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Sunday, April 18th 2010, 8:39pm


I was absent for a week.
Do to financial problems and lazy computer service(Nation wide Mourning) , I was offline for a week.
I'm back now using the same computer that I use when I first registered on this board.

Funny that...


Monday, April 19th 2010, 4:14pm

See you later! :(


Monday, April 19th 2010, 5:04pm

I am on-line just using a really old computer.

5 years ago it when I sign in on Wesworld it was old now its archaic.

MS Paint in this one dose not read *.png files.

X( somehow computers around me tend to play "Crush & Burn"


Thursday, May 13th 2010, 7:51pm

I did it.

I now have working computer.

And working not being a operative word.
Its a rocket, I love every bit, bite, and hertz of it.
And it only cost me 3 weeks and 70zl about 15 euro.
Even less as some parts it got from its burn out predecessor.

All the drawings I said I will do and still did not are now in the works.