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Wednesday, April 7th 2010, 10:43am


Guoyong GY-115
Multipurpose Floatplane

The development of the GY-115 based on a tender of the government of pacifica for a multipurpose floatplane.
The flight tests showed the usefulness of the aircraft for military use.

This aircraft is also for the export market available.

General characteristics

2x 1000hp radial pistons (E.W.I.L.)

Speed / ceiling / range:
Maximum speed: 355 km/h
Cruise Speed: 295 km/h
Range: 3.350 km
Service ceiling: 5.500 m
normal endurance: 7 hrs
maximum endurance: 18 hrs

Length: 17.30 m (56 ft 9 in)
Wingspan: 22.28 m (73 ft 1 in)
Height: 6.60 m (21 ft 7.75 in)
Wing area: 87.5 m² (942 ft²)
Empty weight: 5,290 kg (22,928 lb)
Loaded weight: 10,400 kg (22,928 lb)

One 7.9-mm MG 15 machine gun with 525 rounds on flexible mounting in nose
one fixed forward-firing 15-mm MG 151 cannon
one fixed aft-firing 7.9-mm MG 17 machine gun in each engine nacelle
one 7.9-mm MG 15 machine gun with 1500 rounds on flexible mounting in dorsal position.

One aerial torpedo or one 920kg or two 500kg mines,
or three 250kg bombs internally and two 250kg bombs externally,
or one 500kg bomb internally

3 men

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Wednesday, April 7th 2010, 12:46pm

Well it is the first version... :(

Then again another satisfied costumer.

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