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Monday, January 29th 2007, 1:31am

There has to be a gap between the outer decapping plate and the main belt, or it will work like a (weaker than thickness) single solid belt. Judging by Nathan Okun's work, that gap will be from 1.6 to 3 calbers.

Also, an exterior belt is limited in slope to about 10 degrees. Interior belts can be more heavily sloped, of course.


Monday, January 29th 2007, 5:44am

But then there is the other question: Is it worth it?


Monday, January 29th 2007, 7:02am

Perhaps they could be sold? I'm sure that would still run into opposition but to be fair thats what I did with the 4 D-22 class subs following my own snafu.

I'm completely thinking OOC here, but there are several nations that would love these ships.


Monday, January 29th 2007, 10:23am

There is a gap. The gap on the Littorios was 600mm so this can be smaller. Both are still external to the hull. Limit on inclination is 15°+ on the outside but the hull form needed is a bit wasp-waist with bulges jutting out below the waterline.


Thursday, February 1st 2007, 8:41am

Just out of curiousty, when can we see the full stats on the Adua and Perla class subs?


Thursday, February 1st 2007, 10:07am

Well those currently _are_ accurate stats as SS is crap at simming submarines. I could do a SS report but it would be more or less worthless.


Thursday, February 1st 2007, 10:36am

To my knowledge however everyone else uses SS to sim their subs, however crappy the program may be for designing subs its still the benchmark.


Thursday, February 1st 2007, 4:52pm

Ok then. I'll do them in SS but as I said, they'll be worthless.


Friday, February 2nd 2007, 6:23am

Thank you Gavin.