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Friday, August 30th 2019, 1:40pm

Whereabouts does North Kuril Marine Products Co, Ltd catch its products? Inquiring minds are wondering... :evil:


Friday, August 30th 2019, 1:58pm

Whereabouts does North Kuril Marine Products Co, Ltd catch its products? Inquiring minds are wondering... :evil:

Even if it has the name North Kuril Marine Products it is not placed there ;) ... they catch the fishes in the East China Sea, in the Sea of Japan, in the Okhotsk and the Bering Sea (naturally only in international waters of the named seas)


Friday, August 30th 2019, 2:21pm

Whereabouts does North Kuril Marine Products Co, Ltd catch its products? Inquiring minds are wondering... :evil:

Even if it has the name North Kuril Marine Products it is not placed there ;) ... they catch the fishes in the East China Sea, in the Sea of Japan, in the Okhotsk and the Bering Sea (naturally only in international waters of the named seas)

That's fine. Thanks for the clarification. I'll just move along - obviously nothing to see here... ;)


Friday, August 30th 2019, 8:49pm

If only I had a submarine there to sink the plans of the evil Chinese. :)


Friday, August 30th 2019, 9:32pm

If only I had a submarine there to sink the plans of the evil Chinese. :)

Considering how things are looking at Macclesfield Bank, the French and Russians will soon have submarines there to sink the plans of the evil Chinese.

...okay, well... in all likelihood it'll actually be Lilya-class corvettes sweeping up those areas. My submarines will instead be engaged in the extremely important task of creating new artificial reefs to replace what the Chinese have overfished.

Does anyone know how to say "Aces of the Deep" in Russian and French? :)


Wednesday, September 4th 2019, 6:18am

Pacific Fleet Headquarters: Saigon, Indochina - Wednesday, February 23, 1949

Vice-amiral Virgile Lapeyre reviewed the aerial photographs taken the prior afternoon of Macclesfield Bank. The small Chinese task force had remained almost stationary throughout the course of several daysm with a number of lighter vessels apparently engaged in some sort of construction activities. The Deuxième Bureau's human intelligence network in southern China had, relatively swiftly, provided a possible reason for their activity: the Chinese wanted to build a platform of some sort on the shallow seabed, almost certainly acting as the prelude to establishing a territorial claim. With that in mind, the previous Saturday's ejection of the Ha Giang from the region had been merely a first step in a creeping Chinese plan for the region. The Indochinese government had gone into a slow burn over the possibility, seeing the effort at Macclesfield Bank as a prelude to reopening China's claims to other places like the Paracels or the Spratleys.

The opinion had quickly coalesced in Hanoi (and seemed, from Lapeyre's message traffic with the Amiraute Francaise at Maintenon, in Paris as well) that any Chinese claims to Macclesfield Bank would be strenuously and rigorously rejected. The official position was that since no part of the Macclesfield Bank reached above water, then no claim could be manufactured: it was international waters. The Indochinese had gone a half-step further, noting that, since the Hoang Sa islands were the closest land to the Bank, then only the Indochinese could reasonably claim the location - if indeed any claim would be recognized.

The trouble came in the discussions of how to actually eject the Chinese from the area. Since even the rather bellicose Indochinese recognized Macclesfield Bank as international waters - at least for the moment - there was no legal justification to eject them. At the same time, allowing them to complete construction of their station was politically unpalatable in the halls of power in Hanoi. While political figureheads discussed their options, Lapeyre's orders were to deliver an 'unmistakable show of force' against the Chinese at Macclesfield Bank, in a prelude to further actions. It would be a chance for the Chinese to realize - perhaps - how they had chosen to tread on thin ice with a French government that was increasingly ill-disposed toward China's mounting provocations.

Fortunately, Lapeyre had built his career on a reputation for calculated action - what doctrine called agressivité, and he composed a set of orders to one of his captains who shared that same trait. "I can trust Villecourt to handle the situation."

* * * * *

Macclesfield Bank, Cruiser Saint Louis - Thursday, February 24, 1949

Capitaine Gustave Villecourt took a long look through the grey pre-dawn at his small squadron. Saint Louis led the line of six ships to the northwest at a determined eighteen knots, followed by the smaller and older Nouvelle-Calédonie, and the four potent ships of the Mogador class. Villecourt had spent the previous evening discussing his orders with the five captains under his leadership, ensuring that they understood not only the letter of his instructions, but also his intentions, and the intentions of Admiral Lapeyre.

