensive«, replied prime minister Chiang Kai-Chek.

»Give the General the message«, interrupted the minister of defense, »that we want to see deeds, not words.«

»Comrades«, said Chiang, »from my time in the military I remember that you should attack only when one is crucial in the majority of men and weapons. Dingzhis attack is doomed to failure if it occurs in haste.
Let us listen to his proposal - I have summoned him. He is waiting in the next room.«

»He seems to be a very capable officer« said Dong Sen Fen. »after all, he is just a few days first commander of the Dalian Army Group.«


General Dingzhi entered the room and walked with a firm step to the conference table where all the members of the high council are sitting. Shortly in front of the table he stopped and saluted.

»General Dingzhi« the prime minister said »as I have heard, you have already worked out a plan for the liberation of the occupied territories ? Would you please explain your plan ?«

»Yes of course.« General Dingzhi answered and spread up a large map of the area around Shenyang and Dalian.

» As you can see, the front runs from Gaizhou over Anshan to Fushun and eastwards to Tonghua . Unfortunately Dalian is already not reachable by land. My predecessor has apparently failed to place appropriate reserve troops here. You can tell him that he has not only failed in this regard.«

»You probably do not know what has become of the detainees.« interrupted the minister of defence.

General Dingzhi did not understand immediately. »That can not be true !« he said loudly.

»Last night, all seven staff officers were executed, including the former commander of the Dalian army group.«

»But he was an able officer -«

»He had no success, General Dingzhi«, said the minister of defense with a smile. »The Emperor does not tolerate any failure!«

»The emperor or only you ! « thought Dingzhi and continued his explanation » I have called the whole operation 'hammer'. The 'hammer' are our troops around Shenyang and the troops for the defense of Dalian are the 'anvil'. Accordingly, I have also divided the assigned divisions. The reinforcement phase will be completed in just one week. Then we can start the operation at any time.

The brunt of the operation rests on the two tank divisions around Shenyang. Another attack is made by our mountain troops in the north and indeed here ....... General Dingzhi pointed on the map.... after the front line is torn, our tanks will push the enemy on the anvil - where the Koreans then will be shattered....... with this words Dingzhis hands pursued the arrows on the map...... to give the enemy further problems, and to cut off the supplyline for the koreans, our Marines and Paratroopers will make a landing action around Dandong. Once a solid beachhead is established, our troops move along the Yalu River and into the territory of Chosen so the koreans will be cut off. The whole operation should not take more than 4-6 weeks, however a maximum of 8 weeks. With the result - that we have not only restored the old borders, also we can advance to the territory of Chosen without any problems.« With these words General Dingzhi concluded his remarks and looked confident in astonished and enthusiastic faces.


Tuesday, October 29th 2013, 4:12pm

30th September, Dalian, Headquarter of the Dalian Army Group

»It's amazing what two Jack's cause -«

»What did you mean, Jiang ?« asked the officer who is responsible for the radio operations.

The commander of the Army Group Dalian just shook his head and looked at the map, for the first time with hope in his eyes. Dalian has been hold although Chosens troops attacked ferociously. The frontline drew back, but eventually it did not collapse. Despite some ships were sunk, the effort of the Chinese navy ensured a continuous flow of supplies and reinforcements to Dalian. In the Anshan sector the spearheading Korean divisions were harassed by regular Chinese airstrikes .

»Jiang, I think we have brought them to a halt.«

»Yes, Colonel ! And now we will push them back ! We have the approval to execute the operation 'hammer'.«


Wednesday, October 30th 2013, 11:03am

03rd October 1943, South China Sea

They have left the harbor already two days ago. First, the destroyers and frigates, they searched for chosen submarines under a protective cover of patrol aircraft - then the capital ships, cruisers, other escort ships and aircraft carriers. Finally, the landing ships: APD-1, APD-2, APD-3, APD-4, APD-5, HICMS Chu, HICMS Schuw, HICMS Nanning and HICMS Nanchang and also three passenger steamers. Overall, an impressive convoy formed up to three groups and headed north. The passage should take two more days.


