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Tuesday, April 30th 2013, 2:51pm

News and Events of Chosen 1943

6th January 1943, Pyongyang, Ministry of Defence, conference room no. 3

Jong Un (great and beloved leader): "Mr. Ban-Sung, I am very pleased you found the time to come to Pyongyang yourself. With all the projects going on I assume you are a very employed person and so am I. So let's get down to brass tacks. Give me a short status report on the Shanghai-Bomber-Project."

Mr. Ban-Sung (Chief Engineer of Gwangju Aircraft Industries): "Oh well, my beloved leader, unfortunately we are behind schedule. I assure you, we are working very hard to finish the prototype but it is impossible to work on all projects at the same time with the resources we have available."

Jong Un: "That's all I hear from my ministers, from my generals and my admirals: 'we can't do this, we can't do that, we are behind schedule.' I invested millions into the military and in the industry, and when I am asking for a trade-off I just get excuses and empty promises. So when do you expect to finish the S-bomber project?"

Mr. Ban-Sung: "That's hard to predict. If everything goes well I would say we have the prototype airborne in around ten or twelve months."

Jong Un: "Oh my god..."

Hwang Lee-Moon (minister of defence): "We would have the first bomber-regiment equipped and ready for action in about two years....that's acceptable."

Jong Un: "No, it's not. It's totally unacceptable....there must be a way...."

Mr. Ban-Sung: "Well, maybe there is a way...."

Hwang Lee-Moon: "Awww, please Mr. Ban-Sung, hush, we talked about that and you know...."

Jong Un: "Quiet! Let Mr. Ban-Sung speak."

Mr. Ban-Sung: "Myself and other engineers at Gwangju Aircraft Industries thought about a price efficient ad-hoc bomber which would not need to be newly developed and which could serve as a gapfiller until the Shangai-Bomber is ready for production.
The result of our efforts is the GTD-50M, a military variant of the famous GTD-10 airliner. Of course the construction is not perfectly suited to be used as a bomber but the advantages are evident: there would be no time wasted for further development, we already have the tools, the knowhow and we could start the production almost immediately. Furthermore there is the possibilty to convert already existing civilian variants into bomber variants."

Jong Un: "And this plane could reach Shangai?"

Mr. Ban-Sung: "Concerning the operational range it certainly can."

Hwang Lee-Moon: "With all due respect, my leader, we should forget about introducing a plane which is ill-suited for military use. I have spoken with testpilots as well as with involved engineers and they confirmed that the military upgrades are overstressing the GTD-10s orginal construction. It was never supposed to be a military plane and it will never become one.
While it has enough range to fly to Shanghai and back it lacks everything which would make it a decent bomber plane. The bombload is limited to 600 kg. The bombs can only be carried externally which degrades the top-speed. the defensive armament is weak. There is neither armor for the crew nor selfsealing fuel tanks and the poor flight characteristics are very demanding for the pilot.
Moreover with just one engine the operational losses would be very high. I doubt any of those planes would survive more than three missions over enemy territory."

Jong Un: "Mr. Lee-Moon you are a doubting person and you have no believe in the abbilities and the braveries of our airforce personnel. We have a Bomber now. Build It!"

Hwang Lee-Moon: *sighs*


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Tuesday, April 30th 2013, 3:11pm


A "Shanghai Bomber" could easily fulfill the role of "Edo Bomber" if required. This is disturbing. :rolleyes:


Tuesday, April 30th 2013, 4:32pm

Indeed. So Chosens neighbours better pay homage to the great leader and fear the military power of the glorious nation of Chosen.

All hail the new asian overlord Jong Un.


Tuesday, April 30th 2013, 5:12pm


Originally posted by Daidalos
Indeed. So Chosens neighbours better pay homage to the great leader and fear the military power of the glorious nation of Chosen.

All hail the new asian overlord Jong Un.

Right! :D

The pebble that stands between two great stones is a pebble - were it not, it would be ground down by one great stone, or the other, or both.

