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Friday, August 18th 2006, 3:15am

Russian infantry developments

The "Deep Battle" concept of Generals Triandfilov and Tukhachevskiy outlines a part to be played by specialized infantry, the "Desant". This is a maneuver by which infantry arrives at its objective, generally in the enemy rear, by unconventional means such as an amphibious or air assault. Russian "Desant" infantry forces began training in amphibious assault tactics with the introduction of the "Krokodil" class amphibious assault ship, and at present each Fleet has a Naval Infantry Battalion aboard 4 Krokodiles. The Naval Infantry is expected to expand and improve with new amphibious assault ships entering service for experimentation.

The Russian Army has formed an Airborne Brigade, with a squadron of modified Tupelov ANT-26 twin engine bombers to provide lift. This unit is intended to exercise and test airborne assault concepts, develop tactics and proceedures, and establish a training base for the future expansion of airborne forces.

One problem for troops conducting both amphibious and airborne assaults has been inadequate firepower, since both types of unit are practically berift of organic artillery support and organic transport for heavy weapons once on land. Several technical solutions for this problem have been indentified. The first is to increase the proportion of troops carrying automatic weapons. At present, each Rifle Squad has a single Detgaryev DP machinegun. In "Desant" infantry, a submachinegun designed by Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov is entering service, to equip an additional two infantrymen per rifle squad. Other weapon recieving intensive development are the semiautomatic rifle, the rifle grenade, and mortars that can be disassembled for air or naval transport.

These developments are contraversial, since they all tend to increase firepower at the expense of increasing ammunition consumption, which is problematic for "Desant" forces who are cut off from resupply until they are relieved.


Sunday, April 1st 2007, 1:53pm

Naval Infantry Brigade Organization - 1 January 1934

and amphibious tranport requirements:

Debate over Desant Infantry organization and equipment has been resolved, in favor of increasing Desant Infantry firepower with Simonov submachinegun. Reflecting this outcome, the following organization for a Naval Infantry Brigade has been approved by Chief of General Staff Marshal Boris M. Shaposhnikov, with concurrance of Naval Staff. To support expected high ammunition consumption of SMGs, logistical units at every level have been augmented with extra ammunition transport capacity.

Airborne Brigade organization and equipment is similar, with reduced motor transport.

Note: SLs, TLs, NCOs, and Runners armed with SMG. Gunners and loaders have pistols.

(4) Rifle Team -1 TL, 3 Riflemen, 3 7.62mm rifles, 1 SMG

(4) MG team - 1 TL, 1 MG, 1 Loader, 1 Rifleman - 1 7.62mm MG, 1 7.62mm Rifle, 1 SMG

(4) AT Team - 1 TL, 1 AT Rifle, 2 Riflemen - 1 14mm AT Rifle, 1 SMG, 2 7.62mm rifles

(14) Rifle Squad - 1 SL, 1 Runner, 1 MG Team, 2 Rifle Teams - 1 7.62mm MG, 7 7.62mm Rifles, 5 SMG

(46) Rifle Platoon - 1 PL, 1 PNCO, 1 Medic, 1 Messenger, 3 Rifle Squads - 3 7.62mm MG, 21 7.62mm Rifles, 18 SMG

(14) HMG Squad - 1 SL, 1 Messenger, 3 HMG Teams - 3 14mm MG, 3 7.62mm Rifles, 5 SMG

(7) Mortar Squad - 1 SL, 1 Gunner, 5 Loaders -1 50mm mortar, 1 SMG

(14) AT Squad - 1 SL, 1 Messenger, 2 AT Teams, 1 LMG Team - 2 14mm AT Rifles, 1 7.62mm LMG, 2 SMG, 5 7.62mm Rifles

(60) Weapons Platoon - 1 PL, 1 NCO, 1 Medic, 1 Messenger, 2 HMG Squads, 2 Mortar Squads, 1 AT Squad - 2 50mm Mortars, 6 14mm MG, 2 14mm AT Rifles, 11 7.62mm Rifles, 14 SMG

(202) Infantry Company - 1 CC, 1 CNCO, 1 Clerk, 1 Messenger, 3 Rifle Platoons, 1 Weapons Platoon - 2 50mm Mortars, 6 14mm MG, 9 7.62mm MG, 2 14mm AT Rifles, 74 7.62mm Rifles, 80 SMG

(9) Mortar Squad - 1 SL, 1 Gunner, 7 Ammo carriers/Loaders - 1 82mm Mortar, 1 7.62mm Rifle

(20) Mortar Platoon - 1 PL, 1 PNCO, 2 Mortar Squads - 2 82mm Mortars, 4 7.62mm Rifles

(64) Mortar Battery - 1 BC, 1 BNCO, 1 Clerk, 1 Runner - 3 Mortar Platoons - 6 82mm Mortars, 16 7.62mm Rifles

(46) Log Platoon - 16 Trucks

(10) BN Medical Point

(10) BN HQ

1 Amphib Ship carries BN HQ, Mortar Bty, Log Platoon, Medical Point

Infantry Bn requires 4 Amphib Ships or 1 Amphib transport

(9) Engineer Squad - 1 SL, 8 Engineers, 1 Truck

(29) Engineer Platoon - 1 PL, 1 PNCO, 3 Engineer Squads

(91) Engineer Company - 1 CC, 1 CNCO, 1 Clerk, 1 Messenger, 3 Engineer Platoons

Infantry Bde (with lift requirement)

- 3 Inf Bns (4 each), 1 Arty Battery(12 Trucks (1)), 1 Log Company(48 trucks (3 Ships or 1 Heavy Landing ship)), Engineer Company(0.7), 1 HQ Platoon (0.3)

17 Amphib Ships or 5 Heavy Landing Ships required for 1 Brigade, A Brigade landing might use 12 Amphib ships for the infantry battalions and 2 Heavy Landing Ships for Brigade-level HQ, support, and logistics units.

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Sunday, April 1st 2007, 3:15pm

The only mention I could find of Simonov was for the AVS34. An automatic rifle firing the 7.62x54round? Is this the one or something more similar to the PPsH/PPD?

On related note I found a picture of the Breda M.31 here being held by a Costa Rican soldier.


Sunday, April 1st 2007, 3:36pm

It fires the 7.62/25 pistol round

More similar to the PPD-34 than an automatic rifle.