Wednesday, October 30th 2013, 1:26pm

27th September 1943, Ghaizou, Headquarters of the 2nd Army

Corps Commanders as well as staff commanders gathered around General Kang Chan-Sook, commander of the 2nd Army. The 2nd Army was the core formation in Chosens offensive and all officers knew how important it was to achieve a decision on the battlefield as quickly as possible.

The briefing already lasted several hours but the officers around Kang Chan-Sook still disputed heatedly about the plan of the operation.

Lieutenant General Ma Joon-Ho (commander of the 22nd Infantry Corps): "Sir, I am still not convinced we can execute this plan successfully. We don't know how strong the Chinese reinforcements and reserves in that particular area are. Considering the fact that our head on assault into Anshan failed miserably we can assume that the Chinese already have gained considerable strength. According to the plan we would have to adavance with our infantry divisions and without any tank support across the open terrain northewest of Anshan. We would be exposed not only for Chinese counter attacks but for airstrikes as well."

General Kang Chan-Sook: "I can understand your concerns General Ma Joon-Ho and I share some of them. However I have orders from the Army District North and we we have no other choice. If we want to capture Shenyang in time we have to conquer Anshan first and this is only possible by bypassing and encircling it. The operation is risky, but we have no alternative."

Anshan-Liaozhong Operation


Wednesday, October 30th 2013, 1:35pm

29th September 1943, Combat Report

29-9-1943, 18:06

From: CS-18, LOCSTAT: 38°10'N 121°23'E

To: Submarine Command

Starboard diesel engine suffered a mechanical failure. We are unable to do the necessary repairs and have to return to base.


Thursday, October 31st 2013, 7:18am

1st October 1943, Radio Message

1-10-1943, 12:56

From: Submarine Command

To: CS-5

Requesting SITREP and LOCSTAT.


Monday, November 4th 2013, 11:57pm

September 1943, Dalian Penninsula

Two weeks of hard fighting showed on the tank squadron and on Colonel Obregon. The colonel looked 15 pounds lighter and sported a uniform composed of parts from 3 different nations and 5 different services. His tank wasnt any better off. A newly fitted track was the only piece looking decent. The engine misfired, the gun was skewed by 5 degrees, and the hull and turret sported a number of gouges and a hole. Two of his crew had bandages and his driver was new, the previous driver being significantly injured. But his crew and the 19th Tank Division had fought well, slowing the enemy advance. But that had come at a high cost. The squadron now only had little more than a third of the tanks with which it started. His squadron& with his former squadron commander promoted and the executive officer injured, command of the squadron had fallen to him. Two tank and one armored car silhouettes adorned his tank, but he didnt know if his men could fight much longer. With reinforcements arriving maybe they could be pulled out of the line.

"Colonel, they want you at headquarters, a message has arrived from Beijing."

Hopefully, some good news.

"Ah colonel, a message arrived for you, seems you will get a break from the action. The men and equipment of the Mexican Volunteer Group has arrived and you have been placed in command of the attached AT-40 tank squadron. A plane will be arriving later today to ferry you back. Congratulations."

"General, what about my men?"

"They fought hard, Im placing the whole battalion in reserve, they will get a breather, Captain Lee's injuries where less than expected so he will resume command."

The AT-40 squadron, that must be the ten pre-production tanks with 47mm guns and the five tanks with 75mm howitzers. Finally some good news. The LT-15 was a good tank, but it was not designed to go up against medium battle tanks. The AT-40 was not much bigger but it did have heavier armor and the harder hitting 47mm cannon. But best of all, proper air cover, the Volunteer Group would have shipped with its own integral aircraft squadrons. Both the Chosenian air force and the Chinese air force had been virtually non-existent. The Colonel smiled for the first time in a while, the Chosen troops would not know what hit them the next time he saw battle. But first to see if he could add a platoon of LT-15s to his squadron, the AT-40s where pre-production versions and unfortunately did not have proper command and control equipment.


Chinese HQ in preparation for Operation Hammer

Chinese food had not been agreeing with General Abraham Salazar and this made him crankier than usual.

"General, I can see you have a good plan, but you cant split my troops and send them all over the map. My men are trained to operate closely together. I cant have my men be without aircover. Place them where you see fit, but keep them together."

"But I can use your glider troops better on the combined air and sea assault."