(Old Chinese Fortune Cookie)



Tuesday, April 30th 2013, 5:29pm

Guess I will have to work on project Ni-Go then so Japan can deliver a nice gift to the Great Leader. :)


Tuesday, April 30th 2013, 5:58pm


Originally posted by Rooijen10
Guess I will have to work on project Ni-Go then so Japan can deliver a nice gift to the Great Leader. :)

Some people would consider it suitable. ;)


Tuesday, April 30th 2013, 6:07pm

Well you don't need something that big Walter, after all Seoul isn't that far away from Japan. Just throw big rocks over the Strait :)


Tuesday, April 30th 2013, 6:11pm


Originally posted by TheCanadian
Well you don't need something that big Walter, after all Seoul isn't that far away from Japan. Just throw big rocks over the Strait :)

And some people would consider it overkill. :D


Tuesday, April 30th 2013, 6:19pm


Well you don't need something that big Walter, after all Seoul isn't that far away from Japan. Just throw big rocks over the Strait :)

Using something like this, I assume...

... those are actually used by Japan for its biological warfare project, hurling dead, diseased bodies at the enemy. :)


Tuesday, April 30th 2013, 6:24pm

Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam.


Tuesday, April 30th 2013, 6:28pm

Trebuchetam habeo?


Tuesday, April 30th 2013, 6:30pm


Originally posted by Brockpaine
Trebuchetam habeo?

Them too! :D


Tuesday, April 30th 2013, 6:53pm

Them three, it looks like. ;)


Friday, May 10th 2013, 3:31am

15th March 1943, Pyongyang, private palace of the great leader, lounge

Jong-Un (great and beloved leader): "Good Morning. I hope it is important. You know I don't like to be disturbed so early in the morning with politics."

Hwang Lee-Moon (minister of defence): "I assure you, it is important my leader. I got some serious and disturbing reports from the national bureau of information and disinformation. NBID-Agents as well as collaborateurs within the chinese military risked their lives to gather this intelligence."

Jong-Un: "So? What is it?"

Hwang Lee-Moon: "The chinese military is working on some kind of wonderweapon."

Jong-Un: "A wonderweapon?"

Hwang Lee-Moon: "Yes, a new type of incendiary bomb with tremendous destructive power. All our informations are rather vague but the chinese call their new weapon "flying dragon". It is in the last development stages and we assume there it will be ready for testings very soon. Maybe in april or may this year."

Jong-Un: "Well...A beautyful...but this new chinese technology could be a threat for us. We should think of an antivenom to deal with that. I want to have a wonderweapon on my own. What do we have in development?"

Hwang Lee-Moon: "Uhm...Well...We are developing everything you leader"

Jong-Un:" No, I mean on which kind of wonderweapons do our engineers work? When is the doomsday-device ready for serial production?"

Hwang Lee-Moon: "The dooms....uhmm....excuse me, what? I leader, there is no doomsday device or anything like that and we have certainly no wonderweapons in development."

Jong-Un: "But we need something! If we don't have some super-secret-state-of-the-art-wonderweapon just increase the size of our conventional bombs. A 5000 kg bomb. Yes! Even our incapable engineers should be able to do that."

Hwang Lee-Moon: "My leader, you should take into account that we don't have a plane which has the capacity to carry such a heavy bomb."

Jong-Un: "Goddamn....Frustration....everything is a big frustration here....Am I the only working and thinking man in this country?"

Hwang Lee-Moon: "Of course not! Our industry is growing and we are making big technological advances. Maybe this is the ideal moment to tell you the latest epoche making achievement of your industry."

Jong-Un: "Go ahead."

Hwang Lee-Moon: "After 8 months of overshifts and hard work, scientists of the Seoul Army Arsenal were able to reverse engineer the famous Army shovel z. 1943 which one of our NBID agents smuggled from Poland into Chosen. We are now able to produce this fine peace of equipment en masse."

Jong-Un: "Finally! Our enemies will tremble!"

shovel PLS-305 A8/c mod. 1943

Uploaded with


Friday, May 10th 2013, 5:30am

Perhaps it is Asian FAE week... :rolleyes:


Keeper of the Sacred Block Coefficient

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Friday, May 10th 2013, 8:58am

Well, perhabs I should make it Asian SAE weeks and sell some more weapons to the region. Heavy bombers with a payload of 5to for sale! Hehe

Nice articles, all of you. Keep em coming...


