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Tuesday, June 1st 2010, 2:43am


Originally posted by HoOmAn
This is not an American board... So if you want us to participate, can I expect you to celebrate the 3rd of October as well? It is the "Tag der Deutschen Einheit" (Reunion Day). Has no effect on the rest of the world but is quite important in Germany. And I´m pretty sure somebody will raise his voice on 4th of July. What about the 1st of September? 9/11? 7.12. for Pearl? Why do I have not heard your voice on the 8th of May? That day the fighting ended in Europe, a remarkable date for sure. Or do you celebrate the 8th of December only, because the Japanese finally gave up - if we are talking dates Americans remember as historically important.

I have no issues if people wish to celebrate their own country's holidays. When I'm aware of a holiday significant to a particular national group on any forum I participate in, I generally try to offer them holiday greetings as appropriate.

I'm afraid I don't see how offering holiday good-wishes would be a bone of contention. ?(


Originally posted by ShinRa_Inc
Furthermore, while the origin of the holiday may be rooted as American, I find no preclusion of honoring other nation's fallen soldiers, who similarly died in honorable service of their fellow countrymen, or even for allied countrymen.

Here, here.