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Saturday, May 27th 2006, 9:53am

Yes, don't worry I'm around to stir up some trouble!
If your all sitting comfortably then I'll begin...

PS thanks to all for letting me join.


Saturday, May 27th 2006, 10:21am

Don't rush, make sure you read and understand the infrastructure and Gentlemans rules and Get aquainted with all the goodies you just aquired.

If you need help there won't be a shortage so don't be afraid to ask.

Kaiser Kirk

Lightbringer and former European Imperialist

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Saturday, May 27th 2006, 6:46pm


Greetings to China !

The Netherlands will be happy to tell you of all the evil plots to take your land the followers of the Dark Side (the SATSUMA alliance) have !!

Not really, I'm new here too.

However, as a mercantile power, and one of the European nations that didn't invade China, or ...unlike OTL Japan (dunno about WesWorld)...send troops to fight against the Boxers... the Netherlands is looking for good relations with China.

On my 'to do list' I'm was to write my 1929 (a little behind) news. Which I held up as folks have been joining as I was planning to formally recognise and send an ambassador to Chiang Kai-Shek's (Jiang Jie Shi) government, as it sounds like December 1928 is when OTL China was consolidated again.

Since you're in as China, I think instead I'll just skip specifically annoucing an ambassador to China and avoid all mention of Kai-shek, so you can decide who's in charge and get started in peace :)


Saturday, May 27th 2006, 7:05pm

Greetings to China !

Japan will be happy to tell you of all the evil plots to take your land the followers of the Dark Side (the Netherlands) have !!

BTW, Japan has hired this special man. He was willing to sacrifice his time in order to improve the relations between China and Japan:



Saturday, May 27th 2006, 7:14pm

Such a Darth in relations...

Samurai Ani!




Sunday, May 28th 2006, 11:08am

Greetings to the Netherlands, Japan and the rest of the world.
After I decided now for a nation it would be at the time to write down the history of the country.Or is there already a storyline for my country? I think all my neighbours particularly concern my storyline.


Sunday, May 28th 2006, 1:16pm

I believe that up until the point where you take over, China's history is mostly as historical: the fall of the Emperor, the rise of the Republic, deterioration of the Republic, etc.


Monday, May 29th 2006, 3:02pm

Chinese-related plotlines I recall are:

-The railways being built by Russia and India into China; this is an ongoing project and can be found in new reports from those countries. Russia and India were also cited as sources of equipment to Kai-Shek for his campaigns; I believe the Russian reports were more detailed. Reading between the lines, you could probably infer that your largest neighbours are competing for market-share in China.

-Japan has also raised the topic of additional lines in its news.

-A generally historical campaign by Kai-Shek to unify the nation (I referred to it once or twice in Indian news reports)

-Some issue with possible pirate groups based in Warlord-dominated areas of China, as reported in Filipino news in the mid-twenties.

-The existence of the South Asian Trade, Scientific Undertaking and Military Alliance will be of interest to China because it does involve a number of its neighbours. The alliance was announced in 1924 and has been most active of late in suppressing a revolution in the Philippines (1928-9), joint research and infrastructure development programs, and in welcoming Pacifica and Persia into the fold. Whether China likes SATSUMA is another matter entirely.

-The Spratlys were annexed by the Philippines, and the Paracels became an Iberian mandate through the League of Nations. The latter issue was strongly contested by the Philippines and Chile. As China historically lays claim to both island groups, it may also have a position in Wesworld on these matters.


Tuesday, May 30th 2006, 1:22am

Chile's claim was an attempt to establish an independent fueling base (rest stop) for Chilean warships that were on very long ranged anti-piracy missions so as to not overstay in British ports