"DEM contact, bearing three-three-one, range twenty-eight thousand meters."

"Battle stations," Villecourt ordered.

A theoretical dawn came Saint Louis's crew reached their assigned stations; heavy cloud cover with occasional rain squalls turned the dawn into a minimal lightening of the sky. A large tricolore was streamed from the ship's mack. As a final precaution, crewmen removed the tompions from their guns, although they would - hopefully - remain trained fore-and-aft for the entire confrontation.

"Picking up electronic emissions from contact. Frequency analysis strongly indicates a Chinese naval surface-search radar of the 'Listeau' type. It should be able to detect us soon, if not already."

Villecourt nodded. Although the French Navy had made a subtle study of Chinese electromagnetic detector equipment, the indigenous designations were not widely known; the 'Listeau' was the code-name for one of the more modern types in Chinese service, which by every indication was at least a generation behind what was standard in Europe. On the basis of Saint Louis's own DEM, and the regular soundings from the ship's depth-finder, Villecourt closed the distance to eight thousand meters, slowing to avoid the dangerous shoals.

"Visual contact," a lookout reported. "Chinese cruiser bearing three-two-eight. Escorts not yet in sight."

Villecourt decided the moment was right. "Illuminate."

Saint Louis's main searchlight snapped on. Although it was only a few minutes after dawn, the heavy overcast meant the powerful beam still could be seen as it paused for twenty seconds on the Chinese heavy cruiser, and then moved onward to continue sweeping the horizon. Astern of the Saint Louis, Nouvelle-Calédonie's own searchlights flared to life, repeating the pattern - first sweeping the horizon, and then pausing briefly on the Guiyang.


Wednesday, September 4th 2019, 2:55pm

Oh boy...

<Starts to pop some popcorn>


Thursday, September 5th 2019, 9:44am

Lucky I ordered in popcorn!


Tuesday, September 10th 2019, 2:09pm

Monday 21. February - Berlin
The Chinese delegation would like to thank the management of Focke-Achgelis for demonstrating the Fa336 Utility Helicopter. Even if there was no chance to get any agreement between the Chinese delegation and Focke-Achgelis, it was nevertheless a good insight into the quality of the company and the German workmanship.

Between Auto Union and Etsong Automobile Co. an agreement was signed. Etsong is investing in the construction of a new production facility at Qingdao and is equipping the plant with state-of-the-art machinery. At this plant, the vehicles of Auto Union for the Chinese market will later be assembled. Further details of the agreement between Etsong and Auto Union are not known yet.

CTMCO and Liebherr signs an agreement contract. First step is that CTMCO is the representation of Liebherr at the chinese market. That means that all sales contracts in the chinese market are passed on to Liebherr via CTMCO. This are the following divisions: building of mining and digging machinery, including loaders, excavators and dump trucks and also tower crans.

Last but not least at the following agricultural machinery manufacturers Fahr, Fendt and Claas a variety of orders are placed from different chinese firms.

Tuesday 22. February - The China Post
The Chinese Finance Minister Lu Feng assures the government of Siam / Thailand, any chinese assistance in the realization of the Kra Canal (also known as the Thai Canal), a planned channel through the Isthmus of Kra in southern Thailand. It's planned connecting Bandon Bay near Surat Thani with Phang Nga on the western side. Likewise, China will assist Thailand in the modernization of its railways. These are just a few points from the agreement of the representatives of both countries, which were published before the chinese delegation flew on to Mumbai.


Tuesday, September 10th 2019, 2:32pm


Tuesday 22. February - The China Post

The Chinese Finance Minister Lu Feng assures the government of Siam / Thailand, any chinese assistance in the realization of the Kra Canal (also known as the Thai Canal), a planned channel through the Isthmus of Kra in southern Thailand. It's planned connecting Bandon Bay near Surat Thani with Phang Nga on the western side. Likewise, China will assist Thailand in the modernization of its railways. These are just a few points from the agreement of the representatives of both countries, which were published before the chinese delegation flew on to Mumbai.

