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Sunday, December 7th 2008, 11:08am


Empty Weight: 55700lbs Maximum Weight: 116600lbs
Length: 130ft Span: 147ft Wing Area: 2150sqft
Engines: 4 x 2860hp Isotta-Fraschini W1518-D RC.64
Crew: 10 Passengers: 50
Maximum Speed: 358mph@21000ft Ceiling: 38000ft
Range: 5000nm

Its still some way away if it ever gets built. I don't really think that Italy can afford two large aircraft projects though so this'll probably be shelved.

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Sunday, December 7th 2008, 10:19pm

Coupled engines according to the drawing or do you have other versions?


Sunday, December 7th 2008, 11:15pm

There are two engines in each nacelle, each of which drives one half of the contra-rotating propeller independently.