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Saturday, July 26th 2008, 4:05pm

Planned Marine Battalion

As has been hinted in the news a marine battalion is planned for the Indo-Persian Amphibious Command, suggested organization:

Headquarters Company (11 Officers, 139 men)
Battalion Headquarters (9 Officers, 82 men)
Motor Platoon (1 Officer, 35 men)
Communication Platoon (1 Officer, 22 men)
Weapons Company (7 Officers, 204 men)
Company Headquarters (2 Officers, 31 men)
Three Machine Gun Platoons, each (1 Officer, 32 men)
Demolition Platoon (2 Officers, 74 men)
Four Rifle Companies (5 Officers, 130 men) each comprised of;
Company Headquarters (1 Officer, 17 men)
Weapons Platoon comprised of;
Platoon HQ (1 Officer, 4 men)
Two AT/AA Sections (8 men)
Machine Gun Section (9 men)
Three Rifle Platoons, each comprised of;
Platoon HQ (1 Officer, 4 men)
Three Rifle Squads, each comprised of 8 men
Total Strength of 901 all ranks (38 Officers and 861 men)

Rifle: FEG M.57
LMG: ZB.30P (beltfed ZB.30)
HMG: Not decided
AT/AA: Not decided, probably 20mm Madsen

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Monday, July 28th 2008, 9:39pm

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