I have great doubts regarding the viability of this project, if attempted. There are numerous technical hurdles, not the least of which is the 75 meter mountain range through which the canal would have to be dug, and where the spoil would be deposited without severe environmental impacts.


Tuesday, September 10th 2019, 2:43pm


Tuesday 22. February - The China Post

The Chinese Finance Minister Lu Feng assures the government of Siam / Thailand, any chinese assistance in the realization of the Kra Canal (also known as the Thai Canal), a planned channel through the Isthmus of Kra in southern Thailand. It's planned connecting Bandon Bay near Surat Thani with Phang Nga on the western side. Likewise, China will assist Thailand in the modernization of its railways. These are just a few points from the agreement of the representatives of both countries, which were published before the chinese delegation flew on to Mumbai.

I have great doubts regarding the viability of this project, if attempted. There are numerous technical hurdles, not the least of which is the 75 meter mountain range through which the canal would have to be dug, and where the spoil would be deposited without severe environmental impacts.

I've never said it would be realistic to built this channel, China offers only any support should Siam decide to realize the project. :)


Tuesday, September 10th 2019, 5:13pm

Japan will help Siam by giving them a big canon to protect the Kra Isthmus from the meddlesome Chinese. :)


Tuesday, September 10th 2019, 5:51pm

Japan will help Siam by giving them a big canon to protect the Kra Isthmus from the meddlesome Chinese. :)

Well, if the Chinese don't back down in the South China Sea, the Chinese won't have the money to support something like the Thai Canal. They'll be a bit... distracted with paying for some other things, like the piper they ordered.



Thursday, September 12th 2019, 11:48am

Zhongsha Dao, HICMS Guiyang - Wednesday, February 23

In the recent days, after the Ha Giang had left the area, the chinese ships had been repeatedly over-flown by foreign airplanes. These had undoubtedly the orders to take pictures of what the chinese guys are doing here. And so Admiral Yin was not surprised when he heard the news from the HQ, that a French fleet was on the way to his position. Indochina had no ship that could compete with my flagship, Yin thought with a big smile. According to intelligence reports, the French fleet consists of the heavy cruisers St. Louis (9x 200mm guns and 12x 100mm guns) and Nouvelle-Caledonie (8x 200mm guns, 8x 100mm guns and 6 torpedo-tubes) and the four destroyers of the Mogador class (6x 138mm and 12 torpedo-tubes). As an admiral with long experience he knew about the armament of his opponents. Not bad, Yin said to himself, an impressive force - but why should i be afraid ? My 14 ship strong Task-Force has enough power to withstand the French. After all, we are in international waters and so we have every right to be here. and by the way - why should the building of a peaceful weather and research station cause any trouble ? But the French have always been a bit strange and bossy. "La grand nation" - Yin said mockingly.

"Arrival of the French, Thursday at the latest." was the text on the radio message. 'Well, then we still have some time to react accordingly.' thought Yin. He went to the big nautical chart and measured some distances. 'They will need a little bit more than one hour to be here' he mumbled as he saw the distance from the Dongsha Islands. 'Okay ... so let's see how I can place my ships to give the French a dignified welcome.' he said to himself. In addition, Yin still had a surprise on hand, because thanks to the good relations with the South Africa Empire, the Guiyang had the most advanced radar of the Chinese fleet, which was equivalent to the european radar systems. Thus, they will certainly not be able to catch me on the wrong foot.

"Command to all captains. Briefing in two hours." Admiral Yin finally said to his adjutant.


Zhongsha Dao, HICMS Guiyang - Thursday, February 24

Admiral Yin looked again over the horizon as the dawn slowly dawned and he take a deep breath of the cool morning air, then he flung up his collar and walked briskly to the bridge. It will soon happen, he thought.

"Leifeng Contact" a voice sounded from the intercom.

"There they are." Admiral Yin said to Captain Lubu. "Just like we thought, they are heading straight towards us. So let us play a lame duck. Artillery - target capture as soon as in sight but not firing."

"In this weather, they will hardly discover our other ships." Captain Lubu said.

