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Sunday, March 10th 2019, 5:23pm

Marinestützpunkt Kiel, Saturday, 5 February 1949

There was much activity aboard the artillery training ship Brummer, and Oberleutnant zur See Wolfgang Benzino, her assistant information officer, was in the thick of it. A new crop of cadets was coming aboard even before the last of the prior class had cleared their bunk spaces. Benzino was the officer to whom questions were directed, small problems referred, and briefings assigned. In groups of four or five, ten or twelve, he would advise the new cadets were they were to eat, sleep, and study. What struck him as unusual was the age of some of the cadets, and their apparent familiarity with naval procedures. Some quick questions established what he suspected; these older ‘cadets’ were, in fact, petty officers newly promoted to officer status. He had heard about the strains the recommissioning of destroyers from the reserve was having on manpower, and this, he reasoned, was one means to answer the challenge. No doubt it would be easier for him in dealing with ‘cadets’ with a sound understanding of what it meant to be at sea, even if they lacked the polish of the younger men fresh from naval schools.


Thursday, March 21st 2019, 1:28pm

Danziger Echo, Saturday, 12 February 1949

Elements of the German Kriegsmarine’s Fourth Minehunter Squadron recently joined that service’s Thirty-First Destroyer Squadron in a series of exercises in the lower Baltic to test the latter’s proficiency and operational readiness. Units of the Thirteenth Destroyer Flotilla of the Russian Federation Navy also participated. Here the minesweeper Dummersee leads a pair of her sisters in an evolution in the Gulf of Danzig.