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Tuesday, March 24th 2020, 11:43pm

New greek pistol, the Pyrkal 9M1949 SA

Well. Since there is no information of Greek pistols in WW I guess that my soldiers are equiped with revolvers and ruby´s (the pistol, despite of the surprise effect that cause see your enemy charging at you armed with nothing more than precious stones) in the best of the cases. So a new pistol was order to Pyrkal. The desing started on 1947 an was delivered to the greek army on 1949. The P9M49 have recieved the most of it´s inspiration from the FN Browning Hi Power.

Pyrkal 9M1949 SA
(Pyrkal 9mm Model 1949 Semi-Automatic)

Weight: 880 g (unloaded) 1090g (loaded)
Lenght: Total: 200 mm
Barrel: 125 mm

Cartridge: 9 x19 mm
Action: Short recoil operated; closed bolt
Muzzle velocity: 346 m/s
Feed system: 15 rounds box magazine
Sights: Front blade, rear notch

Opinions welcome