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Wednesday, June 30th 2010, 11:49pm

Small arms of the Ellinikós Stratós

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Thursday, March 26th 2020, 7:04pm


Pyrkal 9mm Model 1949 Semi-Automatic

The adoption of a new pistol as of any other weapon has been something that the greek military ambitioned for long time. Finally on 1948 a new pistol was order to the company Pyrkal for the usa of the army. The only requisite was that it will have to use a 9x19mm cartridge. Alexander Georgiadis the engineer in charge of the project has been studying in germany and had enter in contact with designs like the Browning Hi-Power and pistols from Walther. While the most of their companions wanted to make a improved version of the Ruby he pushed for a more modern design with a recoil operated system.

Alternatives Names: Pyrkal 9M49 SA

Weight: 880 g (unloaded) 1090g (loaded)
Lenght: Total: 200 mm
Barrel: 125 mm
Cartridge: 9 x19 mm
Action: Short recoil operated; closed bolt
Muzzle velocity: 346 m/s
Feed system: 15 rounds box magazine
Sights: Front blade, rear notch