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Friday, December 17th 2004, 10:48am

Aeronautica Militaire Reconnaissance Aircraft

Types in service;

Caproni-Dornier "Wal"
Following the end of the Great War, Dornier moved to Italy and became a subsiduary of Caproni. Their "Wal" design proved to be a large commercial success and the Regia Aeronautica purchased a few examples.

Macchi M.18
An extremely small flying boat that built on Macchi's success with previous aircraft. Served as the standard fleet reconnaisance aircraft from shipboard catapults throughout the 1920s.

Savoia-Marchetti S.66
A larger version of the S.55 flying boat retaining the same overall configuration. 12 currently serve as transport aircraft.

The winner of the 1931 competition to find a replacement for the M.18, the Pollo is an elegant aircraft with distinctive gull wings and no tailplane. The observer has an excellent field of view. Entering service in 1932, the engine was found to be slgihtly tempermental at first but this was rectified in 1933. On the whole a well regarded aircraft.

CANT Z.501
The Z.501 was the first design of Ing. Zappata following his return to Italy. Quite a small flying boat although it seems to exude size. The Regia Aeronautica bought 90 examples which operate from land bases in the Meditterenean and the Red Sea.

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Friday, December 17th 2004, 10:49am

CANT-Dornier Wal

Type: Do 15
Function: reconnaissance
Year: 1925 Crew: 4 Engines: 2 * 515kW Fiat A-24R
Wing Span: 23.20m Length: 18.30m Height: 5.40m Wing Area:
Empty Weight: Max.Weight: 8500kg
Speed: 220km/h Ceiling: 3000m Range: 1900km
Armament: 3*mg7.7mm 200kg


Friday, December 17th 2004, 10:50am

Macchi M.18

Type: M.18
Year: 1922 Crew: 3 Engines: 1 * Ansaldo S. Giorgio E/28 450hp
Wing Span: 17.00m Length: 10.90m Height: 3.66m Wing Area: 61.00m2
Empty weight: 1780kg Max. Weight: 2560kg
Speed: 190km/h Range:950km
Armament: 2*mg 7.7mm 400kg


Thursday, February 16th 2006, 3:02pm

Savoia-Marchetti S.66

Type: S.66
Function: transport
Year: 1932 Crew: 3 Engines: 3 * 750hp Fiat A.24R
Wing Span: 33.00m Length: 16.65m Height: 4.90m Wing Area: 126.70m2
Empty Weight: 7450kg Max.Weight: 10950kg
Speed: 222km/h Ceiling: 5500m Range: 1290km
Load: 14 seats


Thursday, May 4th 2006, 2:26pm


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Monday, October 16th 2006, 1:00pm

CANT Z.501 Gabbiano

Starting to replace CANT-Dornier Wals and S.55 as reconnaisance seaplane

Function: reconnaissance
Year: 1933 Crew: 4-5 Engines: 1 * 900hp Isotta Fraschini Asso XI R2C15
Wing Span: 22.50m Length: 14.30m Height: 4.42m Wing Area: 62m2
Empty Weight: 3840kg Max.Weight: 7035kg
Speed: 275km/h Ceiling: 7000m Range: 4830km
Armament: 2-3*mg7.7mm 640kg


Thursday, December 28th 2006, 4:52pm

Cierva-DAF CD.1
Crew: 3
Rotor diameter: 15.00m Length: 11.50m Height 3.90m
Max Weight: 2,500 kg
Empty Weight: 1,480kg
Max speed: 270km/h Min Speed: 35km/h
Rate of Climb: 480m/min
Power: 1*650hp Alfa-Romeo 125

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Thursday, February 19th 2009, 1:52pm

CANT Z.506

Designed as a bomber and naval reconnaissance plane to supplement the Z.501, the Z.506 has a much larger range. Wood and fabric construction with metal floats. A deep fuselage houses an internal bay for a single 450mm torpedo. Armament comprises of a single13.2mm Scotti in a Breda electrically powered turret and a single 7.7mm Gebauer 34M in the ventral position.

Year: 1936 Crew: 5 Engine: 3 * 1700hp Alfa-Romeo 135 RC.45
Wing Span: 100ft Length: 65ft Wing Area: 1397sq ft
Empty Weight: 25332lb Max Weight: 55660lb
Max Speed: 290mph@15000ft Ceiling: 31,000ft
Climb Rate: 696fpm Wing Loading: 40lb/sq ft
Armament: 1 x 13.2mm Scotti in dorsal turret, 1 x 7.7mm Gebauer in ventral turret
Internal ventral bomb bay
8 x 100kg wing hardpoints

4500nm max range
30hours endurance


Friday, September 25th 2009, 6:55pm

Cierva R1

Operations with the CD-1 had been moderately successful in proving the viability of a relatively large autogyro capable of carrying a useful load. As a result, the Cierva company designed the larger R1 which was able to take two passengers and a number of depth bombs. Italy purchased a number during the late 1930s which were fitted with Alfa-Romeo 128 engines and a forward firing 13.2mm machine gun. The type was mostly used for reconnaissance and anti-submarine duties but found a useful role in transferring medical emergencies.

Crew: 2 Passengers: 2
Empty Weight: 2840kg Take Off Weight: 4930kg
Engine: 1 x 950hp Alfa Romeo 128 RC.25
Length: 12.0m Height: 4.27m Wing Span: 9.8m
Wing Area: 19.2m2 Rotor Diameter: 14.7m
Max Speed: 360km/h Range: 800km
Armament: 1 x 13.2mm mg, 6 wing hardpoints for 100kg depth bombs