"Do not underestimate the French." Admiral Yin answered. "I hope they are now in position north and south of our arriving friends." In terms of calibre, the ships of the Sikiang and Huangfen classes were far inferior, but their strength lay in the maneuverability and the torpedo armament - these boats were ideal for a hit-and-run tactic.

Coded message to wolf cave "The package has arrived." said Admiral Yin to the intercom.


Dongsha Island, Dongsha airfield - at the same time

The naked young girl lying on Colonel Dai Li was so slender that he accidentally threw it off the bed as he searched for the incessantly ringing telephone. He grunted an apology as he picked up the phone. »What's on ?«

»Sergeant Chongxi«,reported the NCO of the guard of the small military air base at Dongsha.»Incomming radio message, Colonel! Admiral Yin's Marine Group at Zhongsha Dao is calling for immediate assistance!«

»One moment … « Dai Li, Commander of the China Air Force at Dongsha Island, turned on the light and rubbed his eyes sleepily. For now he only understood that his usually unwavering senior sergeant was excited - a damned bad sign.

Although the old air condition was noisy at the window, it was hot and stuffy in the room. Li silently pointed to a glass of indefinable liquid that stood on the table in the middle of the room. The girl understood his silent command and immediately got up to bring him the glass. The glass contained some whiskey with melted ice cubes, so he poured the liquid over his face to finally wake up completely.

»Sergeant, call our crews immediately together . Captain Wang of the Operations Squadron is scheduled to refuel and arm two MH-3s within ten minutes. I take one myself; the other gets the first crew that shows up with me.«


Zhongsha Dao, HICMS Guiyang .... one hour later

And then it was time .... like shining fingers, the searchlights of the French ships moved across the water and illuminating the Guiyang. Their 203mm heavy turrets were manned and pointed towards the french ships but in zero-position. Admiral Yin wanted to be prepared for all eventualities. His orders were clear, but of course he, like any intelligent person, hoped for a peaceful solution of the situation.

Open radio message to the french guys the Admiral said: "We warmly welcome our French friends. May we learn the reason for your appearance ? "


Thursday, September 12th 2019, 2:11pm

Naval Air Station Puerto Princesa, Thursday, February 24, 1949

The anticipation of the air crew of Air Group Five had grown stronger since the receipt of the first broadcast from the Indochinese vessel Ha Giang announcing the arrival of Chinese warships near Macclesfield Bank. Flying boats from Reconnaissance Squadron Two had kept the ‘visitors’ under surveillance despite the poor weather, and it was rumored that Admiral Suarez had summoned the entire Western Fleet to a rendezvous somewhere near Itu Aba.

The maintenance crews had spent another sleepless night checking the dozen F7F long-range fighters and twenty-four B-25 attack bombers of the alpha strike that was gathered on the taxi aprons, fueled and ready for takeoff upon the receipt of an order; their crews sat in the squadron ready rooms, updating their charts with the latest weather information and freshest intelligence. Reportedly at least two of the fleet’s submarines were on the scene, monitoring what was happening. Of course, they were keeping radio silence but any everyone expected that should something happen, they would flash the news.


Thursday, September 12th 2019, 7:07pm

Meanwhile in Japanese newspapers

Chinese colonel found sleeping with minor.


(BTW, the girl is a person and not a thing so it should be "accidentally threw her off the bed")


Tuesday, September 24th 2019, 4:57am

Macclesfield Bank, Cruiser Saint Louis - Thursday, February 24, 1949
"Radio message from the Chinese flagship, sir." A messenger handed a scrap of paper to Capitaine Villecourt.

"Thank you," Villecourt replied. He glanced at it while taking a gulp of coffee. "Amusing... 'we warmly welcome our French friends'. With turrets pointed, of course - if they treat their friends thusly, it's no wonder that half of the world is lining up to kick their ass."

"Any response, sir?" the seaman asked.

"No. The message we've come to deliver a message that doesn't carry well over radio." Villecourt tossed the paper aside. "Continue on course and speed."

Saint Louis continued to lead the line of six ships on a course toward, and eventually past, the relatively motionless Chinese squadron. Aboard the flagship, as Guiyang came abreast of the French line, a fire-control technician looked through the rangefinders. "Range, one-five-zero-nine meters," he called out. "Range is now opening."

"Should I confirm the range and bearing with radar, sir?" another technician asked his superior.

"Only if you want to explain to the captain why you've disobeyed a direct order," the officer responded. "If they start shooting, then we power it up. Not until."

Back on the bridge, as the Chinese ships dwindled slowly astern, Villecourt wrote a quick message back to Vice-admiral Lapeyre, detailing the encounter in brief, and pointedly noting that the Chinese warships had pointed guns at the French vessels. A response came back within a half hour: "Good work. Repeat show of force tomorrow."

* * * * *

Diplomatic Note from the French Union (President Clemenceau) to the Empire of China (Prime Minister Kai-Shek) - Friday, February 25, 1949

Your Excellency,
In recent days we have become greatly alarmed at the activity of certain units of His Imperial Chinese Majesty's Navy in its conduct toward certain military vessels of the French Union [1] operating in international waters near the Macclesfield Bank, also called 'Zhongsha' in Chinese. One week ago, on the 19th February, the patrol ship Ha Giang of the Indochinese Naval Patrol, was aggressively approached in international waters by a destroyer identified as HICMS Guiyang, which demanded the Ha Giang depart under threat of violence, claiming a live ammunition exercise, although none was announced in advance. Yesterday, a French squadron approached the Macclesfield Bank and was greeted by these same Chinese warships, which aimed their main batteries at our vessels, which were clearly operating in international waters. It has become clear that the Chinese government is engaged in the unannounced and unconsulted construction of a seabed-based naval station at Macclesfield Bank, supported by warships.

These are not the actions of a peaceful and responsible nation, and the French Union condemns, in the strongest terms, the behavior of the Chinese vessels in question.

The Macclesfield Bank area has no territorial baseline above sea level, with the shallowest depth of water being 9 fathoms. Therefore, it is the studied position of the French Union that these waters are wholly international, and do not belong to any one state. However, should international convention change, the French Union takes the position that control of the region should be awarded to the Autonomous Republic of Indochina, which possesses the closest land baseline to the area in question, and has up to this point borne the expense of placing navigational buoys and conducting surveys for updating charts and maps. The rights of the Chinese Empire to construct a station here is suspect, and is not viewed favorably by the French Union.

While the French Union wishes to maintain the general peace with the Chinese Empire, we feel by China's continued actions, both in this incident and in recent history, that the Chinese Empire wishes to alter the status quo by which peace has hereby been maintained.

Therefore, the French Union finds it necessary to issue the following demands.
1. The French Union demands the immediate termination of all Chinese construction activities at Macclesfield Bank, which is to remain International Waters unless addressed by an international agreement governing the expansion or modification of the current terminology.
2. The French Union demands apology for the insult offered to the Indochinese flag, in the form of Ha Giang being chased and threatened in international waters in times of peace; and to the French flag, in the form of Chinese warships aiming at them with main battery guns in international waters in times of peace.
3. The French Union demands compensation for the navigational and warning buoys laid by the Indochinese Naval Patrol. [2]
4. The French Union demands that China refrain from conducting live-action naval exercises south of the 22nd Parallel without publishing a Notice to Mariners at least 48 hours in advance.

The French Union advises that the Chinese Empire respond in the affirmative to this diplomatic note by 2300 Hours on February 27th, 1949. The French Union advises that if no response is received, it will be interpreted as rejection on all points. Should this occur, the Chinese Empire is hereby informed that the French military will take action to terminate the construction efforts at Macclesfield Bank by Any Means Necessary.

Pres. Clemenceau, Republic of France / French Union

[1] In this particular case, the term "French Union" is used (instead of "Republic of France) as the Union speaks for the entirety of territories (including the Autonomous Republic of Indochina) rather than just France itself.
[2] The French suspect the original buoys have been removed, relocated, or replaced; they'll drop this demand if investigation shows the Chinese didn't alter them.


Friday, September 27th 2019, 3:02pm

Meetingroom of the High Council, Beijing - Saturday, 26. Februar 1949

"We do not capitulate to the anyone !" snarled General Chin as he snatched the phone out of the hand of the Secretary of Defense Admiral Wu Chin Fau. The other members of the High Council jumped visibly startled out of their seats. Only the emperor did not react, but remained calmly sitting with hands folded on the desk and regarded this spectacle with a cold, expressionless face.

"How dare you interrupt my conversation with our Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force?" exclaimed Wu Chin Fau indignantly. "I require an explanation, General! This is a clear violation of a directive from the High Council, that ... "

"Only I am responsible for this military venture, Admiral Wu," the general interrupted. "All related explanations must be agreed with me. And I alone decide which communications are expedient and consistent with our goals. "

"That's beyond your competencies, General !" Wu accused. "It was crazy to occupy the Zhongsha Dao, it was crazy to put this criminal Admiral Yin at the head of the Task force, and it would be totally crazy to refuse to open a dialogue with the French."

Admiral Wu Chin Fau turned away and pointed to the stack of messages on the granite top of the conference table. "You know these messages ? These are the detailed positions of all the French, Russian and German ships in south east asia ! An impressive force against which our navy would have no chance ! This insane venture must be stopped down immediately! "

"Never ever !" Chin shouted. "It's out of the question! Victory can be ours. We already started the construction, and there is no significant resistance except of the appearance of the French ships."

"No resistance? The French ships would send ours to the bottom of the sea without any problems, and you say there is no resistance ? Do you still believe that this debacle can be converted into a victory ?"

"Those are empty threats", the general said. "We expected heavy losses right from the start ..."

"You assured us that there would only be perhaps a little local conflict", Admiral Wu told him. "But you never spoke of a war against several nations !"

"The purpose of this venture is to occupy the Zhongsha Dao and increase our influence in the South China Sea", General Chin said. "This objective has been endorsed by the High Council - also with your vote, Admiral Wu. And our goal is still achievable."

"For me it is clear, Mr. General, that even the conquest of Zhongsha Dao would not bring about a change for the better.", said Wu Chin Fau urgently. "Our ships have no chance against the modern weapons of the european nations. We must immediately order the retreat, otherwise we will soon have no more ships in the South China Sea."

He turned to his Majesty the Emperor of China, who had not intervened in this dispute till now. "Your Highness, I take the liberty to petition to abrogate General Chin's venture immediately and order our troops to enter their ..."

"You can't do that !!!" roared General Chin."You do not stop a venture just because you're afraid of losing a few ships.", then General Chin turned in the direction of the Emperor and continued with his speech: "Your Highness, the appearance of the French is only a warning - the Europeans want to demonstrate that they are seriously concerned about the status of the South China Sea. If we backtrack now, we can no longer make any claims on the south chine sea in the future. If we occupy the Zhongsha Dao and bring them under our control, we can negotiate from a position of strength." He continued in a meaningfully lowered voice: "I can guarantee a victory, your Highness. If you stop me, I can only guarantee embarrassment and defeat."

His Majesty Pu Yi did not answer immediately. He stood up very slowly before saying in a calm, almost fragile voice: "You can not guarantee anything except death and destruction, General Chin. For your sake, I hope the enemy will fare worse than our troops. I would like to be informed about the progress of the venture tomorrow."

"As you wish, Your Highness", Chin confirmed with a bow. "I assure you that we will win the victory !"

The emperor ignored this boasting and said to his Prime Minister: "Minister Chiang, I want to talk to you briefly." General Chin was not involved in this conversation. The Emperor speaks only a few words with Chiang Kai-Chek, who then bowed deeply and hurried out. Chin was left alone with his dark thoughts.

The French were only there with six ships, but it was by no means ruled out, that they will be defeated in this fight. With that, General Chin would have been completely dishonored. So it was not allowed that they will be defeated in the fight for the Zhongsha Dao ... Wu Chin Fau had previously criticized him for transferring the command to Admiral Yin Po L'un - but suddenly General Chin had a terrible idea how Admiral Yin can opening up a way out of this misery. The only question was: Was Admiral Yin crazy enough to do it?

He quickly left the conference room and went to the newsroom to schedule a talk with Admiral Yin. A little later, he knew the answer: Yin was crazy enough to do it.

to be continued ... please keep patience and do not respond


Friday, September 27th 2019, 6:17pm

Zhongsha Dao, HICMS Guiyang - Sunday, 27. Februar 1949
The weather had been getting worsened in the last few days. Dark clouds moved in the sky and the wind whipped the sea.

