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Wednesday, July 11th 2007, 2:05am

Plans for 1935

Yugoslavia: They will continue their shopping of almost every single aircraft in the world. :P By the end of the year they should have doubled and close to triple the size of the original Air Corps.

Poland: They will end the production run of the P11. It was a very good design by the beginning of the decade but the Polish will recognize that with the new aircrafts appearing in Germany, Nordmark, etc. the design is obsolete. They will start research for a locally designed fighter. Their main need is modern bombers and the Karas will start production by December 1935. Also a license to build the Dutch G-1 will be acquired by the middle of 1935 and limited production started by 1936.

Romania: They will start construction of their license build P11's and Sm79 and will continue the development of a IAR fighter to free themselves of the need to purchase foreign aircrafts.

Peru: They completed their purchases of fighters for the inmediate future. Their main concern is going to be torpedo and dive bombers for the Naval branch.

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Saturday, July 14th 2007, 5:33am

Has Yugoslavia shopped Siamese yet? ;)