"Two reinforced platoons will make no difference to your attack, while they are far more useful for my own forces in taking key points in advance of my armored forces. Ill detach a squad but only in an observer facility."

"Fine, Ill attach your forces to this division here and you can keep them together, but you will be under the division commander, no going off and pretending to be Villa. This is what I want you to do..."


Tuesday, November 5th 2013, 8:19pm

2 October 1943

Late wasn't always better than never.

Levanto was supposed to have completed this mission by now, but engine trouble had delayed the sortie for several days. Captain Luis Hidalgo y Sanchez had quietly hoped the mission would be handed off to another ship, but that hadn't happened. High Command had simply advised Madrid, and Madrid had told the Chinese and Chosenians that Levanto would be delayed.

For the most part, the sixty-eight observers he was transporting weren't particularly keen on this mission either. There was a general sense that some would end up killed or captured by the Chinese once the larger nation finally pulled its act together and smashed the upstart Chosenians. Others were insulted at the notion that the Chinese would even dare considering an invasion of San Hainando, making the whole mission moot. About the only shread of humor to be found in it all was the idea of running into some Mexicans.

The cruiser was now approaching the rocky outer islands that surrounded Mokpo and protected it from inclement weather. These days, the Chosenians had laid defensive minefields between many of the islands, and so the Chosenians had assigned a ship - by the looks of it, a requisitioned trawler - to lead Levanto through the clear passage.

"Slow to ahead one-quarter," Hidalgo y Sanchez called out, noting that the cruiser was closing the gap with the trawler. It wouldn't do to run it down.

"Ahead one quarter, aye," the helmsman repeated.

The ship had been at action stations for hours now. Bulkheads were closed up, the guns were manned. Long strings of signal flags fluttered from the masts, the lights were on (rather pointless, given that it was early afternoon), and large Iberian flags had been painted on to the hull. Lookouts manned both sides, from stem to stern, watching for drifting mines and other hazards.

"That's better," he murmured as the rate of closure with the Chosenian ship decreased.

There had been very few queries about shore leave. Consensus seemed to be that Chosen was a little...different, and most of the crew had no apparent interest in seeing what their bars and brothels would be like. Portraits of the Great Leader above every bed and secret police lurking beneath, perhaps? No, they'd tie up, unload the observers, collect any Iberian or other foreign nationals looking for a quick escape, and they'd be at sea again before nightfall.

"Sir!" somebody exclaimed.

His eyes followed an unstretched arm. Up on the starboard bow, a lookout was waving frantically, his words lost on the wind. "Hard to port!" Hidalgo y Sanchez bellowed.

The order came far too late; Levanto heaved violently as her bow was enveloped by a towering spout of water...


Tuesday, November 5th 2013, 9:30pm

25th September - 2nd October 1943, Pyongyang, Headquarters of the Armed Forces of Chosen

Weekly combat report no. 10

MC1/A2: The Corps is expanding fortifications along the axis Haicheng-Dashiqiao-Ghaizou.

IC5/A9;IC7/A9: The advance of the two Corps of the 9th Army was stopped by heavy Chinese resistance just 30 km northeast of Dairen. The 9th Army is establishing a line of defensive with a strongpoint at Pulandian.

IC22/A2: IC22 was able to advance slowly during the last week and despite encountering determined Chinese resistance the Corps managed to capture an important intersection in Xiaogao Libao (approx. 5km southwest of Anshan).

IC40/A2: The Corps is involved in fierce battles in the southern and eastern suburbs of Anshan. Heavy casulaties are reported on both sides.

IC1/A2: IC1 was unable to gain territory and encountered heavy Chinese counterattacks from the Liaoyang and Anshan.

IC28/A2: IC28 is taking up defensive positions in the Benxi sectors. The Corps reported frequent Chinese recon flights and several probing attacks but nothing serious so far.

MtnC1/A1: MtnC1 was able to gain little ground in Fushun. Chinese troops are furiously defending the Fushun industrial facilities.

IC4/A1: IC4 is in defensive positions along the northern flank of the 1st Army. Minimal enemy activity reported.

air activity: Our airforce flew mostly close air support in the Anshan area. As the enemy air activity increased on all sectors we almost doubled the combat air patrols.

casualty report week 10:

KIA: 6789
WIA: 8769
MIA: 567
POW: 231
tanks: 11
light tanks: 19
armored vehicles: 58
unarmored vehicles: 76
art. guns: 18
fighter planes: 19
bomber planes: 21
recce planes: 6

deployments: Rifle Division No. 116, Rifle Division No. 121

Chosen infantry assaulting Chinese positions in Anshan.


Friday, November 8th 2013, 7:57pm

3rd October 1943, Radio Message

3-10-1943, 12:56

From: Submarine Command

To: CS-9

Requesting SITREP and LOCSTAT.


Saturday, November 9th 2013, 1:21am

4th October 1943, 2nd Army combat report

Report on the progress of the Anshan-Liaozhong Operation.

The operation is four days old now and due to the overall situation we are unable to continue the operation. Our troops, from the ordinary soldiers to the commanding officers, did everything they could to punch through the enemy lines. Despite our efforts, we were unable to press for a dicision. Not only did we underestimate the strength of the Chinese forces in the area, we also missprized their determination to stand their ground.

In the southern area of operations the advance was spearheaded by RD30/IC22 and RD17/IC22. While RD17 sucessfully secured its initial objective, the Anshan airbase, the division had to fight off several Chinese counterattacks and was unable to advance any further. RD30 advanced 8km in the first 24 hours and captured the village of Xintaizizhen. However, like RD17, RD30 had to defend itself against heavy Chinese attacks and was finally forced to retreat.

In the central area of operations three divisions (RD48,RD14,RD45) of the 40th Infantry Corps launched a combined assault into Anshan. After capturing the districts of Sifangtaicun, Tiedong and Qianshan the assault stalled and had to be called off due to massive casualties.

In the northern area of operations RD20/IC28 made an attempt to capture the Wang Sanjiazi intersection and thus cut off the last major supply route to Anshan. 2km before reaching the objective the division was attacked by Chinese tanks and had to retreat. In the Meantime RD6/IC28 and RD18/IC28 fought their way through the Taizihe-district into Liaoyang but were unable to reach the city center due to fierce Chinese resistance.

Conclusion: Our troops took heavy casualties and achieved only minor territorial gains. Most of our forces are in bad supply, especially the artillery is low on ammo. Therefore the Anshan-Liaozhong Operation has to be considered a failure.

3km south of Anshan downtown: With artillery support soldiers of the Rifle Division No. 48 are assaulting Chinese defensive positions.


Saturday, November 9th 2013, 2:01am

4 October 1943

To: MinDef
From: CiC, Armada
Date: 3 October 1943

Further to our initial report, we have confirmation from our consulate in Chosen regarding cruiser Levanto.

The ship was badly damaged by an underwater explosion on the periphery of the Chosenian minefields around the city of Mokpo. Although the ship's bulkheads were closed as a precaution against such incidents, a considerable amount of water was taken on. The captain beached the ship near an island just off the main shipping lane and the bow is said to be down several feet.

Initial casualties are reported as eighteen dead and several dozen injured. Given the size of the explosion, this is relatively light and can be explained by how far forward the blast was. A list of casualties has not yet been received.

There is no information at this time regarding the cause of the explosion; while an errant mine is a potential culprit, the possibility of a torpedo can not be discounted. Lookouts on the cruiser's bow did see something immediately prior to the explosion , but none survived the explosion. Underwater inspection of the damage may provide further information.

We are considering the most appropriate response to the matter and expect to have recommendations tomorrow. Although dispatching repair assets and escorts seems the most obvious courseof action, we must be mindful that further drifting mines or torpedos may be encountered. It may be more prudent to leave a skeleton crew aboard to mind the sihp until a Chinese-Chosenian peace comes about and conditions are safer.

Under normal circumstances, we would recommend witholding information about this incident. However, we see that the Madrid Observer has broken the news due to an unknown source. We therefore suggest a cautious public response.

As an aside, the observer teams were relayed to shore by boat and are now on their way to their assignments with the Chosenian military.


