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Wednesday, June 30th 2010, 11:30am

Royal Netherlands Navy

Again updated, add new ships. Soon more! on shipbucket too! Just have not the stuff for it. But I'll add soon a carrier, AOR, and minesweepers and layers!!

Please Note: I haven't finnist all my drawings yet, after done a few more the storie could be slightly changed..!

Iron-hulled ships development in the Netherlands.

After the the American Civil War was broken out the Swedish designer at the Union size, laid down the first ironclad of so called monitor named USS Monitor. It was a succes and the other side the Confederate; rebuild an old ships into an Ironclad and not so laong after; The first battle of ironclads was done, there wasn't an winner. Al those report from the Dutch local embassey give the Royal Netherlands navy an idea how the ship develoment was going on. The Dutch laid down an ''Dutch'' version of the CSS Virgina, named the De Ruyter and a few others it was a succes an the first skills were adopted. In the 1870s after the great French and British ships the Royal Netherlands navy laid down 10 ironclads 2 Buffel-class at France, 2 Schorpioen-class at Britain, and at home yards the Dutch were building 6 ships by there self called ''Prins Henrik der Nederlanden'' and the Java-class. It were a succes and served many years in a active service on homeland, and the overseas colonial power. Later the Java were scrapped, and the Stier (Schorpioen) was used as target ship on 1921 and the Buffel and Schorpioen were rebuild in accomondation ships in 1918. Also after the British and French designs, The Dutch laid down an experimental ship, but only one was build in 1884 and she served untill 1910, and later she was sold for scrap at Rotterdam. After all The monitor become an excellent weapon and the Dutch build 30 monitor on coastal and inland use, the were build betwin 1867 and 1888, One of the best were the so-called Draak-class and the matador.


Coastal defence ships for the North sea and the overseas colonial power. They were build after the treath of the other European powers, all the nations were afraid of eachother of a possible Coastal attack, so the Dutch build various ships of 6 classes. the Gelderland was build in 1898 and was later captured in the world war and rebuild into a flakship, and later sink by the Russian in the Finnish gulf. all the others were scraped betwin 1910 and 1930, tough a few were alter used as hulks and accomondation ships..
On of the vessels were build and designed with Norway and danmark, but after a collosion the Dutch on was sunk, and couldn't be raised, the Dutch stoped with develop those designs and goes back to there own.And two other larger designs to 1899-1905 were sold to South America a few years later after the completed to save money for new larger design in the following years after the new Japanese report arrived at the Gouvnerment

Torpdo boats.

The Dutch develp since 1897 Torpdo boats until 1940. These were Dutch build on British planes and they were used at th rbel wars in India and Indie, and were build in 1898 and scrapped at 1910 when never boats come anvaible.

''After 1913''

The Japanese build many new battleships like to Kongo-class, Ise-class and many more ships, also a few were build in Great Britain. Also The Chinese navy build various Battlecruisers as response on the might japanese power. the Dutch become afraid for The Netherlands Indië, and was order 20 battleships at Germany for 15 years plan, but just 13 ships were completed. All ships were fast well armoured. After a year in Dutch service the Stier class was sold to germany after the german forces lost a hand balleships, and also the Tromp were sunk by the British, because they were afraid they will be returned to Germany for German Service against them, later after the war Britain given money for the loss. all ships were rebuild in the 1930s, and served in the World war 2, though 2 ships were captured by the Germans, and one was sunk by the own crew. and in the late 1930s three new ships were laid down, and served after the war as guided missile battlecruiser and sold to Chile and peru after 1970.


After the Battlecruisers were laid down; The Dutch build 3 cruisers of german plans into there own yards, the So called Java-class. after a lot of problems dealing steel wooden and other ship the ships were completed 3 to sold, and were from old design, but the Sumatra was half destroyed after a burn on the yard, and was hulked an used for spare parts, the Java served many years into the Netherlands Indisch, and was final sunk at 28th of Februari 1942 by japanese forces. the last ship of the class the largest too, was early retired then the navy hoped and a fast Italian design was adopted and build into 1.5 years and served into the world wat too and was sunk after rammed a Japanese ship whish was sunk too. Also a modern cruiser sesign called The De Ruyter was build for home waters an West Indisch, because the ship was so good, an improved design called Zeeland was build, both served with the US navy and survived the war and were sold to an foreign nation. Because the Dutch got many destroyers the Navy wanted to have two flottile leaders and were build and named Tromp and Van Heemskerck, and served under british navy at the world war 2 both servived the war too and were used until 1960 and after the were hulked abd scrapped in 1973. In 1939 two ships were laid down as response on the japanese designs and the germans, the ships never took service before 1955, and were tried to finnish as cruisers for the german navy until 1940-43, but that was luckly never were.


In 1940 many Shell Tankers were escaped to the UK and were rebuild into MAC ships and served with Dutch crew into the Royal navy, the have done many good escort and did most of were lives escort to Russia. Later the ships returned into the original company Shell and served until 1960, and all were hulked 1961 and sold to Indian shipbreakers in 1964, tough the Doorman was returned to Britain 1947, and there was lay here faid a few years later.

Smaller ships

In the 1930ties a lot of smaller vessels were designed and build, the Abraham Crijnssen was build in 1936 and served in 1937 in Indie, and served in the Australian Navy in the world war two and retured in 1947, used until 1954, and later used as a Training ships for sea catteds at Rotteramn and scrapped at 1990 at gelderland. many others of the class were sunk against the Japanes,a dn 4 were captured by the germans and served on the German Kriegsmarine, and were given back 1946 and were scrapped in 1949,no service after all. But the ships were a succes and in 1938 a larger design was laid own, the served in the war, and were later sold to Indonesia and served untill 1960 and scrapped in 1963 in India. Also various Destoryers were build to various designs, and the Isaac Sweers was able to sail into 38 knots and was one of the fastest destoryers of here time. she was sunk at 1942 by a unkown German U-boat. One of here two sister was captured the Germans, and later sunk by the Russians. The other was sold scrap in 1960 after a good post-war sevice. Because in the early days many ships were sunk on the German invasion the British transferred old 4 pippers and served until 1945 and given back the same year!


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