"The french ships are sending a coded message, Admiral", said Sun, who passed the message from the radio room. "Probably they got in contact with their headquarters."

"Outrageous!" Yin yells. "Every idiot knows that the Zhongsha are chinese territory, though many refer to it as international waters or whatever. How dare they ...!"

"We could ask the High Command via radio what we should do, Mr. Admiral."

Yin raised his hand defensively. "Why should we, Lubu? We kindly asked them to leave ! My task force does not watch idly as these bastard dogs disregard international law and question my authority." With each word Yins's voice became shriller and angrier.

Lubu had never seen his admiral so angry. "Admiral, if we seriously think of using force of arms, the High Command should ..."

Yin interrupted him. "These people are not worth long explanations. Did you forget that I am responsible for this area? I am responsible for the protection of our territory. " He shook his head in exasperation. "What baffles me so much is the insolence of the French; they act like the rulers of this area. Did not they learn anything from history? Has not enough blood been shed in the past? Are these people crazy? Well, let them get to know the whole power of my battlegroup now! "

The admiral took a deep breath. "Captain, pass message to all ships: Code Alpha"


Zhongsha Dao, HICMS Youzhun- same time
A little later, the watch officer of the Youzhun reported: "Encrypted radio message from the flagship."

"Bring it on !" said Captain Han. While the Youzhun struggled to hold its position, Captain Han snapped impatiently. "What takes so long with the decryption ?"

Captain Han, getting more impatiently waiting for the decrypted radio message, had been too distracted to hear the signalman's warning: "Water depth decreases! Depth three meters ... depth two meters ... depth further decreasing!" Captain Han turned to his watch officer with rage: "If I do not get the radio immediately, I'll demote you to a simple soldier!"

"Captain, the water depth ...!"

Suddenly, the ship was moved by the current and ran onto an offshore coral reef. While the ship hauled heavily to starboard, no one was up on the bridge after this jerky stop. The gusty wind drove the Youzhun even more against the corals, and though the brittle calcium formations beneath the tons of the ship gave way, the screeching of steel, the howl of the wind, and the screams of surprised crewmen gave the impression that the end of the world is coming.

The watch officer resumed his headset and shouted into the microphone: "Message Room, here is the Bridge, Immediate Report to Guiyang ... " And as the crunching and screaming continued, "We hit a reef, we ran onto a reef. "

However, the message that the young, anxious and confused operator understood and sent to the flagship of the battlegroup was: "Guiyang, here HICMS Youzhun, we were hit ... we were hit."


Aboard HICMS Guiyang
"Admiral, the Youzhun is sending a message," the radio operator announced.

Admiral Yin was immediately on his feet. "Which message!" He screamed so loud that everyone in the room jumped up. "What's going on there ?"

As the radio operator listened briefly, his paler face took on an incredulous expression. He avoided the admiral's gaze, looked over at Captain Sun for help, and finally stared back at his radio. "What's going on ?" Yin asked sharply. "I wait for a report!"

"Mr. Admiral ... the Youzhun announces that she has been hit," the radio operator replied haltingly. "No further connection with the Youzhun"

Admiral Yin's face started to twitch..... "As i had said !!!!« he shouted in a fluttering voice. "I was right !!!! There is only one possible answer to this step."

"We do not know what's exactly going on there !" Captain Sun tried to calm his admiral, but his voice din not reach Admiral Yin's ear.

While Admiral Yin took the intercom unit in his hands, the radio operator handed Captain Sun a message from the headquarter.

Nobody tried to stop Yin, because everyone was aware that there was only one way left. For better or for worse, Yin would eventually lead them into the battle. But before the admiral could start with his speak, Captain Sun stood beside him and said, "Admiral, urgent report from headquarters. IMMEDIATELY stop all construction work and bring all ships back home safety. "

He got no answer.

Admiral Yin stared blankly. There was a wild jumble of memories, present thoughts, and fears for the future in his mind. On his return home, where he would have to answer before the High Command, he faced a catastrophe. In his eyes he would lose his honor before the whole world. He had an order and he had failed! He would be humbled to the last.

Yin looked up at Captain Sun and found that his behavior had changed: Sun was no longer an attentive staff officer, but now seemed to have slipped into the role of a second, watching Yin so he recognize his obligation - and redeeming it as well. His obligation ... to lead his troops to victory or to die.