Saturday, November 9th 2013, 3:46am

5th October 1943, Pyongyang, Ministry of Defence, conference room no. 1, emergency meeting

Army Marshall San Joon-Ho (commander of the Army district north) and Hwang Lee-Moon (minister of defence) along with some officers and adjutants were already waiting for half an hour in the conference room... the the great leader Jong Un was late as usual. However, considering the news he had to convey, Army Marshall San Joon-Ho wouldn't have minded if Jong Un had decided not to show up: A slight hope to save his career which Marshall San Joon-Ho had to abandon when the door was opened and Jong Un came in.

Jong Un: "Well Gentlemen, I have things to do so lets get down to business. Why the gloomy faces? All of you invited to the victory celebration, so cheer up."

Hwang Lee-Moon: "My leader, Marshall San Joon-Ho came to Pyongyang for a reason and as you already mentioned the victory celebration...."

Jong Un: "Yes? What is with the victory celebration? Oh, by the way Marshall San Joon-Ho, please bring your daughter to the party, she is such an adorable girl. Let her wear that dress, the blue one with those...."

Army Marshall San Joon-Ho: "Uhm...I..."

Hwang Lee-Moon: "What the Marshall is trying to say is that there is a problem with the victory celebration."

Jong Un: "A problem? But Marshall San Joon-Ho, what is the problem?"

Army Marshall San Joon-Ho:"Ehhh....I think we....we have to....ehm..."

Hwang Lee-Moon: "I fear we have to call off the victory celebration, my leader."

Jong Un: "Call off the victory celebration? Why would we do that?"

Hwang Lee-Moon: "Because there will be no victory in the near future, not this week and not the next week.

Jong Un: "What are you saying Mr. Lee-Moon? Are you mad? I have seen the map, our troops are 35km from Shenyang."

Hwang Lee-Moon: "Marshall San Joon-Ho, would you please explain the situation for the great leader like you explained it to me?"

Army Marshall San Joon-Ho: "Well....yes. My dear leader, I have to say that we probably made some miscalculations in our original plan. Unfortunatley the advance took us longer than expected and the Chinese were able to mobilize their reserves far quicker than our military intelligence assumed."

Jong Un: "So?"

Army Marshall San Joon-Ho: "The offensive stalled in all sectors. The last hope to capture Shenyang in time was an operation of the 2nd Army to encircle and conquer Anshan, which is an important strongpoint in the Chinese defensive perimeter around Shenyang. This offensive however failed due to stiff Chinese resistance. Without substantial reinforcements we won't be able to take the initiatiive again."

Jong Un:"This is....I don't know what to say....this is promised me we would capture Shenyang before November and now...."

Army Marshall San Joon-Ho: "I know, my leader. But the Chinese proved to be stronger than we thought and some of our informations were unreliable."

Jong Un: "How annoying, now I have to rescheduele the victory celebration...If we have to forgo the fireworks due to the rainy weather it will be your responsibility Marshall San Joon-Ho."

Hwang Lee-Moon: "My dear leader, with all due respect but I think you are misjudging the situation. We failed to capture two out of three strategic objectives, our troops are exhausted, our materiel and personell losses are substantial and recent NBID reports indicate that a massive Chinese counteroffensive is imminent."

Jong Un: "Does that mean no victory celebration in November?"

Hwang Lee-Moon: "Yes. And if we don't come up with something we could face consequences which are far worse than a missed out victory celebration."

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Tuesday, November 12th 2013, 3:42pm

5th October 1943, Rifle Division No.25, 2km northwest of Haicheng

Private Ri Ho-Bong: "Sir, Sir, I think I see something!"

Sergeant Bang Kyou-Chull: "Oh yeah, really? I hope not those sparrows again which you mistook for Chinese fighter-bombers."

Private Ri Ho-Bong: "No, Sir. This time I really see something."

Sergeant Bang Kyou-Chull: "So? What is it?"

Private Ri Ho-Bong: "Well, I can't say. It looks smoke. Maybe there is something burning."

Sergeant Bang Kyou-Chull: "Give me the damn binoculars and let me see.....Hmm....yeah, there certainly is something. I don't see any fires. I don't think it's smoke it looks more dust."

Private Ri Ho-Bong:"Dust?"

Sergeant Bang Kyou-Chull: "Yeah...wait...There is....I see some vehicles moving...there, more to the right. TANKS! We have to report to the HQ. Quick."

"I see four, five...There are two more...and there, five, six....damn, I can't count them anymore."