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Wednesday, July 16th 2008, 7:50am

Radio Mexico, Late May 24th

"It is with great pain that I announce the death of the Secretary of Industry and Commerce, Manuel Pérez Treviño. Manuel Treviño died earlier today of injuries sustained in the assasination attempt on the President. We have also received a report on those wounded in the assasination attempt. Cardena's personal aide was badly wounded and remains in critical condition. Two other plane crewmembers where lightly wounded.

Full details on the attack on the Senate have not yet been released, but at least three people are known to have been killed and at least ten more wounded.

In depth investigations have been launched into these two attacks. At the moment there are no suspects, but rumors abound, from Iberian pre-emptive attacks, to a Cristeros reuprising, to Japanese assasins working for the SAE. The military forces remain at high alert, while certain units are being mobilized..."

Manuel Pérez Treviño: