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Friday, March 24th 2006, 7:09pm

How do you make ex-Schlesien go 25knts? Thats an increase in speed of about 6-7knts. More powerful engines are easy but how do you modify the actual hull as the hull depth has to remain fairly constant. How do you get acceptable seakeeping at full speed?


Friday, March 24th 2006, 7:17pm

Acording to SpringSharp I get seakeaping of 1.00.
Deutchland class has excelent seaboat characteristics.
I lost on third of it and still have something i can work with
The TBS is something that will just not fit 1,5m bulges are just not enought. My friend told me that he realy liked admiaral furishita Shleswig-Holstain and that I can bild one in WW as I already own two Deuthland class ships.So there you go.
Any way higher elevation of the turrent is something that will be done.11'' DP's anybody :D :p


Monday, April 17th 2006, 1:21pm

Single and Dual 110mm enclosed power mounts

Radom Weapons maufacturing plants
Have submited its newest product for goverment testing The
OZWW1 wz.30 and OZWW2 wz.30,are enclosed power mounts with elevation of 67 degrasea and 2 minuts activation time they use electric motors.
RoF is esimated at 18 round per minut for the single mount and 32 rounds per minut for dual mount.


Monday, April 17th 2006, 1:55pm


How do you make ex-Schlesien go 25knts?

That would be on the downhill run.



Tuesday, April 18th 2006, 12:29am

PRJ nation are starting Naval excersizes in the baltic.
The participants are:

1 Small BB
2 Destroyers

1 Small BB
4 destroyers

1 light cruiser
1 destroyer

The exersize is to increase intercooparetion of the three navys.


Friday, April 21st 2006, 4:23am


The exersize is to increase intercooparetion of the three navys.


Its not like in their wildest imagination that they could actually co-operate in war.