Sun knew quite well what humiliations awaited the admiral on his return, and wordlessly reminded him that he did not need to confront them.

Silent, but also with respect and admiration, Captain Sun and the other staff officers watched as Admiral Yin Po L'un stepped to his private desk in a corner of the room, knelt before it, opened the holster on his belt, pulled out his 7.62 -mm pistol, put the muzzle on his right temple and squeezed off calmly.

to be continued ... please keep patience and do not respond


Friday, September 27th 2019, 6:52pm

Meetingroom of the High Council, Beijing - Sunday, 27. Februar 1949 - few hours later

Colonel-General Chin Po Zihong, accompanied by two adjutants and two soldiers, marched through the endless corridors to the meeting room of the High Council of the Chinese Empire. Chin moved quickly to the end of the conference table, where he sat opposite to the Prime Minister, who chaired today's meeting to represent the Emperor.

General Chin bowed deeply. "Prime Minister, I'll report as ordered."

"Do you have a situation report for me, General ?" Prime Minister Chiang Kai-Check asked in a loud and strong voice.

"Yes, Mr Prime Minister" Chin paused, he realized that he had to speak louder so everyone could hear him and say, "Yes, Mr. Prime Minister."

"Dear Members of the High Council ! First of all, I have a sad duty to inform you that Admiral Yin Po L'un, the brave commander-in-chief of our forces on the Zhongsha Dao, is no longer with us. Admiral Yin ... found an honorable soldier's death in fulfillment of his mission."

"Very tragic", said Chiang Kai-Check. "We will remember him as a loyal servant of the chinese people." That was the right and appropriate answer. By his suicide, Yin had been able to save his face.

"The venture to conquer and consolidate the Zhongsha Dao is making good progress." Chin paused for a moment. "I also have a plan to prevent further French interference, which I would like to explain to the High Council in order to obtain its consent."

"General Chin," the Chief of the secret service Admiral Yibo Yunsheng asked, "could our troops stop building the station and step back to Canton or Formosa ?"

"Stop the construction work ? Step back ?" Chin asked aghast. "Why should we go back? We ..."

„… are not on the way to a war which we perhaps can survive without heavy losses ? Will we still have an operational navy after the end of this conflict?" Yunsheng asked.

"We have weapons that are feared by all," Chin said.

"The conquest of Zhongsha Dao is not worth a war with France or the use of such weapons !" Yunsheng interrupted him upset. "I ask you again, General: Can our troops retreat safely to Formosa or Canton ?"

"Do not talk to me about a retreat !" Chin roared. "A retreat can you politicians organize much better than me !" And then he did something he would never have thought be possible in the Prime Minister's presence: He turned on his heel to march out of the hall.

"If you go now, General Chin, you go as a former Commander in Chief of the Chinese Army", said Premierminister Chiang Kai-Check with a warning voice. "The High Council has already stated its intention to enter into a dialogue with the French in order to ensure an orderly withdrawal. You can participate in it - or you can resign from your post and have nothing left to do with it."

Colonel-General Chin froze. Then he slowly turned to the High Council and said in a loud, clear voice: "I command the largest army in the world. I lead them into battle - but not to a capitulation."

"You've almost led them into a new war and a defeat, General - you and Admiral Yin", Prime Minister Chiang Kai-Check stated, "You want not to lead them to new size ? You can leave the hall and go down in history as the man who has almost begun a war with the Europeans - or you can become known as the man who has reformed the Chinese army and led it to new power, the choice is yours !"

Chin knew that he should not have accepted this offer. More honorable would have been to march out and follow Yin's example - and shot a bullet through his head ...

But he didn't left the High Council; instead, he returned to the conference table and sat down. No one was more surprised than he was when the assembled members of the High Council applauded.

If the idiots knew, Chin thought grimly - that I had ordered Yin to attack the French, they would not applaud me – they would demand my execution. General Chin Po Zihong had lost none of his authority, none of his power … and while, fortunately, the other unsuspecting members of the council congratulated him on his decision - Chin was already considering how he would avenge himself on the French who had taught him this devastating defeat. Yes, he would take revenge …

to be continued ... please keep patience and do not respond