Friday, May 10th 2013, 6:29pm

Truly a formidable weapon there. There is no doubt bout the fact that they will really burry their enemies!


Well, perhabs I should make it Asian SAE weeks and sell some more weapons to the region.

That's very important to keep things interesting here. :)


Heavy bombers with a payload of 5to for sale!

Only 5 tons? Your potential customers might want to drop more than that in one go. :)


Tuesday, July 2nd 2013, 1:17am

23th May 1943, Pyongyang, Ministry of Defence, conference room no. 1

Jong Un: "Lee-Moon, what does this mean, there is something going on. I have NBID intelligence reports on my desk which report increased troop movements in all northeastern China.
This morning I got a dispatch directly from the 1st Army reporting chinese troops patrolling the border aggressively."

Hwang Lee-Moon (minister of defence): "Yes, my leader, I know the reports and the little trusted information they contain is everything we know at the moment. Most probably the activities we observe are just prearrangements for field exercises. Though, I have to admit that the scale of the chinese preparation procedures seems to be quite massive."

Jong Un: "We have to increase our efforts to gain informations about their intent. Furthermore we should strengthen our bordersecurity.
I want more planes in the air and our submarines should keep monitoring chinese movements at the sea. We should not let them suprise us."

Hwang Lee-Moon: "As you wish, my leader. But I would strongly recommend to avoid any acts of provocation. We can not afford a confrontation in the near future."


Tuesday, July 2nd 2013, 2:38am

28th May 1943, Thaechon, Army District North headquarters, General Cho Hyang-Soons bureau.

General Cho Hyang-Soon: "The time is near, my son. Is everything ready?"

Colonel Jang Se-Hong: "Yes Sir, everything is set up. We have chinese uniforms, chinese rifles, a few machine pistols, two machine guns and serveral other equipment as well as two trucks with ammo."

General Cho Hyang-Soon: "Excellent. And your men? Are they ready for this?"

Colonel Jang Se-Hong: "They are Sir, they are 48 of the bravest and most loyal men I had the opportunity to serve with, they are determined to fight and they are proud to serve as the spearhead for our cause. I have no doubt they will follow towards death, if necessary."

General Cho Hyang-Soon: "Well, very well. And you? What about you? Are you ready? I mean there will be no truning back after we have started the operation and their will be only two possible outcomes: Either we will be victorious and cheered as heroes or we will be excecuted for high treason."

Colonel Jang Se-Hong: "I know Sir. But I am ready. We lived long enough in shame and misery. I made my decision: victory or death!"

General Cho Hyang-Soon: "I wish everyone in the forces had your spirit. But the army, the people and the leadership, they are all infected, they are weak, craven and corrupt. So we have to take the future of Chosen in our own hands and cure the desease. All of my life I longed for this moment."

Colonel Jang Se-Hong: "Yes, sir. But I have concerns about our plan. I mean... I know we do the right thing but the way we do it....isn't there an alternative? I mean in the end they are brothers, they are korean people."

General Cho Hyang-Soon: "I can understand your concerns, but you have to be confident when the moment comes. I worked out the plan myself and I have thought out everything. I wish there was an alternative but there is none. We have to sacrifice a few fellow people for the sake of Chosens glory. You know the details. When the operation starts I will send you an encrypted message. You have to act swift and clean. The ammo-depot ist manned by 10 to 15 conscripts who should not be a problem. Additionally there are about 60 civilians around the village. You have to kill everybody, leave no witnesses. Leave some chinese uniformed bodies behind and destroy the ammo depot. It has to look like a chinese raid.
Don't disappoint me.

Colonel Jang Se-Hong: "I won't, sir.

General Cho Hyang-Soon: "Well then, we wont see us untill after the operation, so I wish you good luck. I will send you the message when the time has come.

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Tuesday, July 2nd 2013, 2:48am

30th May 1943

Three additional Rifle-Divisions have been transfered via Rail to the proximity of the Chosen-Chinese north western border for "unschedueled field maneuvers".

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